How to Make a Christmas Arrangement

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There has been a flurry of activity in my house since we got home this evening.

And just now…

…my girls ran through the kitchen in their pj’s and boots…breathlessly singing “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”…with Daisy shouting out orders…

“…grab the largest pan…fill it with ice cubes…but save a few for me because I want some water later…faster girls…faster.”

I had to ask, “What in the world are y’all doing?”

Seems this was phase 6 of an 8 phase plan to get our wet roads to freeze tonight.

My Anna Belle stopped long enough to share all 8 phases:

1. Flush ice down the toilet.

2. Put pajamas on inside out.

3. Write, “Make it Snow” on the whiteboard.

4. Pray.

5. Sing, “Let It Snow”  {unfortunately, they don’t know ANY of the words, except, “Let it snow.”}

6. Place ice cubes in the street.

7. Put a spoon under your pillow.

8. Read The Gingerbread Baby

As the phases continue to unfold, I’ll share how to make a Christmas door arrangement!

And, if my girl’s plan works, you’ll be at home tomorrow, so you’re sure to have the time! 🙂

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

So, you might remember I made an arrangement for the Spring

…and then I changed a few things out to make it ready for the Fall?

Now onto the Christmas version!

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

Here is what I started with.

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

Next, add 1 large sprig of pine.

How to Make an Arrangement for your front door for Christmas

Then, 1 spray of frosted berries.

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

Then, another spray of larger berries with pine cones.

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

Add another trailing spray with red and green.

Christmas Front Door Arrangement

Finish with a bright bow and some icy branches.

If you need a bit of help with the bow, you can find out how to make one HERE.

Maybe this should be phase 9…

…because I would LOVE a snow day tomorrow!

Life to the full!


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  1. Perfect! I think I’ll fill my basket just like this. Thanks!
    Hope your girls get their wish! ~ Sarah

  2. Sounds like an 8 point plan to me!;>) I LOVE your door hanging basket- It is just beautiful! xo Diana

  3. Christmas door arrangement. Fantastic. Where do I find the container? I would love to see my front door to look like this. You are amazing. Thanks. Susan. <3

  4. Great arrangement on your door. Your special container sure gets a work out with the seasons, perfect. Great decorative investment you’ve gotten much use out of already, how long have you had that container? You always know just the right way to make it gorgeous and in tune with the time.
    You have sure mastered how to change it to look it’s best, I can hardly wait to see what you do with it next. Incredible ideas. Sounds like the girls are having a great holiday time. Sure hope you get some snow.
    Tonight we started making our tree, courtesy of a tall tomato cage. Dug out the pine garland to wind around tree after we put a string of led lights around it. Was kinda handy cause the lights had clips on them to fasten on the tomato cage. Then we ran out of garland so took quick trip to Walgreens to get more garland that was like what we had. You’d be amazed how many types of faux garland there are. Couldn’t have the wrong kind on our faux tree, lol.
    Hubs and I made a big pot of potato soup today, hmmm, boy was it good. Soup like that usually tastes better every time it’s warmed up. At least we know what we’ll be having for supper this week. I’d eat it every day til it was gone but hubs likes more variety. I used to make potato soup from my Mom’s and her Mom’s recipe which included making niffles, (noodles))to go on top of the soup but hubs doesn’t like them. We tried a different recipe today but made it with some little changes with what we had at home, turned out great.
    Of course we had to bicker about what and how we did it, would be boring otherwise. What else do two old dodderers do with their time.
    Hubs is a bit of a control freak, eeek. We mostly argue about how he decides everything. He even rearranges anything I put in dish washer. Most of the time I can ignore it but some days I have to revolt when one too many decisions is taken out of my hands. I know much of what he does is due to boredom now that he can’t spend as much time outside but I have my limits of tolerance. Silly huh?
    I’ll be hoping you get some snow. Is it cold enuf for it? Sometimes it can be too cold to snow. I read in paper MT and South Dakota have had 20 below and colder during day, hasn’t been like that in MT since we lived there. I’ll have to give our neighbor a call. Have you got your tree up? I don’t remember if you’ve shown a photo of it or not. Better get to getting. Happy week

  5. I love this Christmas arrangement! I am visiting from Simply Sunday Showcase. Thanks for sharing!
    Carrie @

  6. It looks great, Melissa! I love the berries; they seem to be my favorite in any Christmas arrangement. Great container, too. I wind up using a swag on my front door because of the storm door. We are supposed to have icy roads here this morning {and there were school closings and delays listed on the television last night} so I think your girls’ plan partially worked. : ) I’m hoping the roads unfreeze long enough for me to get to my booth though!

  7. It’s a beautiful Christmas arrangement. I love how large it is on your door.

  8. Your door looks so festive–I love the red plaid ribbon!

  9. Melissa, I don’t know what I love more, your door arrangement or the story about your girls! We have been through that ritual many times, I have lost more spoons that way! 😉 Hope it works!

  10. It’s beautiful!! Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  11. I absolutely love this Christmas door arrangement and LOVE the container you have it in. Where would I find such a container because I would love to buy one like it!


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