How to Make a Fall Wreath

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Fall is right around the corner.

I know it is because my calendar told me so.

Too bad that someone forgot to tell the weather.

Cross Country was cancelled for my oldest today because the heat index is at 109!


That isn’t even close to fall…

But I will just keep pretending and setting out pumpkins and decorating wreaths and displaying gourds in cute little DIY cloches and totally ignoring the fact that you melt as soon as you walk outside the door.

I’m good at pretending…as long as I have an air conditioner!

So for those of you who are ready to get ready for the fall that is sure to come.

Here is how to make a fall wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Start with one plain grapevine wreath.

DIY Fall Wreath

Add single stems of greenery until you have covered the base.

DIY Fall Wreath

Overlap the stems with the leaves.

It took me 5 stems to cover this wreath.

DIY Fall Wreath

Next I added a stem that had several types of fall goodness.

Each stem had 3 pinecones, some berries and some foliage.

I added the first piece to the bottom of the wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Then I added 2 more.

I didn’t want them placed too evenly apart, but I did want them to cover the majority of the wreath.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

After the stems came clusters of foliage.

I filled in some of the spaces around the pinecone stems.

The foliage that I chose was very close in color and style to the foliage on the original stems.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

Next came clusters of giant berries.

I added 6 of those.

How to Make a Fall Wreath

And the pumpkins really brought the whole thing to life.

Fall Wreath Tutorial

And even though the weather is not cooperating.

And even though I know that it is entirely too early to hang a fall wreath on my front door because “what would the neighbors think?!”

I’m glad to know that the very second that fall does arrive…

…I’m ready with this wreath!

Life to the full!


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  1. Thank you for the very detailed insturctions. I love the look of this wreath and can’t wait to make one of my own.

    • Yay! I’m so glad that you’re going to make one!

  2. I’m ready for Fall decor around here too! We are heated back up to but I’m with you, I’ll just pretend! ~Sonya

    • Our heat has been horrible for the past few days! I’m hoping that it will pass soon! I need some Fall!

  3. I have the wreath, just need the other things! Love this. I love Fall…it’s my favorite time of year.

    • Yes, Fall is the best! I love my summer, but when the girls get back in school, I’m ready for fall!

  4. Melissa this is gorgeous, PINNED!!! I’m so busy with the new house. Getting it decorated and settled and BAM fall will be here.


  5. Beautiful wreath, Melissa! You always make such pretty wreaths. Even though we have had a beautiful summer this year, I am actually looking forward to fall. Normally, I don’t rush fall, but for some reason I am looking forward to it this year.

  6. You always make such beautiful wreaths! I bet you wish you had more doors!!

  7. Yup Melissa you do always make very gorgeous wreaths, no matter the season. I could see where you were going when you put clusters of fall colors foliage after the Fall/pinecone stems. BRAVO expert wreath maker, love it and you make it look so simple. Ya need to have the eye for it and you sure do.
    Love it, makes me almost ready to go digging out my Fall stuff, but not quite yet. Wonder how long it will be before I can’t wait anymore?lol. Keep seeing more and more on blog land so looks like more folks are getting themselves ready.
    Hubs is painting part of kitchen by 1/2 wall. Decided to buy bead board to put on rest of walls to be painted white with the slightly darker gray cabinets. I might think I’ve decided on something but as time goes by I change my mind as I realize what I really want. Hopefully the white bead board with gray cabinets will have nice clean look. The problem will be getting hubs to put bead board up. But I’ll start to do it then he’ll take over. I was going to do this little bit of painting but he took over while I was cleaning out fridge. Now I feel much better knowing fridge cleaned. Do you ever feel that way? I can’t stand it when my stove and fridge are dirty, yuk, makes my skin crawl. Can’t stand dirty bathrooms either.
    Glad you shared your awesome wreath with us. Who cares what your neighbors think about you hanging a Fall wreath up? But then you have to live there so you just might care huh? Happy days

  8. Cant wait to make this wreath!! Where do yo purchase your supplies? We got stationed in Northern California and can you believe that they don’t even know what a HOBBY LOBBY is!! Well they got one about a yr ago but its about an hour from me. I do however live pretty close to a Michael’s!

  9. Beautiful! Yes, we’ve been having the triple digits here too and I cannot wait for fall ~ my favorite season!


  10. Could I buy this wreath? I love your wreaths!!!

  11. LOVE THIS!!!!! What did you use to connect all of the pieces to the wreath? Glue, Staples ?????

  12. This is lovely! Did you use all artificial things? or could you use some natural from collecting?

  13. Gorgeous wreath! I love the layering you did and the tutorial on how you did it…


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