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This week is dedicated to the transformation of the outside of the playhouse!!!  This weekend, she got a new paint job (with the help of my sweet family!)  You can see the before and after pics of the paint here.  I love the way the colors turned out.

We have plans of this being a place where the DaisyMaeBelle creations can come to life. . . a place to relax. . . a place to play.

A sort of inspiration room!

The front door was the first place to start!

The inspiration struck with this $2 yard sale find.  A great floral bucket.

Next, I punched a few holes in it using a hammer and an awl (that awl and hammer have seen better days!)  You could probably use a big nail to punch the holes.

 I punched 2 holes in the bottom so that water would not stay in the bucket when it rained.

And, 2 holes in the back so that I could add a hanger.

I used a piece of heavy wire to make a hanger with.

I added floral foam to the bottom to keep the branches secure.  I did not want you to be able to see them, so I pushed them down further in the bucket. (further? farther? I am not sure the rule on that one?)

Now with all of the mechanics out of the way. . . on to the fun part!  I used the tall sticks that you find in the “natural floral” section of the craft stores.  The branches were so tall, that the only way I could get a picture of them was to use some lovely assistants!  (Anna Belle and Daisy – now the name of my blog makes more sense?!)  I cut the branches in half to make them the right size.  It was cheaper to buy the longer ones and cut them in half than to buy 2 sets of the shorter ones!

Now for the butterflies!  I used outdoor material so that they would not fade as quickly.  I drew out a very simple butterfly to use for the pattern.  I pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut out 3 of one fabric and 3 of another fabric.  (Not sure why I only took a picture of 4 of the cut out butterflies?)

Each butterfly has 2 layers of fabric.  Placing the wrong sides together, I just sewed around the edges.  I decided to use 2 layers of fabric to give them a little more body.  (My gluing friends could use hot glue or a good fabric glue for this!)

Next, I folded a little crease in the center of the body and sewed a couple of stitches on the fold to give them a little more dimension.  (Again, glue would work.)

I decided to hot glue paper clips onto the back of the butterflies so that I could slide them on and off the branches.  The idea being that this is a “tree” that I could change out for the seasons.  (stars for the 4th of July, pumpkins for Halloween. . . you get the idea)

I cut leaves out of lime green felt that I made myself.  (Wash a 100% wool sweater on hot and dry on high and you have felt!)

I arranged the branches in the bucket and hot glued the leaves onto them.

Then, I added the butterflies.

I tied a beautiful wired ribbon around the bucket.

The finished product looks great on the door!

I have another plan in the works that I will show you tomorrow!

Life to the full to you today!

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  1. Very pretty:)

    • It is always so good to see the little birdhouse picture in my comments. . . I know that words of encouragement will follow 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Love this! I have a door decoration on my room door (because I live at my parents house and don’t have a pretty front door) and I think that this might be my next project! My sewing machine is a little rusty, but will soon be put to good use!

    • Yeah! Love to inspire someone to break out the sewing machine!

  3. Love it all!!!

    • Thanks! I am liking the transformation!

  4. My girls would love this! They are really into centerpieces right now, so maybe we could use it for that.

    • It would be great for that! And, your girls could help make the seasonal “add-ons!” Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is absolutely adorable! I have been looking for something very similar to this. Great idea!

    • So glad that you like it! I think that it is going to be easy to change out for the holidays. I am already planning on making stars for the 4th of July! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Love this! featured it tonight! Stop by and grab a featured button! 😉

    • Yippee!!! You guys made my day! Thanks for hosting such a great party!


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