Natural Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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This year my outdoor Christmas decorations got an overhaul.  For the past few years, I have done a mix of colored and clear lights, wreaths with red and white stripes on all of the windows, garland with bright bows and lights.  Generally, a very bright and colorful Christmas display.

I have always loved the look of the fresh greenery and white lights.

I pulled out all of my Christmas decorations looking for the lights, and almost changed my mind and just about put up all of the old decorations.  I asked for my husband’s opinion, and he said to try something new.  I headed off to some cedar trees behind my house, and began trimming.  My father-in-law had brought a bunch of cedar from his farm also.  (Thanks, Pop!)  Luckily, it was 73 degrees and very enjoyable!

Here is what I came up with.

I started with the cedar garland.  I simply cut small branches and then used zip ties to attach each branch to my porch railing.

The blue berries are from the cedar trees.

 The red berries came from some bushes in my yard.

Here you can see the zip ties that I used.

I keep potted boxwoods on my porch year round.  I added some berries to dress them up for Christmas.

My little bird got a new bow as did my lanterns.  I actually used zip ties for the bows as well.  I folded the loops into place and pulled a zip tie around the middle.

Then, I fluffed the bow so you could not see the plastic!

The sled was mine growing up.  I grew up in Memphis, so we had no hills.  The only way we could “sled” was to have someone pull us down the street!  It was exhausting, but loads of fun!

This lantern is a new addition this year.  It is from one of my favorite stores in Murfreesboro, Samantha James. My sweet friends gave me a gift card for my birthday, and I spent the whole thing on this FANTASTIC lantern!

This crazy beautiful burlap embroidered ribbon is also a Samantha James find!

I added the little twig and cedar to one of my boxwoods and then added icicles and beaded garland.

This twig was the home for my owls this fall.

One Hobby Lobby wreath.

The outdoor decor is finished!  Good thing, because it rained all day here today.

Now, on to the inside.  I am making progress.  Slowly, but surely.

Life to the full,



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  1. Hi
    Love the way the front of the house came out. It really looks nice!!!
    What is in your square white planters on the porch? Are they a
    trellis of some sought? I like them very much.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • They are iron topiary forms that I have never grown anything on. I like the way they look plain! (And, with lights at Christmas!)

  2. Pretty! Love all the berries! LC

  3. Sooooo Pretty!!

  4. Love the lantern and sled….sentmental and classy!

  5. So inviting and who knew that mixing up all the bows would work so well. Looks fabulous.

  6. Your front porch is so pretty. You have so many gorgeous things on your porch.
    I really miss our front porch from house in KY. I miss that house and yard alot. I could go outside there to find pretty much anything I needed to decorate. One year there were some vines in bushes and I pulled alot of it out and used it for a garland around the tree. We had so much great vegetation around our place. Was always green. We had some kind of bushes/trees between our place and farm land next door that I cleared out under and found lilies and Hosta plants. We had a stream between our place and that farm land. Wish I could have stood the heat and humidity there and my allergies were awful there darned it.

  7. Very nicely done, Melissa! I absolutely love your sled and that lantern. The lantern is just huge! Love the bows, too. I really like that embroidered ribbon.

  8. I love it (AND YOU). You should post pics of it AT NIGHT when it looks even MORE magical. It’s like walking into a Christmas card each evening.

    …and for everyone else, I’m “the husband.”

    • I am so glad that you are “the husband” walking into the Christmas card each night!

  9. Looks very pretty, Melissa! Love the cedar on the rails on the porch. We’re not celebrating Christmas this year so I will miss doing up my own porch for the holiday. It’s a rather dismal holiday for us this year. I hope you and your family have a wonderful one! – Karen

  10. I LOVE your home….a beautiful simple look….the fresh greens make all the difference, and the simple touches of red are so pretty…also, LOVE the blue and red berries, awesome!!!

  11. Thanks for the clever idea of using the zip ties when hanging the garland. Your house is beautiful – it would make an excellent illustration for a Christmas card.

  12. Your porch looks wonderful!

  13. Melissa! Your house is gorgeous! And the cedar with all of the beautiful berries makes it over the top fabulous!!! The zip ties certainly make it faster for you to do it all, I’m sure. Really gorgeous, lady!!!
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Wow! You went all out. It looks lovely and very festive. My dad would love the use of so many zip ties. They are his go to too for all kinds of projects.

  15. Your front porch is so beautiful and weloming ~ what time shall I be over for coffee?

  16. Your outdoors looks wonderfully festive and so natural. I love using greenery and flowers for decorating.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  17. beautiful front porch!! Your cedar berries are huge like our juniper berries were this year! Love that lantern too!

  18. Love the burlap and bows. I notice you also have a burlap background on your blog. When I saw your mental bird with the big bow, I knew this was the place for me. I also have a metal bird. I change his bow out every season and holiday.

  19. So pretty! Love your style.

  20. Gorgeous! Just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this post tomorrow in my Christmas Projects round-up. I love it!


  21. Love, love, LOVE it, Melissa! Everything is beautiful. The zip ties–brilliant! And that lantern–oh my! I want to come to Murfreesboro and go to Samantha James!

  22. I would love to buy a couple of those lanterns

  23. Hi, Just looking ahead here in January 2016. Great ideas! Would love to borrow a couple. Thanks .


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