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How to Make a Door Arrangement

Posted by on May 5, 2013 in crafts, front door, wreaths | 34 comments

I am a visual learner.

I don’t want to hear about how to do something.

I don’t want to read about how to do something.

I want someone to show me.

So, that is what I am going to do for you today.

For those who claim to have no creativity. . .

(which I believe EVERYONE has creativity!)

You can follow these simple pictures and have a beautiful arrangement for your front door.

Here is how to make a door arrangement:

How to Make a Door Arrangement

Take a quick trip to Hobby Lobby.

Here is what you are going to put in your cart.

Supplies for a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

1 bushy green plant

Supplies for a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

1 trailing green plant

Supplies for a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

1 taller green plant

Supplies for a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

1 wispy stem that has a bit of color

Supplies for a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

1 cone shaped container

Green floral foam

(No picture!?)

Fill the container with the foam.

From this point, I like to hang my container on the door.

It is just easier to work with.

How to Make a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

Insert the bushy plant in one side.

How to Make a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

Insert the trailing plant in the other side.

How to Make a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

Insert the tall plant in the back,

slightly to the middle.

How to Make a Front Door Arrangement @ DaisyMaeBelle

Insert the wispy stem of color in the middle of the tall plant.

That is it for the “arranging!”

Onto the bow.

While at Hobby Lobby also put a roll of wired ribbon in your basket.

And, green floral wire.

I buy the wire that is already cut into lengths about the size of pipe cleaners.

How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle

Cut the end of the ribbon at an angle.

Always cut the ends at angles.

How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle

About 10 inches from the end,

twist the ribbon once.

How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle

Fold the other side over,

making a loop about 6 inches long.


How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle

Fold the other side over making another loop the same size as the first loop.

How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle


How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle

Continue the looping and twisting,

until you have 3 loops on each side.

How to Make a Bow @ DaisyMaeBelle

Twist the green floral wire around the center.

Insert the wire into the foam.

How to Make a Door Arrangement

It is the perfect finishing touch!

You can use any plants that you like.

Just make sure that you have

1 bushy

1 trailer

1 tall

1 wispy color

1 great ribbon

Get creative with it!

Life to the full!


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  1. That’s very pretty. I have a basket of greenery on my front door that I love but you’ve convinced me that a gingham bow would be the finishing touch. :)

  2. Love your door arrangement. I have a metal door hanger the same shape except it’s an open one. I can put some burlap in it to hide the foam. Great tutorial gal,very helpful
    Your arrangement looks so pretty on your door, love all the different parts you put in it. I have some of that gingham ribbon but it’s red/white. I’ll have to see what other colors HL has, it’s on sale this week also. Plus the stems are 50% off, gotta love that.
    We were looking for our summer sheets so had to go thru several boxes from back of shed to find them or we’d be using flannel all summer. Ended up going thru several of boxes, got more things organized, combined in boxes, threw some really old junk away and have a box for the thrift store.
    Not what I was hoping to do today but made mistake of going out to see what hubs up to. Now if I can find the box with that container in it for the door. Happy week

  3. I am visual too Melissa. Great picture tutorial! Love the finished product – cute idea!!

  4. Very pretty, Melissa! I love the simplicity and light feeling of this arrangement. Great container, too.

  5. love the cone!

  6. I’m a visual, hands on kinda gal too! Pretty, pretty arrangement! – Karen

  7. Melissa,
    Love this floral arrangement for your front door, dear one!!!
    Sometimes, I place my cone, basket, wreath on a wreath stand or over~the~door wreath holder at eye~level!!!
    Your bows are gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial!!!

  8. Melissa,

    I found you at The Scoop. I just love this door hanger! Thank you for your step by step approach! :)

  9. It is gorgeous!!! Yes, I am a visual learner too :) Thanks for linking up and your sweet words and wishes for Grayson!

  10. Very pretty door arrangement.

  11. Great tutorial! It turned out perfect.

  12. So pretty, Melissa! Thanks for the instructions!

  13. Thank you soooooo much for the visual….I too need to see things done and I just love this arrangement. My door is black and I think I’m going to HL tomorrow to get going on one! Thanks again!

  14. What a great tutorial. This is a wonderful door arrangement.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  15. This is a beautiful door arrangement. Thanks for the tutorial. This post reminded me that I need to go to HL to get some of that ribbon. Happy Mother’s Day!

  16. Love this! It’s so fresh and creative! I’m stopping by to say hello from the Sunday Scoop Link Party. Have a beautiful day and see you again soon! Gloria @The Resourceful Gals

  17. did u get the cone container at hobby lobby to

    • No, but they do have one that will work!

  18. Very cute. Love your visual tutorial!

  19. That is so pretty Melissa!

  20. Great tutorial and lovely arrangment! The checked bow sets it off nicely. I agree everyone has creativity — we just need the confidence to use it. I would love it if you would consider linking to Busy Monday at A Pinch of Joy, a link party for ideas that make life better, easier or more fun!

    A Pinch of Joy

  21. Wow! This is so beautiful. Would you please come to my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and add this post…and any others you would like? I so hope you do.

    New follower / fan / pinner here!
    Ducks ‘n a Row

  22. Visiting from Common Ground-I love door arrangements-they are such a welcoming addition, I just don’t think any entrance is complete without something that says- “come on in!” Love it!

  23. I love the steps for this. I think I can do this! Thanks so much because I’m much more of a visual learner, too:)

  24. This is really pretty! My front door needs something new. Need to find a container like that…and have my mom make me a bow. I’m bow challenged. :)

  25. Found this on one of the home care/décor sites, love the colors that you used. We recently got a HL in our area but do have a Michaels even closer so I will check out the floral department. For crafting, I need both the visual and the written – had to teach myself needlepoint from a book as mom gave up on me! One thing, I did get lost on the bow making part, could not see where it gave the amount of ribbon, in total, that I should be working with to create the right sized bow? Looking forward to making some summer decorations, thanks for the tutorial.

    • Great question! Sorry I did not include that info! I bought a 5 yard roll of ribbon, and used about half of it!

  26. You’re my new BFF! I’m a visual learner too! Your arrangement is adorable. I have similar one I designed a year or so ago but you’ve encouraged me to resdesign it. Thank you!

  27. I love the idea — are you going to do a Christmas one with the same container?? And did you get the cone container at Hobby Lobby also? I am ashamed to way that I have the same sad falling apart wreath at my front door all summer and fall :-( . You are inspiring me.

  28. I have been looking for a container like that, that isn’t too expensive. Do you know where I can find a cone shaped container?

  29. THANK YOU for this tutorial. When I read the opening statement how your brain works, I went, finally there is someone whose brain works just like mine :-). I will make a fall-ish one by following these directions, yeah!!!

  30. I loves wreaths – my passion.

  31. I love this arrangement. Have missed all your lovelies as my not so lovely computer has been out of commission for over a month. Still not working well and we are now thinking its more on the phone line. Keep me in prayers as I am having a time with pain, Back to Dr. tomorrow, another MRI Sunday am. I believe in prayer. Thank you.

  32. Thx so much for the generosity of your time & very obvious talent 😉


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