How to Make a Burlap Wreath

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I LOVE the look of burlap.

I LOVE  the burlap wreaths I am seeing all over blog world.

At the same time, I like to create my own thing.  Tutorials are fantastic, but I will rarely follow one exactly.  I have the need to do it my own way.

Is this my inner child coming out?  Could be.

Hobby Lobby has all of the burlap ribbon and wreath forms grouped together with instructions on how to make them.

While I appreciate that, I refuse to do it their way.

(This must be my strong-willed inner child.)

With that in mind, I came up with another way.

If you like a tutorial, then I hope you enjoy.

If you are more of a rebel crafter, I hope you are inspired to do it your own way.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201323


If you could flip these real fast, you could probably see me make this wreath right before your very eyes.

(Maybe I should have made a video?!)

Start with one embroidery hoop.  You are only going to need the inner ring.

The opening should be about the size you want the inner part of your wreath to be.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201301

I used the 6 inch wide burlap ribbon.  (Didn’t get a picture of that somehow?!)

Using hot glue, pleat and glue the burlap ribbon to the inside of the ring.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201304

Burlap Wreath Feb 201305

After I finished the first round, I decided to go around one more time.

I used a total of 3 yards.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201307

I did not cut the ribbon after the first round.  I just kept pleating and gluing.

I did not make the 2nd layer of pleats as close as the first.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201308

This is the completed first step.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201309

Using the ring that was the next size up, I removed the screw.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201311

This is how I created the hanger.  Using wire, I looped it through the holes.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201312

I used tiny pliers to create loops on each end of the wire.

This should keep fingers from getting snagged on loose wires!

(I have a thumb that is still recovering from my first attempt at making a wire hanger.)

Burlap Wreath Feb 201313

Burlap Wreath Feb 201315

I used a lightly wired burlap for the final round.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201316

This is what covered up the mess from the first two rounds.

Again, I pleated and hot glued.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201317

Burlap Wreath Feb 201318

Burlap Wreath Feb 201319

To complete the wreath, I hot glued the larger hoop to the smaller one.

This helped to keep the burlap at the top of the wreath from falling.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201320

Burlap Wreath Feb 201322

I have shared before how to make a burlap bow.

This time, I added a flower to the middle.

Burlap Wreath Feb 201324

Bright and happy and ready for the Spring!

We are going to be in Gatlinburg for the weekend with 13,000 teenagers at an event called Winterfest.

Our church is taking almost 200!

Wow!  It should be incredible and incredibly exhausting!

I love being married to a youth minister!

Life to the full,



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  1. Really cute, I am headed to Hobby Lobby today anyway so just added burlap to my list, Thanks!

  2. I just love your new burlap wreath, and the addition of that gorgeous bow! Thanks for showing us how! Also loved the story of your garland, and how in that first blog you were inspired enough to join all the rest of us. You are a great addition!

  3. Matthew had a GREAT time at Winterfest!!! He didn’t want to leave!!!

    Super cute wreath!

    Question for you—- do you keep all of your wreaths in the same condition, or do you deconstruct them and remake them for different holidays? Does that make sense?

  4. Lovely wreath and great tutorial. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  5. Using an embroidery hoop is a wonderful idea! I’ve pinned this to my Wreath Love board… and my burlap board! Ha! I found you at Whatever Goes Wednesday @ Someday Crafts! I’d love for you to share this with our readers at the Pinterest Power Party and get pinned! Hope you have a Terrific Thursday!



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