Snow Covered Pinecones

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Remember I told you the other day that I had this great idea for a wreath

…it involved pinecones…and little red ornaments…and fake snow…and it was going to be so elegant.

Timeless, really.

And, then after an hour I ended up with a giant mess of pinecones and wire…and my dog kept walking by the disaster and sniffing at it as to show her disapproval of the whole thing.

But, the one thing that wasn’t a total disaster about the whole project…

…one thing that I actually LOVED about the project…

…were those snowy pinecones.

So, the wreath disaster has now turned into a beautiful centerpiece!

Snow covered pinecones

How to make snow covered pinecones



Snow Blower

Tiny Red Ornaments

Fake Snow

Beautiful Bowl

Snow covered pinecones

Spray the pinecones with the Snow Blower and allow to dry.

Snow covered pinecones

Add fake snow to the bottom of a bowl.

Add pinecones and ornaments.

No arranging involved!

Snow covered pinecones

Stand back and admire the new centerpiece…

…and never remember the wreath disaster again.

I like this better anyway.

It is going to be perfect on my coffee table. 🙂

If you are looking for a great holiday wreath idea, you might like the following:

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Life to the full!


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  1. Things happen for a reason, the simpler the better and more beautiful. I love how your pine cones look with the snow and little red ornaments. This year I’m going to try very hard to keep things much simpler than other years. Easier on me after the holidays and easier on hubs putting things away. He seems to get agitated with situations like that. He feels too overwhelmed. Think he gets overwhelmed with the holidays.
    He has been cutting things out and sanding for me. Got my pine cone wreath cut out/put together yesterday. Couldn’t sand it today since it’s been raining most of day. Might get dusting of 1-2″of snow tonight. I’ll believe it when I see it. Weather man has predicted snow so many times that nobody believes him anymore. I’d love to see snow. Much better than mud. Would love to take ride up to mountains to find some pine branches and let Tommy run in the snow. Love way the crisp cold air feels. Not too sure about taking our little car up there, it’s pretty light on those slippery roads. Now is when I miss our old Suburban. Always felt very safe in it in Mt. and here during the winter.
    Love wood bowl you put your pine cones in, very appropriate and quite beautiful.

  2. I really like this idea. I tried making a pine cone wreath some years back and said, no, never again! I have a couple wooden bowls similiar to this. Husband make them in school–years ago. We are senior and how the years pass. I will definately make one of these. Thanks for the sharing.

  3. I love it, Melissa! I think your “disaster” turned into a perfect centerpiece. Love the size of these pinecones, too. Are you lucky enough to have them on your property? I’d like to get some larger ones {the ones I have are pretty small}, but they all seem to be scented. My nose and eyes just can’t handle those scented ones!

  4. I need to start a blog and write a post about how WE used to cover pine cones with snow when I was a kid…because packing them in snow, resulting in a gigantic snowball hid the pinecone really well and made it the perfect weapon. Man, when you hit someone upside the was with one of those…you were THE MAN. My friend John and I once defended his tree house from bullies with snow covered pine cones. That was awesome until we realized they just took our bikes from the base of the tree and rode off. So this post brought back cheers…and tears. I hope that kid liked my bike. What I wouldn’t give to run into him today…and to be holding my wife’s new centerpiece full of snow covered pine cones. Sigh.

  5. They look so pretty Melissa!!

  6. I think this is gorgeous Melissa. I am glad to know I am not the only one that has ever tried a project and it didn’t work. Don’t mean that in a bad manner. I haven’t had it happen since blogging but boy did it happen before. If I had pictures from back then I would have posted about them, LOL!!!

  7. I love it as a centerpiece, Melissa. I think sometimes we try too hard to make something spectacular and it is really the simple things that look the best. Beautiful!!! xo Diana

  8. My snow keeps falling off the pinecones, and it cracked like leaded paint. Why would this happen


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