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I’m so glad you are here!

Welcome to my kitchen.

I wish I could fix you a glass of sweet tea

so you could sit here while I shared a little bit about my kitchen with you. . .

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

We could sit right here at my chalk painted barstools.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I could tell you about how I drove all over Murfreesboro

trying to find someone who sold brick pavers for back splashes.

And, how people looked at me like I was crazy or confused.

And, how I finally had to drive to Nashville to find them.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I could tell you about my first kitchen scale that I ever found at a yard sale.

And, how I don’t keep my silverware in a drawer,

but right here on the countertop.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’d tell you how special this canister set is to me

because it belonged to my grandmother.

And, how she made the best cakes ever.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’d tell you about this desk that my dad made for me.

It all started because I bought a barstool for my kitchen,

when I actually needed a counter stool.

And, I couldn’t return it because I had gotten it on sale,

so my dad made me a tall desk to go with it.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’d tell you about this table that I found while I was “shopping” my in-laws basement.

And, how it was one of the first things that I painted with chalk paint.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’d share with you about my crazy hydrangea bush that blooms like a million blooms every year.

And, how I made a wreath out of the blooms last year.

And, how Donna from Funky Junk Interiors featured it.

And, that made my day!

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’d tell you about the plates that I found at Goodwill that are actual

Ballard Design plates.

And, how I almost screamed right there in the store when I realized what they were!

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’d tell you how I love to decorate with things that I love.

And, that is why I have pictures of my children hanging right by my kitchen table.

My Kitchen @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, if I hadn’t worn you out with all of the things I’d tell you,

I would want you to stay for dinner.

I might even make you a fudge pie

or blackberry cobbler for dessert. . .

Life to the full!


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  1. You make me wish I could have met you when Ii was young. Fun to be with and a lot of imagination. Your rooms are interesting. Keep up the good work. Mary

  2. And I’d tell you right back, how much I love your kitchen and all the interesting stories and fun items, and then I’d beg you to come do my backsplash just like yours!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story about your lovely kitchen. I wish I lived near you so that we could do just that. Sit in the kitchen with sweet tea and talk about life in general. Thanks you.

  4. Melissa, you are so talented. your kitchen is beautiful and I feel like A cherished friend with all you shared. Continue to inspire!

  5. Love your home Melissa! Thanks for sharing !! šŸ™‚

  6. I love every bit of your kitchen, it’s so big and full of personality! Your own creative touches and ideas make it very welcoming. Get that sweet tea ready…I’m coming for a visit! šŸ™‚


  7. your kitchen is so warm and inviting, and i love the backsplash! i want to come over for coffee!

  8. I love seeing your home Melissa! And I’m jealous over your hydrangea bush! I hope to plant one at our new place, but they don’t do overly well up here in NE Indiana without a bit of babying šŸ™‚ Totally worth it!

  9. Really nice kitchen. One of my close friends lives in Murfreesboro and works for Jones Realty. And my best friend from high school…1976 lives in Nashville and is the PR person for CMT Network and is in all the plays, Jama Bowen. When you think about it, we really live in a small world!

  10. Ballard plates at Goodwill??? You’re one lucky girl, indeed!! šŸ™‚ I really like your grandmother’s canisters and I love the idea of putting the silverware out on the counter. I think it’s so important to decorate with things you love, just like you’ve done. Beautiful kitchen!

  11. Melissa- I love your kitchen- it is just wonderful. I love that your dad built you a desk to go with your chair. Now THAT is a great dad!! Great old canisters from your Grandmom, too. xo Diana

  12. And I would tell you that you and your kitchen are so charming and lovely! I have always preferred rooms decorated with cherished items. Those canisters are so pretty, and I’m sure you think of your Grandma everytime you see them. I am completely enamored with that backsplash! Such great ideas, as always. Thanks so much! šŸ™‚

  13. Love this! So beautiful and interesting.

  14. Love it! I would love for you to tell me more about your kitchen table and the little box in the middle of the table. Is that storage under the table and did the table arrive like this or did you diy it? If you have already posted about these two things, just send me links! And thank you Melissa. I love seeing inside your world. Your creativity is inspiring!

  15. Wonderful kitchen! Love your unique touches!

  16. I would have driven to get those bricks too! Looks great, the entire area does. Charming kitchen. I hope you’ll drop by to see DD2 MBR Redo (#3 at Met Monday).


  17. Your kitchen is wonderful…you have filled it with love, memories and family. There is nothing truly better then that. I love the work you did, kudos to you!

  18. What a great kitchen! I like everything that you have done. The brick back splash is great and I would have driven to Nashville also.
    Have a great week.

  19. Hi Melissa – I love your kitchen and how you are preserving all of the memories from your families with your own. Blessings and hugs, Holly @ coconutheadsurvivalguide

  20. Hi Melissa. I love your kitchen, and I would love to come and meet you and hear your stories.

  21. I’d luv to be in your kitchen right now enjoying a nice glass of sweet tea and listening to the history of your things. Your kitchen is so warm and filled with luv and memories.
    Happy today.
    Hugs, Gee

  22. Your kitchen and stories are so charming. It looks very relaxing

  23. I love your kitchen and those bar stools!

  24. Your kitchen is so warm and inviting and wonderful because it’s full of great memories!!
    Mary Alice

  25. ohhhh I see you have chocolate colored walls in your kitchen too… how you decorated everything!!!!

  26. Oh! What a lovely kitchen! And such a great find at Goodwill! I would have screamed too! Love the hydrangeas on the chandelier also. Beautiful. Catherine (new follower)

  27. Wjhat color are the kitchen walls?


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