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How to Make a Hydrangea Arrangement

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in crafts | 3 comments

 So the other day I had this Great Idea for a project for my master bedroom.

I had never attempted anything like this Great Idea before…

…so I figured it might take a little longer than I thought

…like maybe 4 hours…or something close.

Can I tell you that this project has now consumed at least 12 hours?!

And I’m still not done?!

So to take a break from The Great Time Consuming Project of 2014

…I made this.

In like 5 minutes. 🙂

And now I’ll show you how to make a hydrangea arrangement!

How to Make an Arrangement out of Hydrangea

Supplies for making a hydrangea arrangement


Hydrangea bush

Basket with foam cut to fit

Wire snips

How to make a hydrangea arrangement

Snip all of the blooms off of the bush.

How to make an arrangement out of hydrangea

Fill basket with the blooms.

How to make a hydrangea arrangement

Snip all of the leaves off of the bush.

How to make a hydrangea arrangement

Insert the leaves to cover the foam.

How to Make an Arrangement out of Hydrangea

And you just made a beautiful flower arrangement that would be perfect for your dining room table…in like 5 minutes.

So now I guess I have to go back to my other Great Idea

…if you follow me on Instagram you know what I’m talking about.

Life to the full!


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  1. Love it, so adorable and so easy. That’s my kind of project. I’ll be making one for myself. Boy can’t wait to see you projects that so far has been taking you 12 hours! Must be great!

  2. I love hydrangeas!Sometimes you just have to step aside and let a project rest to maintain your motivation.

  3. Ooooh I have hydrangea’s in my garden, I could do this! Well not right now what with the snow and everything, but this summer. Definitely!

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