How to Make an Artificial Boxwood Wreath

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So a few days ago I shared my exciting news with you!

I’ve opened an Etsy shop that is all about wreaths.

I showed you a few that I had made and had put in the shop and I told you that I would still be showing you how to make some…and I asked you to tell me which one you wanted to learn how to make first.

And the clear winner was the boxwood wreath.

So today, I’m going to show you How to Make an Artificial Boxwood Wreath!

How To Make an Artificial Boxwood Wreath | DaisyMaeBelle |

supplies for making a boxwood wreath


grapevine wreath


wire cutters


one bush of flowy greenery

{I got this from Hobby Lobby}

artificial boxwood

one artificial boxwood bush

{also from Hobby Lobby}

step 1

Clip each stem of greenery off of the stem.

Begin inserting the ends into the wreath.

step 2

Use tiny pieces of wire to secure the greenery to the wreath.

I also hot glue the ends down.

step 4

Continue adding the greenery until the wreath is covered.

step 3

Cut each stem from the boxwood bush.

Push all of the leaves to the top of the stem.

step 5

Hot glue the stems into the wreath.

boxwood wreath

Continue adding them until the wreath is full!

I actually used 2 bushes on this one.

Boxwood Wreaths | DaisyMaeBelle |

And there is the finished wreath!

And if you like this one, you can buy it in my Etsy shop.

Or you can have the joy of making your own!

And you’re not going to believe this?! I’ve now sold 2 wreaths out of my shop…and it has thrilled my soul!  It’s a bit intimidating. Putting yourself out there like that. Wondering if anyone is going to like anything that you make. And to find out that people actually do like it…well, it’s just nice.

Thanks to so many of you who have said such kind things! Your words mean more than you know. Truly.

And if you missed the Spring Mantel Tour that I was hosting this week,

check out the full schedule HERE!

Total Spring inspiration!

Life to the full!


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  1. Congratulations on your first sales and thank you so much for the tutorial for your beautiful boxwood wreath!

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. Gorgeous! Now I want to make one for my front door!

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial, you have done a great job. I would like to welcome you to Etsy. I also have a shop there and you will enjoy it. I am wishing you many sales. I will make it a point to stop by your shop.

  5. Spectacular! Reminds me of Williamsburg. Thank you.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous. I saw at Stonegable.

  7. The boxwood is my favorite, so bright, pops with just the perfect “green”.

  8. Love your wreaths, they are all just beautiful! Congratulations on your sales. You have a really nice blog too. Found you through Stonegable.
    Many Blessings to you!

  9. Your wreaths are beautiful!!! Good luck with your new shop!!!

  10. Hi! I love all of your wreaths! For some reason, I don’t think that my boxwood would look like yours so I better buy one!

  11. Just found your blog thru stone gable…love your wreaths! Will be stopping by your etsy shop next!

  12. I like the classy-ness and versatility of this wreath. Since I don’t usually decorate with flowers but like the warmth of greens this wreath will be perfect for me. I’m hopping over from Stonegable blog. Congrats on the recent opening of your Etsy shop!

  13. Visiting from StoneGable..and your boxwood is just beautiful! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  14. The boxwood wreath that you gave Yvonne at StoneGable is just beautiful! What a great tutorial! I would love to be the winner of this beautiful wreath and would display it proudly in my entryway!!

  15. You have such a flair for taking a few simple things and turning it into such beauty. Love your wreaths.

  16. I read about your etsy shop at stonegable. I love the boxwood wreath and wish you success.

  17. Love this wreath and the tutorial. I’m here from StoneGables and love your work.

  18. Thanks for the tutorial! I found you through Stone Gable! Hopefully I win the giveaway you guys are doing together!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! Love, love the boxwood wreath! Your creativity is truly inspirational! Wishing you continued success!

  20. What a lovely wreath. I hope I win the giveaway, so I can hang it in my foyer!

  21. Just beautiful! Love boxwood anything. Good luck on your new shop!

  22. The wreath is wonderful and how generous of you to provide that helpful tutorial. Bless you.

  23. I have made a small boxwood wreath before by using a similar stem of foliage, but I just wired the individual stems together…I so love how you placed them on the grapevine wreath!….So much better and easier!….you have some gorgeous wreaths in your Etsy!!!

  24. Visiting from StoneGable. Your wreaths are lovely, but the boxwood wreath is my favorite, hands down!

  25. LOVE this!

  26. Thank for the tutorial. I LOVE boxwood wreaths! Yours are beautiful! (….and thanks for the giveaway at Stonegable:)

  27. I’m visiting from StoneGable and I love your boxwood wreath. Having made a boxwood topiary, I realize the effort involved in making one – It’s beautiful. I also LOVE the sign on your mantel ‘Oh darling lets be adventurers’. Hope you don’t mind if I copy that phrase.
    Thank you

  28. Beautiful wreaths. Thank you for the tutorial. I had already liked your Etsy site. So now I am a subscriber to your blog. Looking forward to reading your posts!

