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My Mom and Dad are wonderful, smart people.

But, they have not kept up with the world of technology.

Case in point;

This is the conversation I had with my Mom last week:

Mom:  Guess what?! You Dad is going to get us a cell phone!

Me: Make sure he gets you an I-phone.  They are so much easier to use!

Mom: Oh, I  think they are too expensive. Besides, I don’t know if we need anything as fancy as that.

Me: It isn’t that it’s fancy.  It’s just much easier to use.  And, we could share pictures.

Mom:  Well, I’ll see what I can do. It would be fun to send a picture.

Our conversation a little later that afternoon. . . 

Mom: Hey! I am calling on my new cell phone!

Me: Great!  Did you get the I-phone?

Mom: (Trying to cover the mouthpiece, she asks my dad, “Bobby, is this the I-phone?)  Yes! We got an I-phone.


She might be the only person on the planet who has an I-phone,

and doesn’t even know that she has one 🙂

Although they did not teach me much about technology.

They taught me everything I know about home.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

Home is the place where the weary can find rest.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

Home is the place where you can kick up your feet

and be yourself.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

Home is the place to refill you tanks,

when the world is draining you dry.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

Home is the place where you go to be loved,

even when you feel feel unlovable.

Family Room @ DaisyMaeBelle

I’ll take those lessons any day!

And, I hope I’m teaching my girls the same. . .

Life to the full!



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  1. You have a very lovely and inviting home! Love all the photos…
    Hugs and have a fabulous weekend,
    Beth P

  2. Your parents sound absolutely adorable! – Karen

  3. Good giggle about the iphone conversation. 🙂
    Wonderful photos of your family room. The prose spoke to my heart!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Gee

  4. Don’t you love it. I get the same response when I tell someone I have blog and I am taking pictures for it. They don’t have a clue. So glad she got a cell phone, but I have to admit I resisted for years. I had a job where my phone rang every second of the work day, so I really didn’t want a phone. I still don’t talk on mine. lol Anyway, I love your familyroom, so pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your living room looks comfortable and cozy! Very inviting. Your mom sounds like such a sweet lady. When I think of all the technological changes older people have gone through in their lives…from telegraphs to IPhones, it must be mind boggling!


  6. LOL- Sounds like some of the conversations my kids have had with me! lol xo Diana

  7. Well… that just made me cry! Maybe because I know you and your family so well. You are blessed and you are such a blessing to your own family (and friends.) There is no doubt you are teaching your girls those same important lessons! -Jennifer

  8. {Smiles!} Well, she isn’t too far behind me. I just got an iPhone a few months ago. And my mom cracks me up too. I’ll tell her to take a picture and text it to me, but she can’t remember how? hehe. She is trying though 😉 Everything is looking lovely!! And I love the sentiment behind the post, so true. I am sure your girls are picking it all up, even when we think they aren’t.

  9. Helping my dad understand his iPhone is an ongoing conversation 🙂 I feel badly that these folks have so much technology to keep up with….it’s hard enough for me!

    You have such a lovely home…full of eye candy! Makes me anxious to be settled in our new place. 🙂

  10. What a sweet post! Love the photos you shared too!

  11. That conversation could have been between me and my daughter……I giggled all the way through it. Lovely home!

  12. Hi Melissa – your home and thoughts are so sweet. We always say that once you step foot into our home for the first time you are considered family. I get that same vibe from you too! Hugs, Holly

  13. Everything looks beautiful Melissa!

  14. Gorgeous~ absolutely LOVE that architectural piece in the dining area~ soo pretty!! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

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