How to Make a Scarecrow

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I spent some of this weekend adding some finishing touches to my front porch.

I think I’m done?

Today I’m going to show you how I made the scarecrow.

She was super easy and very stable.

(I have had some trouble with wobbly scarecrows in the past – I could never get them propped up very good.)

How to Make a Scarecrow:

How to Make a Scarecrow @ DaisyMaeBelle

I started with a tomato cage.

I wired the raw ends together.

Make sure that you anchor the wire down to the tomato cage.

Notice that I used a long piece of wire and secured it to the first circle on the cage.

I used a short piece of wire on my first attempt.

I thought it was fairly secure, but the ends of the cage slowly pulled on the wire and it launched the wire clear across the yard.

I am sure that I will find that pesky piece of wire the next time I am mowing!

I added a piece of picket fence for the arms.

(We recently had to replace the gate on our fence, and this is a picket that I could not throw away!)

(I knew it would come in handy for something!)

Again, I wired these on.

A trip to Goodwill turned up a flannel shirt and a denim dress.

The shirt was a size L and the dress was a woman’s size 22.

The tomato cage is a little larger than she appears.

Make sure that you get a dress that has a wide opening.

The one that I bought had a zipper all the way down the back.

It gets a little tricky getting everything over the picket arms.

Her face is a large piece of burlap that is filled with fiberfill.

I made my first scarecrow about 8 years ago.

I am recycling the head, so I can’t show you how I made this one.

I painted on a face using acrylic paint and wired it to the top of the cage.

I found the hat at a yard sale last weekend for $3.

I hot glued a flower onto it just to give her a bit more personality.

She was needing a little more bling.

I made a burlap bow for her to wear.

I used my Hobby Lobby burlap ribbon.

You can read a better tutorial about how to make a bow here.

Once I finished the basic bow, I added another layer of the mesh burlap ribbon.

Also a Hobby Lobby find.

I cut 3 pieces and wired them onto the bow.

Then, I hot glued a big flower to the center.

I safety pinned it right to her shirt.

I filled in around her with pumpkins, mums and fall goodness.

I will show you how I made her wooden banner tomorrow.

For those who have been following our bunny story. . .

My youngest, Lila Mae went out to check on them Saturday morning only to find that they had died.

There were lots of tears at our house!

Nature can be so cruel.

There have been a lot of questions and speculation about why mama did not come back.

My girls had made plans to dress them as turkeys for Thanksgiving and snowmen for Christmas.

They had named them – Chipper and Uggla. (We are Atlanta Braves fans.)

We really thought that mama was coming back to feed them, but apparently she was not.

I am hoping that we are done with wildlife for a while.

Between the skunk and the bunnies, I have had about all I can take!

Life to the full,



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  1. You crack me up Melissa. Love your scarecrow. “almost” makes me want to make one but I know it wouldn’t survive very long the first time our dog got bored. Ah yes I could put it outside the fence. What a concept.

    How did you ever figure out how to make a scarecrow with a tomato cage? How you dressed her was so cute also especially with the burlap bows and flowers. The hat was the piece de resistance.
    The cages don’t last long at our house, Tommy likes to play with those too. It’s quite hilarious to watch him get his head into it and run around the yard with it. We don’t let him do that unless we’re out there to watch out for him, only let him do it for couple minutes for fear he’ll get caught in the fence.
    He’s a sweetheart but he is a big baby/dog. Last year He almost destroyed all my phoney pumpkins. This year I put some gourds we had in shed in a wood tray on our front porch table. I also pushed the table in the corner as far as I could and the tray in corner also. Maybe just maybe he won’t get them this year.
    It’s never boring with our baby/boy around. The only bad thing our cocker spaniel did was get into the trash while we were gone or in bed or any time she could get away with it. Enjoy your week.

  2. How cute is this and so easy to make. I used to make mine with my hubbys work boots,jeans,plaid shirt and fill it with paper. Added a cowboy hat and sat him on a chair. Like your idea better. Must try and put the two together. Mr and Mrs. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  3. He is super cute!!

  4. Oh no, that’s so sad about your bunnies. 🙁 Your scarecrow is super cute! And seems pretty easy to make!

  5. Great job on your scarecrow! She is adorable, love the bow.
    It’s too bad about the bunnies. Very hard for kids to accept nature sometimes. Poor girls.
    Debbie 🙂

  6. I love her!…she is awesome,free standing on her mater cage,great idea…I’m visiting from BNOTP Met Monday…come see my little scarecrow boy.

    • sorry about dueling comments my computer is acting up

  7. I love her!…she is awesome,free standing on her mater cage,great idea…I’m visiting from BNOTP Met Monday…come see my little scarecrow boy.

  8. Very cute. I love scarecrows. Wish more farmers would use them in the corn fields, they are way too rare these days.

  9. Very cute scarecrow! I need to make my own!

  10. I love this-good job.That flower is nice enough to wear myself.LOL!

  11. What a fun scarecrow! I love all the little extras!

  12. Oooo what a great idea to use a tomato cage as the skeleton…so clever and thank you so much for teaching us how to make that beautiful bow, that will come in handy even beyond fall and Halloween….thanks again and hope you have a great weekend…xo Lucy

  13. This is really cute – My current outdoor scarecrow is on his last leg this year, so I’ll be making another soon.

  14. Another fabulous project Melissa — love all of your ideas. 🙂 Featuring this fabulous little guy over at my Facebook fan page this week-end….


  15. Cute as cute can be Melissa. Thanks for joining my party.

  16. OK, freakin adorable, gosh I’m so glad you don’t live near me, cause we’d be in a neighborhood “jones” war. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with Sunday’s Best – you helped make the party a success!

  17. Love your scarecrow! What a great idea.

  18. I love the scarecrow – especially that she’s a *she!* Too cute. I think the bows and flowers are the perfect finishing touches to her.

    Also, I’m sorry to hear about your bunny family. So sad. 🙁

  19. I love this little scarecrow! More cute than scary though! 😉

    Found you through The Shabby Nest link up.

    PS: I love that your scarecrow is a girl!!

  20. Melissa, just want to say thanks for the great tutorial on the scarescrow. It is the best I’ve ever seen. I made her and she is darling. I’ve actually done a little blog post about her and linked you in my blog –

    Thank you again!!!!

  21. Would like to have the pattern to your scarecrow head.

  22. Manchester United star Paul Pogba has plate thrown at him in curry houseGetty Images3David De Gea ha.


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