Tissue Paper Flower Window Treatment

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I LOVE for sunlight to pour into a room.

It makes it feel so spacious,


and welcoming.

However, I don’t like it when sunlight pours into your bedroom

as soon as the sun rises,

waking up children

who should still be sleeping.

Such is the case with Anna Belle’s room.

Her room gets direct morning sun.

And, she has a large arched window that invites it ALL in!

Tissue Paper Window Treatment @ DaisyMaeBelle

I didn’t want to block out all of the light.

Some light is nice.

Too much is not.

How to Cover an Arched Window @ DaisyMaeBelle

This is the problem window.

How to Hang Tissue Paper Flowers @ DaisyMaeBelle

These are the problem fighting supplies:

fishing line


1 cup hook

tissue paper flowers in all colors

I bought mine from Hobby Lobby (wedding section), Pick Your Plum, and Martha Stewart.

How to Hang Tissue Paper Flowers @ DaisyMaeBelle

I screwed the hook in right above the arched window.

How to Hang Tissue Paper Flowers @ DaisyMaeBelle

I cut off random lengths of fishing line,

tied each end of the line to the middle of a flower,

and hooked the line onto the hook.


…and over…

…and over…


How to Hang Tissue Paper Flowers @ DaisyMaeBelle

Until I had a mass of flowers capable of almost covering the entire arched window.

Tissue Paper Window Treatment @ DaisyMaeBelle

I can’t wait to see the kaleidoscope of colors pouring in her room!

Hopefully it will block out enough of the light.

I’ll know in the morning 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. that is GENIUS! looks so fun yet fills the space!

  2. Hi Melissa,
    What a great idea, looks adorable and hope it accomplishes your mission.
    Her room came out so well, and looks like the perfect room for a teenager.
    All very cute and colorful……..know she must be lovin it.

    Blessings, Nellie

  3. Fabulous !!

  4. What a cute, cute, cute idea- xo Diana

  5. This is so adorable!!

    So colorful and fun!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

  6. Melissa, we have one of those arches in our bedroom too. I hate it. It is impossible to sleep in on sunny days. I have a cheap paper folded thingy in it – which helps but not nearly enough as I’d like. I like your solution for your daughter! – Karen

  7. I love how it turned out. I fully expect the Lorax to visit at some point.

  8. Gorgeous!!!

  9. wow so pretty, the flowers are perfect. Did you make all those tissue paper flowers? They really make the room even prettier. Hope the flowers block enough light so she can sleep. Hope all well with you and yours. Happy weekend.
    I couldn’t sleep so went out into l/r but the light coming in thru the top part of front door was blinding me as house faces East. I had to get up and put a towel over it.

  10. That looks incredible, Melissa! I totally love that idea! Ingenious! And it looks so pretty too. I bet your daughter loves it!

  11. I love it…I have a large window like that…might give it a try…looks very pretty..thanks

  12. Wow! This is so beautiful and clever! If you get a chance, please link up to my linky party: http://suburbsmama.blogspot.com/2013/08/sunday-linky-22.html

  13. This is adorable! I’d love for you to link up to The DIY’ers. http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-diyers-and-last-weeks-top-three.html

  14. Cute idea! We used those at my grandson’s 1st birthday party. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to decorate with. Dropping by from Met Monday. Hope you’ll come see my grandson’s playroom.


  15. So pretty!

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