Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Table

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A crazy thing happened at my house the other day.

I have heard of this thing happening at other people’s houses. . .

I have seen it on movies. . .

But, I have never experienced it first hand.

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

Let me start at the beginning.

As I have mentioned before,

I am at war with the mosquito.

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

This war has given me a new fondness of birds.

I am welcoming them into my backyard with beautiful bird baths,

and havens for their nests.

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

All in the hopes that they will eat their fair share of mosquitos.

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

 I was not considering my mosquito eating friends the other day

when I paid to have my windows cleaned.

Seriously a first at my house.

Clean windows.

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

So, imagine my surprise when I heard the thud of one of my feathered friends

trying to fly into my window.

My heart went out to him as he staggered across my deck.

I have walked into a glass door before.

I knew the embarrassment he was feeling…

…Not to mention the headache that followed.

Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

The windows should be dirty again soon. 🙂

And, my little bird friends will once again be safe to fly in my backyard.

Painting with Milk Paint

By the way, this is my “new” coffee table.

I totally LOVE it!

{Here’s how I did it}

1. I sanded the top down to the bare wood using a fine sandpaper.

2. Waxed the top with clear wax.

3. Painted the legs with Miss Mustard Seed Ironstone Milk Paint.

4. Waxed the legs with dark wax.

My family room is getting a few fresh touches.

I will share them all soon!

Life to the full!


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  1. This adds such a beautiful “farmhouse” look!

  2. You know they’re clean if the birds fly into them. So true though, they’ll be dirty in no time. The clean never lasts. Good for the birds though. Love the table and the color you chose for the legs. Nicely done!

  3. Love the legs on your table, you did a great job, it looks so pretty.

  4. The table looks great. We had a duck fly into our window. It didn’t make it.:(

  5. Love your table! It is so pretty!
    It is always so awful when a bird hits your window. One time we had a robin who kept hitting the window over and over. We think he was “fighting’ with his own reflection. We finally had to cover up the window for awhile.

  6. OOOOH! This turned out wonderful! Love the Ironstone legs! It will look wonderful in your house!

  7. Oooo I love it! And I always feel terrible when the birds go flyin’ into our windows too. 🙁

  8. So pretty and earthy at the same time! Fab job… can’t wait to see the whole room!

  9. That’s a beautiful table, Melissa! I love the size and the “chunkiness” to it.

  10. LOVE it! it looks so amazing and rustic and warm and i want it! 🙂
    and i have not forgotten about the bunnies, though i have not mailed them yet. 🙁 i have had a crazy few weeks, which i will soon explain on the blog. 🙂 give me a couple weeks….

  11. This is lovely! I’m hosting a new linky party at http://hickorytrailblog.blogspot.com/2013/05/efforts-and-assets-linky-party-1.html

    I would love to have you!

  12. Love the table…post pics of it inside!!! Pleaseeee

  13. looks fabulous! and i am so ready for these windows to clean themselves!

    visiting via tuesday’streasures and hope you’ll visit me at http://hellolovelyinc.blogspot.com/2013/05/uncommon-lovely-kate-lewis.html.

    happy wednesday!


  14. LOVE this table, that scrubbed look is perfect!

  15. I didn’t know that actually happened to birds with clean windows…I just thought it was a funny windex commercial! Poor thing :/
    LOVE the coffee table. you gave it a great finish!

  16. You are cracking me up! Visiting from Stone Gable and was totally drawn in by your gorgeous photo! -Karen

  17. Love iT!!

  18. This is so good! I am new from southern charm! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back! Have a great day,Nicole

  19. This is a stunning table! I love it!

  20. Love the coffee table. I, too, have had many a feathered friend fly into my windows, although my windows aren’t necessarily clean 🙂

  21. Oooh.. I just cracked up but feel so guilty to laugh at the poor little birdie! I’m glad they are taking care of your mosquito problem though! Wow, this table is gorgeous! I love the raw wood look and the ironstone looks amazing on this piece. Well done and can’t wait to see more of your fresh living room! Jen

  22. So glad to not be the only one who runs into glass doors! LOVE it!

  23. The table is fabulously distressed in all the right places. Spring = clean windows = crashing birds! It happens every year when I washed the large windows in the front of the house.

  24. This is a wonderfully done table! I’d love for you to come share it at the link party I am cohosting right now!

    Beth @ The First Year Blog

  25. I am just getting into refinishing furniture and appreciate you sharing what you do with your pieces ~ which are AlWaYs lovely!

    Another pin coming your way!

  26. What an absolutely beautiful table. I’m new to all this furniture refinishing stuff, but I think you might be one of my idols. Just gorgeous stuff!


  27. I love this table redo and your pictures are wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  28. Poor birdie! This reminds me of the episode of Frasier when Marty leaves a “safety smudge” on the window for their birdie friend…cracked me up. Beautiful table, Melissa! You’re so talented!

  29. Hi, I love this piece!! I’m wondering, in your opinion can you finish a whole table with the paint that you used on the legs? I want to refinish my table, but I’m not sure I can just sand it and put a clear gloss on the table top …. seems to me it should be painted. Also, where could I get this paint? Thanks!!

  30. Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday @ Alderberry Hill. You are being featured tonight!
    I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and join me tomorrow evening for Make the Scene Monday #78!


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