Our Home Renovations ~ We’ve Knocked out a Wall!

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Hello sweet readers! I’ve missed y’all!

I hope everyone has had AMAZING summers! For some of you, the summer continues {jealous} and for other, like myself, you sent your kiddos back to school this week {sad face}.  And for others, there are no kiddos and you are just ready for the heat to end!

I haven’t posted in months…I just couldn’t resist spending my extra time with my girls. They are growing too fast and I don’t want to miss a minute!

Quick recap of our summer {my husband is a youth minister, so we basically follow him around all summer and have a BLAST in the process!}

June was church camp and a camp called Impact at David Lipscomb University in Nashville.

July was Mexico to a children’s home called The City of Children and New York to a camp for inner city kids from the Bronx called Shiloh.

And during our times away from home, we had workers coming and going knocking a wall out of our house. Which of course, led to new floors and light fixtures and crown moulding and paint…

{Thanks Fixer Upper for all of the inspiration that had me not being able to sleep at night trying to figure out which wall I was going to knock out. 🙂 }

So here is what we’ve got:

open house plan

kitchen/living room combo

One giant room!

We {as in the people that I payed to do this} removed the wall between the kitchen and family room.

The wall was not load bearing, so it not a huge undertaking structurally.

They laced the new hardwoods in with the old and will return to sand, stain and seal…later.

traditional family room

Our family room still pretty much functions like it always did.

open floor plan

But the big change is in the kitchen!

We moved the hutch and the dining table that had been in the dining room into the kitchen. We sold our kitchen table and we are going to have a 10 foot table made. Hopefully using some wood cut from David’s grandfathers farm!

We still need to have the light fixture hung over the table…and we need to caulk and paint trim.

cottage office

And since we moved all of the furniture out of the dining room, that freed this room up to be the office/sitting room!

This room still needs a bit of furniture, but it is coming along nicely so far!

See that wreath hanging on the random door? I make and sell those in my Etsy store! Click HERE if you want to see more of my wreaths!

annie sloan paint

And that basically sums up my entire summer!

I’ll be sharing more as we get more done!

What did you do? I’d love to hear!

Life to the full!


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  1. I came over here earlier and wondered if something had happened to you! Glad to see you posted.

  2. How exciting Melissa…I love the changes you made! Removing that wall opened the two rooms up beautifully! Your trips sound very inspiring…what a wonderful thing to do for the children!

  3. So glad you’re back! Can’t wait to see the rest of the changes!

  4. So glad to see a post from you! I was afraid that you might have given up blogging- and that would have been a shame!! I love hearing about your “Life to the full”!

  5. Hi, missed you. Looks pretty. Going to see your wreaths

  6. So happy to see a post from you after so long! You had quite a busy summer!! I did see an occasional post on Facebook, though! We got to take a vacation this summer with the whole family over 4th of July weekend. First vacation in 6 years!

  7. I have really missed you. So happy to see you back. Kids in our county go back to school next week. My daughter teaches in another county and she is back to work full blast. Have a good day.

  8. We took down a wall between the kitchen and den room too. Just love it opened up. Love your little friend watching everything that goes on. I have two Golden Retrievers. Aren’t they wonderful? Have a great day !

  9. This looks great! We will be seeing David at SonQuest…might you and the girls be tagging along? I would love to meet you!

  10. Hi Melissa! Sounds like you’ve had a fun-filled Summer! Love the opened up rooms! You will enjoy that. Can’t wait to see your new table too, how exciting!
    We tore our bathroom completely down, then redid the whole thing. We took out the yucky tub and put just a shower in, replaced all the tile, and used an old buffet for the vanity. Glad it’s done but I’m excited to have a new bathroom. That was our Summer project!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your project.

  11. Every time I watch Fixer Upper I think, “that looks like something Melissa would do.” The new room looks great!

  12. Very pretty,Melissa! I love your rooms! I love seeing your whole home in a tour like this. great

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