Hydrangea Wreath

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Hydrangea Wreath

So my friend Julie called the other day needing a wreath for her front door.

She was having a party the very next day and realized that her door was BARE!

I was home with a sick child, but just happened to have all of the supplies I needed to whip a wreath together…

…because friends don’t let friends host parties…

…with bare doors! :)

How to Make a Wreath

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Simple DIY Tent

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Simple DIY Tent

I did not grow up in a camping family.

We were more of the hotel sort.

When we went on vacation…we liked to play hard all day…enjoy a good dinner at night…and cuddle up in a soft bed with fresh linens each night.

{Not to mention warm showers and flushing toilets.}

I know that camping is an amazing family activity…but my parents did not pass those skills on to me.

So to make up for our lack of camping; I decided to make my girls a super cute tent that they could hang out in during the day.

{And still enjoy all of the comforts of home! :) }

How to Make a Simple Tent

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How to Make Fake Marquee Letters

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How to Make Fake Marquee Letters

I know a lot of people dream of having their name in lights…

…but the thought of my name being in lights kind of makes me start to break out in a cold sweat.

I think I’m blushing just at the thought of having to possibly be on a stage.

If I begin to attract attention, I want to hide…immediately!

But to have an adorable fake marquee sign…

…without ever having to get on a stage…

…well that makes me smile. :)

No electrical skills required!

How to Make a Marquee Letter

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Front Porch Dressed for Memorial Day

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Front Porch Dressed for Memorial Day

My mama always told me that the older my children got...

the faster life would go.

I didn’t believe her when the girls were 4, 2 and 3 months.

Life didn’t seem fast at all.

I lived my life in little segments…nap time to nap time. :)

Patriotic Front Porch @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Girl’s Bathroom Makeover

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Girl’s Bathroom Makeover

8th grade formal was Friday night.

Daisy is my oldest…so this was my first formal to send a daughter to.

{Such mixed emotions for me and her daddy.}

I watched her get ready…and I couldn’t believe how much she has grown up.

She joined a group of friends for pictures…and then she was off to the dance.

After the dance was over, 12 little girls came over to our house to spend the night!

They laughed…and shared pictures…and pulled bobby pins out of their hair…and ate popcorn…and Skittles…

…and finally dozed off about 3:00.

Vintage Style Bathroom

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Chalk Painted Desk

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Chalk Painted Desk

You would want to know my friend Julie.

She’s a listener and she’s thoughtful and she loves to make people feel welcome in her home.

She loves to laugh and to make others laugh.

She’s the kind of lady that you go to when you have something that you really need to have prayed for because you know she’s really going to pray.

And I still love her even though she rolled my house {yes, with toilet paper} when Alabama lost :( and Auburn won.

I’m decorating her office.

I want the space to be everything she is…

…and I want her to smile every time she walks in her new space.

I just finished this desk.

And I think it’s going to be perfect.

Chalk Painted Desk

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Basket of Sunflowers

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Basket of Sunflowers

One day I’m going to own an old pick-up truck.

I’m still trying to decide the color…

…but I have time to think.

It’s waiting its turn in line behind braces for 3 mouths of teeth…family beach trips…college tuitions…

…you get the idea. :)

And one day I’m going to plant a field of sunflowers and cut them by the buckets full and load them into my pick-up truck and take them down to my town square and sell them at the farmer’s market.

I think I’ll wear a straw hat with a red and white gingham bow…

Sunflower Door Arrangement

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The New Kroger Franklin Marketplace

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**Kroger selected several bloggers, including me, to create posts about the Franklin Grand Opening, and provided me with a $100 Kroger gift card, a gift bag valued at $100 and a complimentary lunch to thank me for my participation and post…

but all opinions are 100% mine!**

I’m typically not the type of person to be impressed with a grocery store.

I go grocery shopping because I have a family of people that depend on me to feed them.

This is not one of the errands on my list that I look forward to.

But after touring this new Kroger store in Franklin, TN…

…I realize it’s because I’ve never been to a grocery store like this!

Because wowzer!

This is not your average “run in and fill your basket as fast as you can so you can get on to what you really want to do” kind of grocery store.

This is an experience!


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Shower Curtain Made From Vintage Bedspread and Linens

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Shower Curtain Made From Vintage Bedspread and Linens

Do you have one of those items that you just can’t pass up at a yard sale?

Even if you already have 10 of them that you don’t know what to do with?

You see it…and it tugs at your heart…and the next thing you know you have purchased another one.

For me…it’s vintage linens.

I currently have 5 beautiful old bedspreads that I had no idea what to do with…

…until today. :)

Make a Shower Curtain from Vintage Linens

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How to Make A Daisy Wreath

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How to Make A Daisy Wreath

It’s that time again…

…time for us to get together with my other Southern friends to share a project…

…and step back and say…


And with Mother’s Day right around the corner…we thought we’d share some flower projects…because what mama wouldn’t love some flowers?!

And if you have a mama that loves flowers, but doesn’t have a green thumb…

…then this wreath would be perfect for her! :)

How to make a Daisy Wreath

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