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I must admit that my family is typically behind the times with technology.

We just got rid of our VCR last year….we don’t even own a DVR…and we just got cable.

There is no Blu-Ray at this house…or surround sound.

We still have a home phone complete with an answering machine with the cutest message you’ve ever heard from our girls.

{They were 4 and 2 when they recorded the message…they are now 15 and 12 and we’ve added another that is now 10.}

But that message is so adorable that we can’t bear to not hear it anymore when the phone rings.

Because we hear it every time the phone rings…because we never answer that phone.

The only phone calls that phone receives are telemarketers and political ads.

We keep that home line for emergencies…and to hear that precious message. 🙂

But even though we are behind the times in most areas of technology…we have enough I-devices that we keep our counter tops full of chargers!

So this old telephone table is the perfect place to charge a few of them and keep them hidden in the process!

A bit of paint and decoupage was all it needed…

Painted Telephone Table

telephone table - before

Here is what I started with.

Table with Decoupaged Fabric

The first thing I did was tape off the edges and spray paint the inside with gold spray paint.

I hate having to paint inside tight places so spray paint was the perfect solution.

And I like the surprise of gold!

Painted Table with Decoupage

Next I painted the outside with a 1/2 mixture of Annie Sloan Old White and 1/2 Southern Honey Otis.

I distressed it with sand paper and sealed it with clear wax.

Fabric Decoupage

Then I decoupaged fabric to the sliding shelf.

* I measured the shelf

* cut fabric to the correct size

* added a thin coat of decoupage to the shelf using a sponge brush

* placed the fabric on top of the shelf

*and then added a thick coat of decoupage on the top.

Painted Telephone Table

With that sliding shelf and the hole in the back of the table, this will be the perfect place to charge some of those I-things!

Fabric Decoupage

And it will look stylish in the process.

Painted Telephone Table

Or if you’re still the proud owner of a home phone and good old fashioned answering machine…then this table would be perfect for hiding them in style!

It’s a wonder what a little paint and decoupage can do!

Life to the full!


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  1. What an adorable piece of furniture. You are right, it’s perfect for charging devices and keeping them out of sight. I love your paint color and the coordinating patterned paper that you used.

  2. That looks fabulous! I know how your feel about chargers everywhere. You won’t misplace those cords with that cute table. I’ve never tried to decoupage but I think I may have to — I have a tray waiting to be finished.

  3. Wow! That looks like paint. Love that the fabric gives it texture! And of course the gold makes my heart go pitter patter.

  4. I love it! It could be used for many things now!!! The paper is great!!! ~Christy

  5. It looks so much better now. I love the graphic design on the fabric and the gold is just the right amount of bling!

  6. I still have a home phone and an old fashioned answering machine lol…I think most of my friends ditched their home phones years ago! This little table turned out great. Love the pop of bling the gold adds! XO

  7. What a unique little table! I love the color palette you chose. Gorgeous!

  8. So pretty and functional! We too still have a home phone, with an answering machine. I don’t know why because no one ever uses it and we never check the machine… I love how you found a way to tuck your chargers away like this.. so smart!

  9. It’s beautiful! ! So so funny about the message! ! We had my son’s voice at 5 on ours for years (he’s 16 now) I loved it but my phone died (it was saved in it). It was so cute. The only calls we get on or home phone are the same! ! 😉

  10. What an adorable table! I also love that pop of gold- and the fabric is divine! It has so much more character now. Also love the story about your answering machine. 🙂

  11. I just love seeing an old brown piece of furniture come to life-and this one turned out fabulous. Great choice in fabric and gold touches.

  12. This turned out so cute Melissa! I love that pop of gold paint in there! So convenient that it has the hole in the back already!

  13. We ditched our home phone a while back, but I miss ALWAYS knowing where a phone is!!! I completely understand about the message thing – I wonder if there’s a way to transfer it to a cell voice mail?

    Anyway, adorable table! Love the fabric addition.

  14. It looks amazing! You’d never know it’s other identity!! Love it!

  15. Melissa,
    What a sweet little table. I love it that it’s old purpose is still the same with updated I-devices. I also like the gold and the grommet in the back. What a pretty way to “decorate” the hole! Fun to be on the tour with you. ~Jeanette

  16. Haha, that could have been me writing your first paragraph! We still have the home phone…the VCR still works…no Blu-ray at our place… We’re even driving the same car we bought used 17 years ago! Scary, right!? I love how your table turned out.. I used to have the exact one but it was damaged in our last move.

  17. That table is perfect for a charging station. I love that you added the gold. It is so unexpected….and fun!!

  18. Love your fabric choice against the white with gold interior. Very very nice! And I bet that message of your sweet little girls is the cutest ever.

  19. love the fabric on the shelf!

  20. I love the table, and I love the rug equally<3
    Would you happen to know where I could
    purchase a rug just like this one.

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