DIY Garden Path Ideas

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in hometalk idea board | 9 comments

Whew. . .I am tired.

My sweet Anna Belle made the middle school basketball team.

(Yay! Anna Belle!)

So today we’ve been at ball tournaments…ALL day.

Tomorrow we will again be at tournaments…ALL day.

Tomorrow we leave for camp.

Tonight I pack for 5 people to go to camp for 5 days.

And, I am tired. . .

(Blessed beyond measure, but tired.)

I could use a lovely walk through a beautiful garden.

A cool breeze.

A meandering path.

My head free of all thoughts.

So here are some DIY garden path ideas…perfect for escape. 🙂

Garden Path Ideas

If you too are in need of a stroll through a garden.

Or, if you actually want to make your own garden path.

This Hometalk clipboard is just for you.

It is full of great DIY projects.

And, beautiful inspiration.

(And, if you haven’t checked out Hometalk yet, you really should!)


Life to the full!


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  1. Lovely garden inspiration Melissa, and congrats to your daughter that is wonderful. Hope you have a great camping trip (and get some rest too!)

    xo, Tanya

  2. I love the brick and flagstone pathways.

  3. Hi, Melissa

    This a great and beautiful ideas for the yard. Have a great week.


  4. I was looking for an idea and you gave me several! Hope you find time to relax this weekend.

  5. Great ideas!

  6. Love the garden inspiration!

  7. Boy, I wish my landlord read your blog! Instead of putting in a real walkway, he took the fake grass and rubber mat from the local soccer stadium and put it in front of my house as a walkway. Super messy, as we’re always dragging in tiny bits of rubber. Love these pretty picks!

  8. los caminos en piedra los incas del peru la conquista española-el imperio romano realizo obras publicas que aun se admiran donde la piedra natural es un material muy importante y ecológico.

  9. I never get tired of walking path ideas! I have a barn wedding chapel. Although a lot of work at first, I made a long walking path wide enough for the bride and groom to walk side by side for photographers. Photographers with an eye for nature in wedding pictures have come up with some amazing wedding pictures.
    To cover the walking path, I use what was available – lots of cardboard to block out weeds then mulch from the city. Usually the mulch last a year.


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