Neutral Kitchen Paint Colors

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A couple of weeks ago it was time to pack up my family of 5 to go to camp for 11 days.

And the day before we were to leave…I decided it would be the perfect day to paint my kitchen.

So instead of washing and folding…I was searching for the perfect neutral kitchen paint colors!

The perfect neutral with just a hint of gray and cream that would be totally perfect with ironstone.

Because what else needed to be done?!

{I really wonder about myself sometimes?}

I just imagined how wonderful it would be to walk into a newly painted kitchen when we got back from camp.

How fresh everything would look…

Perfect cream color for my kitchen

Neutral Kitchen Paint Color

I imagined just how perfect the new color would look with my

newly refinished kitchen table.

Perfect neutral kitchen paint color for ironstone

I knew it had just the right balance of creamy white and gray.

Perfect for my ironstone that I found at Goodwill last year.

Neutral kitchen paint color

I knew just how pretty my boxwood wreath would look.

{My Target find from years ago.}

Perfect neutral kitchen color

And that it would be the perfect backdrop for my dried hydrangea.

{I had a few left over from the wreaths I had made.}

By the way, the color is called Enduring Ice by Porter.

And I do believe that it is the perfect neutral kitchen paint color.

And if I had to do it over again…I would paint the kitchen the day before we left for camp! 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. Looks amazing, love the color!

  2. Very pretty! Love it!

  3. Oh Melissa, you sound so much like me. I love to paint. The colour looks beautiful. Funnily I’m painting my kitchen today, in a white on white colour as opposed to the creamy tan colour it was. I’m hoping to love it as much as you love yours. 🙂 x J

  4. You’re a crazy woman for sure!! And yes, your kitchen looks amazing! 🙂

  5. Hi Melissa”

    Love the color and how you got the room to look so great.

    Keep up the great idea’s

    Char Belange YELM,WA 98597

  6. Looks beautiful with your refinished table and hydrangeas. Good call to paint before you left on vacation.

  7. Such a pretty colour . Sounds like something I would do 🙂

  8. You were a determined woman to tackle a big project like this before you left for vacation. It looks great!

    Glad to be your page of the day partner on Thursday!

  9. Don’t you love when you picture something in your head and it’s just what you thought it would turn out like. Good for you, why in the heck not paint just before you leave on vacation? Now you have a fresh kitchen to come home to. Have lots of fun on your vacation. Happy summer vacation days.
    The little box you put your hydrangeas in is really cute with the little vines painted on it, did you do that too?

  10. What a beautiful dining area! I love the soft color and the green on the ceiling! Pinned it!

  11. I LOVE the new color Melissa…your accessories look fabulous against it!!

  12. Definitely a pretty color for the kitchen and plays off nicely with your ironstone and your greens.


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