How to Make a Cloche

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When we got married 19 years ago, “theme” showers were all the rage.

We had a book shower, ornament shower (December wedding), basket shower, kitchen shower

and while I had my lingerie shower…my husband had his tool shower.

Now my David is probably the greatest husband and father on the planet,

and if you need encouragement or laughter or a speaker for teens or a dishwasher…he’s your guy.

If you need a hammer or socket wrench…you’ll need to come to me.

I’m still using “his” tools from that shower.

And I was so grateful for that wrench set when I was making this project.

Here is how to make a cloche from a cheap thrift store clock.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

I found my clock for $1 at a yard sale.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

The clock mechanism was held in place by these 2 nuts on the underneath side.

I found the wrench that fit (thank you tool shower) and removed them.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

Using a metallic spray paint,

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

I painted the base.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

And then I added tiny gourds.

Perfect for my fall decor.

{I know…I’m sick…I’ve already started decorating for Fall.}

This will also be perfect for Christmas filled with tiny ornaments…and in the Spring with a tiny bird’s nest with eggs…and in the Summer filled with sea shells.

You get the idea!

Life to the full!


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  1. Very Creative — We have two of those clocks. One was my mom’s and one was gifted to us from my in-laws. They are both in the closet — they don’t work. In fact I don’t think they’ve worked for years —hmmmm– you’ve given me some ideas. Thank you.

    • Just make sure that they aren’t too nice! Mine had a plastic base…not a fine clock! Ha!

  2. Great idea! I love the Fall — never too early! Enjoy!

    • It’s never too early for fall in my book either!

  3. Very creative! I never would have thought to do that. I also love tiny gourds and Fall!

    • Thanks Lisa! Aren’t those tiny gourds adorable?! A friend of mine gave me those a few years back and I pull them out every year!

  4. Perfect! People still think it’s weird I ask for tools for my birthday and Christmas. My husband thinks it’s great! Lol.
    I can just picture your cloche decorated for the different holidays. Too cute! Looking forward to you sharing it as you change it out.

    • I love getting new tools! In fact I’ve got some birthday money that I think I am going to use for some more! 🙂

  5. Great idea! It looks so pretty now!

  6. I had a feeling this is where you were going. My mom had one of those exact clocks. I always thought it would make a great cloche. I have a large collection of them but she didn’t care for a cloche.


  7. How cute can ya get with that cloche full of tiny gourds, love it. Not too Fallish, just a little sneak preview.
    You are a genius girl. I’ve seen those clocks (not at a $1 here believe me) but never thought of using the glass cloche on it. Love me some cloches. I made one with a candle or glass container with flat bottom, put a little round clear glass dish on it then put a clear glass drawer pull on top for cloche. Think glass container cost me $1.50 or something I had the little glass dish then got the glass drawer pull at HL on sale for $ it was pretty reasonably priced cloche. I have bigger one I got at HL couple years ago, should get it out to put over something huh? Now I’ll be going around looking for something to put it over, lol. Great post Melissa.
    Now that you mention it I remember about the specific type of showers. Our daughter had couple of those, she’s been married 20 yrs.this past May. Do you still wear any of lingerie you got? Thank heavens your hubs got the tools you can still use. They don’t really wear out. Are they metric?
    What are you doing with “all” your spare time now that girls are in school? Getting to do any crafts you enjoy besides making cloches?
    Happy week, 1/2 over already.

  8. I love it! I have picked up a couple of these at thrift stores for a dollar or two and they do make a great cloche!


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