Burlap Ribbon Wreath

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I’m struggling.

My sweet girls are back in school and their schedules are running 90 to nothin’…

…and I can’t keep up! 

So this morning I am sitting down to the calendar and putting a game plan into action!

This week I won’t feel like everyone else knows what’s going on except for me…I will have dinner ready at night…I will have food to pack lunches…

…this week I can no longer deny that summer is over! 🙂

But I did take the time to make a few wreaths this week.

And here is how you can make your own…if your life isn’t too crazy! Ha!

How to Make a Burlap Ribbon Wreath:

Burlap Ribbon Wreath | DaisyMaeBelle | www.DaisyMaeBelle.com

supplies for natural wreath


18″ grapevine wreath

assorted ferns and greenery

dried lotus seed pods on wire

wired burlap ribbon

green floral wire

wire snips

hot glue

how to make a wreath

Find a surface where you can hang your wreath.

It is so much easier to work with it when it is hanging!

how to make a wreath

Add a burlap bow.

how to make a wreath

And weave some extra ribbon on the opposite side.

Use floral wire to hold it in place.

how to make a wreath

Add the seed pods, using the wire on the stems to secure.

They look best clustered together.

how to make a wreath

Clip all of the greenery to small sprigs.

how to make a wreath

Begin by adding the largest pieces of fern.

Burlap Wreath Ideas | DaisyMaeBelle | www.DaisyMaeBelle.com

Keep adding until the wreath is full.

Try to keep the greenery loose, yet still in a basic circle.

Wired Burlap Ribbon

Add some loose stems to make it look even more carefree.

I love these with the green fuzzy pods on the end!

Making a Burlap Wreath | DaisyMaeBelle | www.DaisyMaeBelle.com

Find a place to enjoy your wreath!

{And enjoy your week!}

I am working on stocking my Etsy shop with plenty of Fall Wreaths!

Life to the full!


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  1. Beautiful! Is that wreath for sale? Didn’t see it in your etsy shop.

  2. It is so pretty, great tutorial!

  3. Beautiful! Thank You for sharing.

  4. Love the wreath. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful wreath

  6. Beautiful! I love the natural and carefree look ~ great job!


  7. You are so talented!! It’s beautiful!!

  8. I’m so glad you’re back blogging! Missed you! Love the changes to your home, your Etsy store and the wreath!

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