Mason Jar Craft Flower Wraps

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I hope your summer is living up to all you were hoping it would be!

We are filling our days with campsbike ridestrips to the pool

…and backyard parties. 🙂

We love to drink out of mason jars, but your jar can easily get lost in the crowd.

So here is a way that your crew can identify just which one is theirs…

…with this simple Mason jar craft!

Mason Jar Crafts

Mason Jar Crafts


{All of which I found at the Dollar Store!}

Fake flowers

Elastic headbands

Hot glue

Floral snips

Mason jar

Mason Jar Crafts

Pull the flower off of the stem.

Mason Jar Crafts

Clip the end off.

Mason Jar Crafts

Wrap the elastic band around the jar and tie a knot to make it fit.

Mason Jar Crafts

Clip the extra off.

Mason Jar Crafts

Hot glue the flower to the band.

Mason Jar Crafts

And enjoy a party in your own backyard!

Life to the full!


**This post first appeared on Design Dazzle.**

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  1. Love this

  2. SO CUTE!!

  3. Love this idea!

  4. Simple, quick, inexpensive and pretty, what more could we ask for? Bravo, love these jars. I’ll have to get some more plain glass jars to do least 3 of these. Love them, great post. So cheerful and pretty.
    Happy fun summer days

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