Tips for Organizing Your Pantry

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I’m not an organized person.

I wish I were. 

It seems like such a nice thing. Organization.

I mean I like organization…and I like the thoughts of organization…and I like to look at beautifully organized spaces…and shop the organizing aisles at Target.

I just have a hard time sticking with organization.

There is no follow through.

I organize a space and buy all of the right organizing bins and labels and baskets.

And I proudly show my family the newly organized space and explain the processes of what needs to be done to keep this space organized.

But then life gets busy and I {we} don’t take the extra 30 seconds to put each item in it’s appropriate home…

…and the next thing you know…

…it looks like something exploded in what was once a beautifully organized space.

So here are a few tips for organizing your pantry:

pantry organization

how to organize a pantry

Yes. This is the before. I’m ashamed. You couldn’t even walk in the door.


So here is what I did and some tips I can offer.

1. Arm yourself with supplies: Clorox wipes, garbage can and “donate” bag.

2. Attack 1 shelf at time. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top. {Especially if you can’t get in. 🙂 }

3. Take everything off a shelf. Check expiration dates. Wipe the shelf down and put things back in an organized fashion.

4. Store less stuff. I had some appliances in this pantry that had not been used in years (hello bread maker and electric salad spinner} Get rid of those!

organizing a pantry

5. Boxes take up a lot of space. Empty boxes of individually wrapped items {granola bars and such} into baskets. Also group like items {bags of granola, coffee supplies, etc…} into baskets.

organizing with mason jars

6. Use mason jars to store small items such as sweetener packs.

pantry organization

7. Corral your most loved cookbooks and recipes. Keep them on a shelf where you can easily access them.

how to organize a pantry

8. Store large appliances and items that are not used as often on the bottom shelves.

organized pantry

9. Store rarely used baking pans and serving dishes on the top shelves.

10. Keep a small step stool in the pantry so you can easily reach those high items when you need them.

organized pantry

11. Store the foods you use the most at eye level.

how to organize a pantry

12. Have a place to store extra bags. And don’t keep more than you need!

13. Keep a clipboard in the pantry so you can jot down what you need as you run out or run low.

pantry organization

And those are the best tips I have to offer.

Now we will see how long this lasts…

And if you want to see how my dad made these amazing pantry shelves you can CLICK HERE.

Life to the full!


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  1. This sure looks wonderful. Now I need you to come figure mine out!!! ha.

    • I’d be glad to Peggy! I’m on a roll now!

  2. My pantry is organized, once I took the plunge a year or so ago and did it, I have been able to keep it this way…but my cabinets, not so much! When you don’t daily open the door and see everything it’s easy to just throw things in and close the door! I have pots and pans and stuff I never use taking up space, so Thanks so much for the inspiration I need to get busy!

    • My tupperware cabinet is next…I just need to get brave enough to tackle it!

  3. Do you do that thing where you keep opening the pantry door just to look in and admire your newly organized space, and maybe (mentally) preen a bit after it’s been freshly organized? Or is that just me?

    • I don’t think I’ve shut the door since I organized it! My entire family loves to just walk in there and look around! 🙂

  4. I’m surprised someone in my house hasn’t gotten a concussion from something in our pantry tumbling onto their heads! This makes me want to organize!

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  6. OH MY GOSH! You are such an inspiration! Can you tell me about that stinkin cute bird in there. I would love one of those!!!!! Please please please….

    Thanks for all the tips.

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