How to Paint Metal Chairs

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I have no feeling in my pointer finger. . .

One of the hazards of spray paint.

Forget the toxic fumes,

or the detrimental affects on the ozone.

No one ever mentions the dangers to the trigger finger.

How to Paint Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

How to Paint Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

But, these poor chairs were in great need.

How to Paint Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

I assembled the products.

Then, set to work.

Step 1: Clean the chairs with a hose.

Step 2: Remove loose paint with 150 grit sandpaper.

Step 3: Wipe down with the deglosser.

(You will need refinishing gloves for this.)

Step 4: Spray with primer.

Step 5: Spray 2 coats of color.

(Invest the extra dollar for the Rustoleum Ultra Cover paint!)

How to Paint Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

No you are not color blind.

The spray paint that I showed in the picture is not the same as on the chair.

I did not like the first color.

It was entirely TOO bright.

How to Paint Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

With a second trip to the hardware store

I returned with a much better color.

Rustoleum Sage Green.

Painting Vintage Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

Which meant 2 more coats of paint.

How to Paint Vintage Metal Chairs @ DaisyMaeBelle

I won’t have feeling in my pointer finger for days. . .

But, my chairs sure look good!

(And for the record, I do love the ozone.)

Life to the full!


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  1. Love, love, love. I think my grandmother had those chairs.

  2. I read your blog faithfully and was so pleased to see that we have similar tastes in chairs and paint! I used the exact same paint on my vintage metal chairs and they came out fabulous! I didn’t use the Sander/Deglosser tho’ – just sanded the rough spots, then primer and paint. Can you tell me a bit about that product as I’ve never used it – does it really make a difference in the final results?

    • Thanks so much, Dawn! As for the deglosser, I was just wanting to do everything I could to make that paint stick tight!

  3. I am loving your gorgeous motel chairs. They last forever unless they’re not taken care of, especially in humidity and rain/snow. Love that color, so pretty. Your back yard is so nice. Cute little shed in background.
    If you buy one of those handles it helps much with the pointer finger stress. I’m surprised you haven’t discovered it yet. Stores usually keep them close to the spray paint.
    We have a new True Value hardware store just down road little bit from our Ace hardware, perfect. They have their sample paints for $3.99 for whole pint. Can hardly wait for pay day so I can go buy a few anyway. Get stocked up. They also have some lumber which will be so handy, not having to make trip to G.J. every time we need a little lumber.
    Is it getting hot there yet? Been in 80’s here, phewy. Sure glad we have ceiling fans in house. Need one in my sewing room and studio. Little rooms get very hot in summer. Will be time soon to get cooler running.
    Happy Days

  4. Well, we could have a secret signal between us because i too have no pointer finger feeling from spray painting. I’ve been helping a friend spray paint almost everything on her patio (and that’s a lot!) We’ve been spray painting for a week and we even spray painted fabric. It all actually turned out real well. Hope you enjoy your chairs. They are really a cute style!

  5. These are my absolute favorite outdoor chairs. You did a great job.

    Popping in from Oh, Mrs. Tucker!

  6. I painted eight of those puppies last spring. When they were finished, it looked like a pack of Starburst candies. Love them! Did you know there is a tool that fits over the top of the spray can and all you do is pull a trigger? No more aching, painted forefinger! I buy a new one often in case I misplace mine. Won’t paint without it anymore.

  7. Lovely chairs, great job! My grandmother had the same type chairs!

  8. I do love!

  9. i love the color and the chairs. where did you find the sanding deglosser? i cannot find it anywhere!

  10. They are delightful motel chairs. Your hard work was not in vain.

  11. These turned out beautifully!!! Thanks for the tips, all that work was definitely worth it!

  12. I have two of those chairs that belonged to my Mom and they are really sad! I am definitely going to make this my next project, along with a glider swing that is equally as sad.
    Don’t you just love Hometalk?

  13. You did a beautiful job on these gems! I’ve been needing to sand (yuk!) and paint my metal porch furniture, the kind with all the lattice detail that’s hard to get to all the nooks and crannies to sand it. Any suggestions on how to do that without spending a week on every chair? I love your paint color, since I’m a green girl! 🙂
    His blessings!

  14. Glad I found this on Hometalk! Now how u remove all the old paint off them chairs??

  15. I love these chairs, I wish I could find some in good shape, the new reproductions I have seen are just not the same quality. I love that color.

  16. I love the colors of your chairs. It is something about those old chairs that just keeping on giving. As someone already mentioned, by a handle for the spray can. I wondered why I didn’t sooner.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  17. Wow those look great. I have three of the same chairs and I will follow your instructions -thank you so much. I like the color also very soothing.
    Have a great week.

  18. You are SO right that nobody ever talks about the trigger finger from spray painting! LOL Love your tutorial, pinned it! Thanks so much – the chairs look great, and I adore the color your chose!

  19. I do understand, I’ve been spray painting too, love your chairs, they look amazing and the color is fantastic. Great job. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  20. Well, I see some people have mentioned the spray can trigger thingie. I always forget about it until my finger goes numb (and why does it stay numb for so long?) and then I have to dig it out of the garage. Love those types of chairs. I have one, but want to pick up another one so I’ll have a matching pair.

  21. The chairs turned out great! Love it ! I also prefer to use Rust O Leum, but the deglosser you have here is new to me {will have a look in the stores}

  22. I love those chairs – such a great vintage feel! And those handy little spray paint handle things work really great and only cost a few dollars – your finger will thank you!

  23. Looks great!

  24. Thank you for the tip. This is on my “To Do” list this very month. Never thought of the deglosser. And, I’ll beware of the trigger finger… especially since I have two chairs to do. 🙂

  25. Metal is cold and if you are looking for an attractive and long lasting seat in your home you can opt for how to paint metal chairs. These days there are a number of reputed painting companies that undertake the work of painting chairs. These reputed companies ensure that their products are durable, beautiful and give your metal chair an antique look. If you are wondering how to paint metal chairs you can get the answer from the following points: -The color you choose should complement the metal on which it is being painted. -It is preferable to paint chairs during the summer.

  26. I see some people have mentioned the spray can trigger thingie. I always forget about it until my finger goes numb (and why does it stay numb for so long?) and then I have to dig it out of the garage. Love those types of chairs. I have one, but want to pick up another one so I’ll have a matching pair.


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