How to Refinish a Kitchen Table

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I come from a family that is all about traditions.

Or maybe it’s that my parents didn’t like a lot of change.

My parents lived in the same house for 26 years.

We moved in when I was 1 and they moved out when I was 27…during those years my mom redecorated and painted and rearranged…but one piece of furniture always stayed the same…

…the kitchen table.

I love that every family meal that we ate in that house was at that very table.

My husband’s family is much the same way…my husband grew up eating every meal at the same table…which now resides in our dining room! 🙂

So when David and I bought our family kitchen table…I knew that I wanted to use it forever.

But the shiny cherry was beginning to bother me…so I decided to try my hand at refinishing.

And I LOVE the results!

Here is how to refinish a kitchen table:

How to Refinish a Kitchen Table

I am not expert…but here is what I did.

First: I stripped the top with a spray on finish remover. (I forgot to take a picture.)

I sprayed it on and then scrapped it off with a putty knife.

It took about 3 rounds to remove most of the finish.

Second: I sanded the entire top with an orbital sander with a 220 grit sandpaper.

How to Refinish a Kitchen Table

Third: I used a cloth to coat the entire top with the wood conditioner. This helps the wood accept the stain evenly.

Fourth: I used a cloth to wipe on the Lime Oak stain. I wiped it off as I went.

Last: I wiped on the Polycrylic. I hand sanded it lightly with 22o grit sandpaper between coats. I used a total of 3 coats.

How to Refinish a Kitchen Table

The bottom of the table was already painted! 🙂

Next I worked on the chairs.

How to Paint Kitchen Chairs

This is a before shot of them.

This is also what the top of the table looked like.

How to Paint Kitchen Chairs

I wiped the chairs down with mineral spirits before I painted them.

(3 children for 14 years…there may or may not have been unidentifiable sticky spots.)

Painting Kitchen Chairs

Then I spray painted them. Distressed them with 150 grit sandpaper. And used a cloth to apply the Polycrylic.

How to Paint Kitchen Chairs

I love the new lighter look!

How to Refinish a Kitchen Table

Just a few more projects and this new look for the kitchen will be complete!

Life to the full!


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  1. Love the new lighter look…awesome job Melissa!!

  2. Love the finished look! I have the same tradition in my home — all family meals & still using the same table.

  3. so light and pretty! chairs like that are a pain to paint- you did a beautiful job!

  4. What a fantastic difference. I love that light airy look. I have to confess we have an early American dining table and chairs and I simply hate it. It just doesn’t go with our downsized house– it was okay for our country home. I don’t think a paint job would even improve it. I think I hate the BIG bulky chairs the most. 🙁 I like your chairs.

  5. This is one of my favorite projects that you have done!!! I have basically the same table/chairs (with unidentified sticky spots) so I may try this one!!!!!! looks great!

    where did you get all of your supplies? somewhere like lowes or home depot? Would they have all of this there?

    and how long do you have to let everything dry between coats?

  6. I have one of those farm house type tables with ceramic green tile in the top of it. I am so tired of it. The entire table is green and the chairs but the chair tops and bench top is just stained wood. I have no idea how to go about changing the color with the tile in the table top. Any ideas?

  7. How well does the finish stand up to daily use? I wipe down the kitchen table about 37 times a day. Will the polycrylic hold up?

  8. You did a great job! Looks perfect! Always nice to have brightness surround us! I need your energy!

  9. Your table looks spectacular…………what a difference paint makes,
    oh my goodness……..that is cool that you have the table from your
    husbands parents house. I am a table sitter and love to sit around the
    table talking, you have the best conversations like that, and it is wonderful to see others who practice the almost lost art of having dinner
    together every night. That is what we did and we have never regretted it.
    Blessings and enjoy that lovely new looking table………
    It has been awhile since I have been by cause somehow I quit getting your emails………..and finally remembered the name of your blog. lol

  10. You did a fantastic job. I love your insistence on keeping good pieces of family furniture. I believe it adds to the permanence of the “home”. We learn to cherish these small symbols of family.

  11. Did you strip your chairs just like you did the table prior to applying the mineral spirits and spray paint? I’m getting ready to do this just nervous, I love the

  12. Love it ! Did you also strip the chairs like you did the table prior to spraypainting?


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