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Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in crafts, wreaths | 17 comments

So a few weeks ago something TOTALLY AMAZING happened!

{I still can’t even believe it?!}

Better Homes and Gardens emailed me and asked if they could use my floral monogram in their


Are you serious?!โ€ฆof course they can!ย ๐Ÿ™‚

{I can’t even believe that Better Homes and Gardens knows that I exist?!}

My competition is 3 incredibly talented ladies!

So if you want to help a girl out…

โ€ฆI would really appreciate a vote for my floral monogram!



{You can vote every hour of every day this week!}

And here is how you make one for yourself!

How to Make a Floral Monogram


Chicken Wire

Wire Snips

Floral Foam

Assorted Silk Flowers

Floral Pins

Floral Wire

Sharp Knife for Cutting Foam

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Draw out a block letter the size you want your monogram to be.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Cut pieces of foam until they fill the monogram.

{It doesn’t matter if there are small gaps.}

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Attach the foam together with floral pins.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Lay a piece of chicken wire over the letter.

Attach it in a few places with floral pins.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Snip the wire until it is just a couple of inches larger than the monogram.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Fold it around the foam.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Using the floral wire, wrap and wrap and wrap the wire around the entire monogram.

This will hold the chicken wire in place and really give the monogram the stability that it needs to hold its shape.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

Now the hard part is done and the pretty part begins!

Making a Letter out of Flowers

Cut the stems very short on the flowers and start placing them.

Flower Letter

Keep adding flowers…

How to Make a Floral Monogram

…and more flowers…

How to Make a Floral Monogram

…and greenery…

How to Make a Floral Monogram

…until your monogram is full.

How to Make a Floral Monogram

And then find the perfect place for it to hang!

And if you still need to vote…


Thanks so much for your help! ๐Ÿ™‚

Life to the full!


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  1. Voted!! Love this project. It is beautiful. Good luck! Tammi http://www.wrestlersmom.wordpress.com

  2. Congratulations, Melissa! I fell in love with that monogram when I saw the picture on my dashboard the day you shared it. : )

  3. YAY!! Congrats Melissa!! I love it you have my votes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks so much for the votes Martina!

  4. Hurray! That’s exciting!! I voted for you. Congratulations!

    • I am so excited! Thanks so much Cecilia!

  5. Congratulations Melissa! Your monogram is beautiful and your tutorial is super easy for a visual person like me. Heading over to vote now!

    • Thanks so much Angie! I appreciate the vote more than you know!

  6. Congratulations on getting BHG’s attention with a great project. I voted for you. Good luck!!

  7. Voted and will so so often. Your floral monogram is clearly the best of the bunch!! CoNgRaTs on being in the BHG’s spotlight.

  8. I voted! So exciting, and I love this great tutorial! I have wanted to have something like this for a long time, you are genius, I hope you win!

  9. Love your Floral arrangement ! What an honor to be noticed by Better Homes! I’m only on my first year of Blogging & I still get excited about well known bloggers even viewing my site { He-He} !! HOW AWESOME FOR YOU!!! I deff will vote for you!! Good luck !!


  10. Voted for you – because you asked, AND because I really did love your design best! At first, I thought the foam/wire part looked difficult, but the end result is so worth it – and I think I could really do this!

    And “S” is the very hardest letter, I would think! – Good luck!

  11. I haven’t had a working computer for awhile so missed this. So glad you won! I absolutely LOVE this wreath ~ gorgeous!


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