Jingle Bell Gift Tags

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I’m a sucker for a clearance aisle.

And, when I find something marked way downI usually buy in volume. :)

So, I’m guessing that’s what happened with the white gift bags that I found in the back of my closet.

I must have gotten them for a song…which is code for, “I don’t really know how much I paid for them… but they must have been cheap…because I bought 25.”

But, to make a plain white gift bag worthy of a Christmas gift, they’re going to need a little something “special.”

So, here are 3 attempts at making the white gift bags look special.

Simple Gift Tags to Make

DIY gift tags


Plain Gift Tags

Jingle Bells


Green Burlap

Brown Marker

Hot Glue


Burlap Gift Tag

 How to make the holly tag:

Cut a leaf shape out of the green burlap.

Gather the end together and hot glue to the tag.

Hot glue 3 bells to the end of the leaf.

Jingle Bell Gift Tag

How to make the ribbon and bells tag:

Cut 2 lengths of ribbon and hot glue to the back.

Hot glue 3 bells to the first row.

Deer Silhouette Gift Tag

How to make the deer silhouette tag:

Draw a deer silhouette onto the tag.

{It doesn’t have to be perfect…no one is going to pay that close of attention…they just want to see what’s inside the bag:)}

Color with a brown marker.

Hot glue a bell for the nose.

Simple Gift Tags to Make

Three down…

…22 to go!

Life to the full!


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  1. Very cute, Melissa! I love the reindeer tag. I’ll have to try that one. My granddaughter is loving reindeer this year.

  2. Melissa, these are super cute!!!


  3. So simple, yet cute! Love these!

  4. Those are great. I think I just found our next project for craft night. Thanks for sharing. Pinning. Have a fantastic week. Darlene

  5. I sooo want to do some craftin with ya….

  6. These ARE cute!

    Maybe these will replace the ones my family had growing up that had “Merry Christmas 1983″ where the 1983 was scratched out and changed each year to reflect the current year.

    I’m 42 and I think I got a present last year from my mom with the tag on it from the Christmas I got my first electric razor as a 7th grader.

    …and it might have been the same wrapping paper as well.

  7. These are adorable and so festive!Not to mention simple enough for me to attempt…

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