How to Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

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Do you have one of those rooms in your house that you never get quite right?

You try a few things here and there…

…but it just never seems to come together.

It ends up being a catch all room for whatever odds and ends don’t have a place anywhere else in the house.

That has been our master bedroom for the past…welllet’s see…14 years.

This is the year that changes!

I’m ready to have a master bedroom that is a havena place of peace

not a giant holding room for laundry and wrapping paper!

And, what is my plan?

To do one small project a week until it is calming, cozy and clean.

Project #1:

How to Make a Burlap Mat

How To Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

Supplies for Custom Framing a Picture Yourself


Beautiful odd sized frame given to you by your mother 🙂

Glass for the frame

Picture to be framed

Self sticking mounting board

Burlap ribbon




How To Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

Trace your mounting board using the glass as a guide and cut to size.

Leave the paper on the board, measure with a ruler and mark with a pencil where your picture should go.

Make the marks hard enough that they will leave indentions in the board so you can see where to put the picture when you take the paper off.

How To Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

Remove the paper and add the picture to the sticky board.

How To Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

Cut lengths of burlap ribbon…

Framing a Picture with a Burlap Mat

…and stick to all 4 sides.

How To Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

Trim excess off.

How To Make a Burlap Mat for a Picture

Secure the picture into the frame and hang.

Progress is being made…

I’m not holding myself to any deadlines.

I’m just going to take it one project at a time!

Life to the full!


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  1. Great timing for this post! I FINALLY have a bedroom that others “awww” over. Just a few more little things and it will be finished. I have a few bird themed decorations in the room and one bird picture still needs to be framed. I decided to mat the picture using burlap to match the look of my lampshades and drop cloth, Pinterest inspired, curtains. I’m just still looking for the perfect frame.
    By the way, that lamp would look AWESOME in my bedroom! Care to share where you found it?

  2. The matting looks great but what is even greater is the beautiful picture of your family. I love it. xo Diana

  3. I love it! That last shot is so pretty Melissa!

  4. I love this idea. I happen to have one or two of the antique frames stored. When I can, going to give this a try. I have so much hanging on my walls but guess this will add more. Thanks for sharing this and all your ideas, projects. You are one talented lady.

  5. This looks great! I have the perfect picture and frame to try this with for my family room.. Pinning!

  6. Love it! I’ve seen them around but never really knew how to make one without it being all bulky. Thanks for the post!

  7. It’s a great way to update a frame. You have a beautiful family.

  8. It’s a great idea but I have a question. When you have to overlap the strip of burlap at the corners they are not sticking because they are overlapped on to the burlap ribbon already in place. So how do you keep it in place? Are you overlapping to the back to keep it tight fitting? Thanks so much

    • Good question Patsy! Once the burlap was stuck in place everywhere else, I got it all straight and set the glass on top. The glass held it all in place! Hope that helps!

  9. Genius! 🙂

  10. love this – thinking it would be fun to do with burlap ribbon too! -Carole

  11. I love, love, love this!!! What a great idea!

    P.S. I found you through the Thistlewood forum 🙂


  12. I bought some burlap ribbon on clearance at Hobby Lobby two years ago and now I know what to do with it! Thanks for sharing such a quick and easy way to dress up a photo mat!


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