Monogram Gift Tags

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I grew up in the era of not being able to choose whatever you wanted to watch on TV.

There was no Netflix or On Demand…

…it was whatever the networks decided to play.

I’d always come home from school…grab a snack…and watch some TV.

If I was lucky, it was Leave It To Beaver, or The Brady Bunch, or The Beverly Hillbillies.

There were stretches of time that Laverne and Shirley was on.

Not my favorite show, but entertaining enough that I’d still sit and eat my snack and watch the entire episode.

{And, have a few laughs with Lenny and Squiggy.}

I remember well the iconic “L” that was stitched to every shirt Laverne wore.

So, the whole time I was making these monograms, I couldn’t help but hum the theme song. 🙂

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.
We’re gonna do it!”

Here is how to make monogram gift tags!

Cute ways to wrap presents

How to Make a Monogram Gift Tag


Wooden Initial

Chunky Yarn

Pom Poms

Large Plastic Needle

Hot Glue

How to Make a Monogram Gift Tag

Add a tiny dot of glue to the back of the initial to secure and begin wrapping the yarn.

How to Make a Monogram Gift Tag

Sometimes you have to wrap in different directions to cover the joints.

How to Make a Monogram Ornament

I found that it was easiest to wrap everything in one direction,

and then go back and wrap the rest.

How to Make a Monogram Ornament

Thread the yarn through the large needle and make a loop through the top.

How to Make a Monogram Ornament

Tie it off so that you have created a little hanger.

Cute ways to wrap presents

Randomly hot glue on red pom poms.

How to make a monogram gift tag

Add to the top of packages!

And, enjoy flashbacks of Laverne and Shirley while you make them. 🙂

“Make all our dreams come true,
And do it our way, yes our way,
Make all our dreams come true
For me and you.”

Life to the full!


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  1. So cute…..and a clever idea!

  2. So cute Melissa, love them, perfect little something to really have your gift stand up and say “hi, hope you like the gift”, lol. Plus you can use them after holidays. I wouldn’t expect anything but awesome from you.
    I was going to stay home all day to get rest of my crafting done but we ended up going to G.j. to Target for dog food since we had a coupon and I have their debit card. 5% is not a whole lot but hey whose gonna say no to a few cents extra anyway? Not me.
    Plus I saw an awesome metal red tray from Target on City Farmhouse yesterday, looked around and there tray was for 1/2 off so I grabbed that puppy really quick. There were only 2 other trays left. There were lots of other things I loved but that tray really caught my eye, so pretty and bright, really good size also.
    They had some very nice good sized tablecloths also I’d love to get for curtains but not enuf money for those darn it, our payday is next Tuesday. They had 20% off on them. I should have grabbed pkg of napkins to make pillow cover with at least.
    I needed trim for a table runner I’d made weeks ago so got it at Jo-Ann’s for 50% off coupon of course. Our Jo-Ann’s has some incredible burlap patterns, $9.99 a yard, have you seen those?
    What have you and girls been doing? Can only imagine how Christmasy it is around your house, gorgeous as always.
    We went to Michaels also but holy cow are their glue sticks expensive, ridiculous. Hubs was getting very cranky so didn’t ask to go to Walmart to get them, had a 40% off coupo
    I have another bigger glue gun I bought years ago, it’s an Aleene’s glue gun. It came with a unit with a gun stand, plug in the unit then plug gun into it. I have two of those actually, one is Aleene’s and other is Craft and Floral Pro. I use one of units to plug gun in all the time and keep the glue sticks handy on a little compartment on the side. The guns are both bigger and handier to squeeze the trigger and I can change the tips on them. Think I’ve had those since either MT or KY, can’t remember.
    I still miss the Carol Duvall show and the program with Aleene and her daughters, did you ever see those shows? Rarely ever watch HGTV anymore. Probably cause I’m spending my time reading blogs all the time.
    Better let you go. Hope you’re all enjoying the season. Did you ever get any snow? No more for us but I’m hoping. Temps went back up to 30’s but will be back down to 20’s during the day. Happy happy holidays
    Loved your wonderful monogram project.

  3. I wish I still had gifts to wrap….I am so loving this idea! Next year for sure!! Actually, there’s no reason I couldn’t do this for birthday gifts too ….
    Thanks Melissa, and merriest of Christmases to you and your family!

  4. Cute Idea! My packages are all wrapped but next year I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Only problem is that some have he same first initial so I’d have to do two to include a middle initial.

  5. These would make great ornaments, too!

  6. Super cute and fun! I agree with Maaike…I could do this year round with birthday, wedding, & any gift!

  7. Oh dear, after reading the TV show comments I just realized that you’re my children’s age. I had always thought of myself as your contemporary. YIKES, I’m older than I thought! It’s very nice here in Fantasyland…I think I’ll stay. BTW, love the initial tags.

  8. What a cute idea! I’ve got plenty of yarn so need to run out to get the letters. Great idea for anytime of the year. Thanks again for your creativity. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!!

  9. Melissa,

    Love the tags! They would make the perfect ornaments, too!

    Just stopping by to wish you the merriest of Christmases!



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