How to Make Wood Placemats

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It is so true.

As we grow older…we turn into our mothers.

Which for me is a very fortunate thing. I have an amazing mother.

And as much as I hope to grow to be as kind and compassionate as she is…and as much as I hope to be as generous and thoughtful as she is…

…it seems like I’m inheriting some other of her traits.

Like her goofy dance moves {only seen by my immediate family} and her ability to make mashed potatoes that send you back for 2nds and 3rds {my family thanks her for this}

and her obsession with the tiny felt pads that go on the bottom of decorative accessories to keep them from scratching your furniture.

My mom should buy stock in the company that makes those little wonders.

They are on every vase and picture frame and decorative bowl and basket in her ENTIRE house.

Love her.

So as I was making these wood placemats, I couldn’t help but wonder if they might scratch my table?

But seeing as I am turning into my mom, I had a stack of those little felt pads ready to go in my junk drawer!

Mom would be proud. 🙂

So here is how to make wood placemats.

DIY Wood Placemats

How to Make Wood Placemats


12 x 16 x 1 board

{I have a 1 x 12 x 4 board cut into 3 boards – Lowes did this for me!}

wood conditioner

wood stain



sponge brush

old towel

felt pads 🙂

How to Make Wood Placemats

I sanded the edges of the boards until they were smooth.

How to Make Wood Placemats

Then I added a coat of wood conditioner and let that dry about 30 minutes.

How to Make Wood Placemats

Next I added a coat of wood stain (Provencial) and wiped off the excess.

I let that dry for about 30 minutes.

Tutorial for making wood placemats

I followed all of that with a coat of Polycrylic.

How to Make Wood Placemats

I flipped the board over and added the felt pads.

How to Make Wood Placemats

Now I can’t wait to set my fall table!

DIY Wood Placemats

And my mom would be so proud!

Life to the full!


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  1. Hi Melissa,
    Like you new wood placemats……….and love love love your white dishes.
    That is neat that Lowe’s cut them for you………and your dishes show up
    so nicely on them as well…….and they definitely are perfect for Fall.
    and those lil stick on babies are worth every penny and save a lot of wear
    and tear on things for sure………..and I am sure you Mom would be proud!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I love everything you do! I will definitely try the place mats. Happy Fall!!!

  3. This is so pretty and festive, love it! Pinned.

  4. Great placemat idea! Those would also be good for hot bowls of soup to protect the table…Good job!

  5. Your placemats look fantastic and your right, Mom would be so proud! I love the rustic feel of them. Perfect for fall and thanksgiving I would think.

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