How to Make a Wreath Out of Wheat

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My family has just spent a glorious week at the beach.

If was renewing, and relaxing, and perfect.

And, now I’m trying to figure out how we can move to the beach…


Eleven days was amazing, but a lifetime might work better for me. 🙂

I could trade this backyard for the ocean…and this grass for sand.

People say that I’d get tired of it, but I’m not sure that I’m convinced.

I’d like to give it a try!

Until then I will continue to make this house here in Tennessee my home.

And  feel totally blessed!

If you’re looking for a beautiful fall wreath that can be made in no time flat,

{that happens to be the colors of the sand and ocean}

then here is how to make a wreath out of wheat! 🙂

fall wreath

It only take a few minutes…

fall wreath


straw wreath

3 bundles of dried wheat

burlap ribbon

fall wreath

Cut the stems of the wheat to about 4 inches.

fall wreath

Insert into the straw wreath.

fall wreath

Continue to add wheat…

natural fall wreath

…and, then a burlap bow.


{I attached the bow with a floral pin.}

natural fall wreath

It’s that simple!

Beach 2013

And notice how the colors of the wreath are that of the ocean. 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. Really pretty wreath. Reminds me of my years in Kansas!

  2. Love your wreath. I bought mine, but yours is such a fabulous tutorial. Love the pics of the girls. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. We spent the last of only 4 days scouting foreclosures Not on the shoreline but reasonable close enough. Now the sand and ocean for a backyard would be amazing .

  4. gorgeous- this is my kind of wreath!

  5. I used to live by the ocean in FL and I NEVER got tired of it- NEVER-because it is always ever changing.
    Your wreath is really cute and simple and sweet looking- xo Diana

  6. Love this Melissa and just may have to copy it from ya girl! I have yet to put our fall wreath out because I have been so uninspired by it.

  7. Love the wreath. I will have to try it. We lived by the beach in Huntington Beach, California. Loved every min of it. We also lived by the beach in Waldport, Oregon. We live in Springfield, Mo and no beach. I would take the beach any day.

  8. Love the wreath and what a beautiful picture of your girls!

  9. What gorgeous girls you have, so pretty all of them. They look a lot like their Mom. Looks like they were having a good time at the beach, don’t blame them. Don’t know about that getting tired of the beach idea.
    We lived in San Diego area for 21 yrs. We never got tired of it, at least the kids and I. Hubs not as crazy about it as we are, specially me. I’m such a water nut. Have to be close to it, been that way since I was a little squirt.
    Will we get to see anymore beach photos in near future? Will we see Melissa and hubs in their bathing suits? Bet you looked fantastic. Ah to be young and gorgeous. Glad you had a great time, hard to leave huh?
    When Lowell and I were separated for while I worked down at the beach on the board walk and then Michelle and I would hang out, her with her friends and mostly me with gal I worked for. We’d go home later, about 10 or so, depending. Didn’t want to fight traffic going out to town we lived in. Friends of mine would come down there to look for me if I didn’t answer phone at home. They knew where I’d be. Some of the time even some of my kids would find me there. Our youngest daughter lived at Mission Beach for couple years also.
    Take care, time for real life again huh? Now you know why I didn’t want to go home when I was in truck with hubs. I’m just a gypsy. Love to travel, meet people, keep going, seeing places. Love it. Who wants to go home to cook, clean? Not me anyway, lol.

  10. So sorry, what an eeejit I am. forgot to tell you how I loved your wheat wreath. So cute, so simple and quick. Great tutorial also.

  11. I love this wreath! It’s perfect for fall and I love that it doesn’t take a lot of supplies to make. I spotted your project last night on FB and just now on Between Naps on the Porch and had to come by to compliment you.

  12. We could be best friends!!! I love the ocean/beach and relish our time there each summer!!! I just wish I lived closer so we could visit more than once a year!!! But in the meantime…the girl from the Heartland is trying to embrace exactly where I am at…and I am LOVING your wheat wreath. I’m totally making that this weekend!!! Thanks for the idea and the tutorials!!! Love, your newest follower!

  13. This wreath is so appealing and yet so festive in all its simplicity I love it! Great job.. 😉

  14. I love your wheat wreath Melissa and it certainly does feel beachy against your beautiful shed door colour!

  15. So simple and easy, yet so pretty! Pinned to my “I Love Wreaths” board. Visiting from Treasure Hunt Thursday!

  16. Where do I find bronze planters like the one in front of your garden shed?

  17. I know I’m late but I absolutely love this! Did you use the big or small size straw wreath? Thanks 🙂

  18. Over this last year I’ve finally fiurged out my sensitivity to wheat is the cause of my aching joints and have stopped it. My next experiment is to have it once a month to see if that can be managed by my body. Next test period is Christmas. Eventually i may decide it’s not worth it ever because it hurts like arthritis and this Aug it was so bad, when I leaned on my palm to do a turkish getup, it was fire along all my individual bones in my hand and there are a lot! Crazy how foods can affect us and I have to say, I never noticed a lot of the sensitivities until I ate clean for awhile. A blessing and a curse . I’m sure it was because not eating clean created so much havoc and noise in my body I couldn’t isolate the cause. Plus getting older, I’m sure the body gets less forgiving.

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