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How to Make a Valentine Wreath

Posted by on Jan 28, 2014 in crafts, Valentine's Day, wreaths | 13 comments

Snow is falling all over America it seems…

except here in Murfreesboro, TN.

It’s plenty cold enough, but the snow flakes just aren’t happening.

My girls think that our sleds jinxed them.

They each got a brand new sled for Christmas 3 years ago…

…and it hasn’t snowed ANY since.

My oldest offered to burn them tonight. 🙂

So if it isn’t going to snow, I’d just as soon move on to Spring!

Here is how to make a Valentine wreath that would also be perfect for the Spring!

You could just as easily make this in a circle…:)

How to Make a Heart Wreath

How to Make a Heart Shaped Wreath


Heart shaped wire form

Garland of greenery

Spray of wispy flowers

Green floral wire

Wire snips

How to Make a Heart Shaped Wreath

Snip each of the strands of garland off of the base.

heart wreath06

Wire the garland to the front of the form.

It should only take a couple of pieces of wire per strand.

heart wreath08

Add the garland until the form is full.

heart wreath10

Use your wire snips or simply pull the stems of the flowers apart.

You want to end up with several separate stems.

heart wreath18

Randomly place the flowers around the wreath.

Wrap the ends of the flowers around the wire base to secure them.

How to Make a Heart Wreath

And there you have a heart wreath all ready for Valentine’s Day!

And if you see a cloud of smoke rising over the Murfreesboro area…

…know that my daughters had all they could take…

…and the sleds had to go! 🙂

Life to the full!



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  1. Beautiful! I love the wispy flowers.

  2. This is so cute… would love to invite you to come and share it at One More Time Events… Hope to see you there http://wonderfulathome.blogspot.com

  3. I love the sweet wispy feel to this wreath, Melissa. It is very, very cute and easy to make, too. Thanks- xo Diana

  4. AS everybody before me has said the wispy flowers are so pretty on your wreath. Where did you find all your greenery and flowers? They’re so pretty and yes Springy looking. You did such a great job on your gorgeous wreath. Not sure I’d have patience to wind everything around the form.
    Poor girls, how disappointing for them, I can sympathize, no more snow here since our first burst months ago. Most of our snow is melting and leaving one heck of a muddy mess. The ground doesn’t dry due to cold temps at night. I took craft things I”m going to sell in Spring down to shed yesterday, was fun trying to pull the wagon in the mud let alone walk in it, yuk. Couldn’t get to shed due to a mini lake in front of it. Our ground is pretty hilly, uneven so when the snow melts we have little lakes around. I had to shove everything in our poor old Suburban.
    Hope you’ll get some snow before winter is over. Not much fun having cold temps without any snow. The midwest and east are sure getting enuf for everybody. Poor people are having hard time. Even got snow in Atlanta.
    Take care and keep praying for snow or for it to warm up. Happy week

  5. Very pretty, Melissa! I saw those flowers {or ones just like them} at Hobby Lobby last week and thought they looked so pretty. All the Spring flowers looked pretty, but that could also be because I am so fed up with Winter here! : )

  6. I always love the wispy feel. This wreath is just gorgeous!

  7. Sooooooo pretty!!

  8. sooo cute…love your choice of greenery too

  9. Your wreath is so, so pretty and frilly. I love, love, love it.

  10. So so sweet! Love it!! Be careful what you wish for, we’ve been snowed in for 3 days in Birmingham and are not dealing with it well at all!! Your wreath is a lovely breath of Spring!

  11. Very pretty wreath! Love it!

  12. so pretty, it really looks like Spring!!

  13. I love this wreath..very simple but pretty!

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