  29. Beautiful tutorial and a beautiful wreath. Thank you for all your inspiration. Judy C in NC

  30. beautiful wreath! i love all the wreaths on your etsy shop!

  31. I love your Boxwood wreaths! Hope to buy one or win one from Stone Gable! LOVE the sign on your mantle as well!

  32. thank you so much for sharing the instructions and for the great giveaawy via Stone Gable.


  33. You make it look so easy to create such an attractive wreath. I may just give one a try. I found you through Yvonne’s giveaway at her Stone Gable blog.

  34. Love that boxwood wreath thanks for the tutorial.

  35. Love this wreath, I just saw the one you gave Yvonne on StoneGable! Gorgeous and just in time, I needed an idea for a wreath I am redoing for my Mom. Thanks

  36. I am so happy I have found your blog and your Etsy shop.I will love keeping up with you.
    Jacque Avant

  37. I forgot to give credit to Stone Gable who I have followed for awhile. I would not have found you if not for Yvonne.
    Jacque Avant

  38. Found my way to you via StoneGable!! Entering for a chance to win one of your beautiful wreaths, especially the Boxwood wreath. Thank you for the tutorial.

  39. Fantastic tutorial on the boxwood wreath, thank you for sharing how to make it! Love all your wreaths and your home!

  40. Beautiful wreath and it looks like something even I could do! ha!! Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂

  41. I seriously want to hop in my car and head on over to the craft supply store!!!! This wreath is absolute gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Great tutorial. I love your bridal white roses wreath. Gorgeous! Also visiting from stone gable.

  43. Melissa, I found your blog and Etsy shop through Yvonne at Stonegable, and your wreaths are beautiful. I especially like the boxwood wreath, which I would love to have hanging in my foyer. Thank you so much for the excellent tutorial.

  44. Love the boxwood wreath. Would be so happy to win one, stopping by from Stonegable.

  45. Thanks for sharing this tutorial on making your boxwood wreath! I’m visiting from Stone Gable. I hope I win the wreath giveaway that you and Yvonne are doing on her blog and then perhaps I’d buy a second one- I have double front doors and buying 2 is out of my budget. So generous of you to show us how you did this for us DIYers out there who think we can do it too!

  46. I saw your wreath on Stone Gable! You are very talented and made a beautiful wreath! All of the ones on your Etsy shop are gorgeous!! Love them. Thank you so much for the tutorial.

  47. I am also visiting from Stone Gable. Your boswood wreath has to be the prettiest one I have ever seen! Wow!

  48. I am new to your blog. Just introduced by Yvonne at Stone Gable. Your boxwood wreath is stunning. I may have to try my hand at making one – thank you for the tutorial! Best wishes for great success in your Etsy shop!

  49. I love your boxwood wreath. I’m going to HobbyLobby to find that lovely greenery! Best of luck with your new shop. I found you at Stonegable.

  50. Thanks for the boxwood wreath instructions….Visiting from StoneGable…all of them are perfect! ….I especially like the Spring ones…so pretty…

  51. This is my first-ever visit to Etsy (via StoneGable’s recommendation) and I’m hooked! Your wreaths look amazing and your tutorials are great! Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

  52. Beautiful ! Good job.

  53. Read about your new venture on Stonegable . Your wreaths are beautiful. I have boxwoods in my yard and love that they are perennially green .Would proudly display this wreath in my southern home!

  54. there are few things lovelier to me than a boxwood wreath! Yours are gorgeous! Isn’t it wonderful to have a thrilled soul!!??

  55. I love this wreath! Thanks so much for sharing how to make it just in time to usher in Spring.

  56. Thank you for the excellent tutorial! Also a big thank you for the wreath giveaway from StoneGable.

  57. Congratulations on your new shop and sales! They are beautiful wreaths. I love the boxwood one. You are very talented! Good luck with it all. I think you’ll do just fine!

    • I found your blog through Stone Gable. Your wreaths are beautiful! I’m heading to Hobby Lobby today to get supplies for the boxwood wreath; thank you for the tutorial!

  58. I just love that box wreath so much, you are so talented.
    I can see the box wreath being used many times during the year.
    It is so versatile.
    Hugs Kay

  59. It’s beautiful and you make it look so easy!

  60. Thanks for sharing…I think I could actually do something like this!

  61. What an elegant and tasteful wreath. I love it! Thanks for the tutorial, I’m going to try and make one for my home!

  62. Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway. You have done a lovely job with your wreaths!!

  63. Fabulous wreath! The hope of winning the wreath has inspired me to redo my dull living room. I have been staring at it 6 months wondering where to start. A mirror with this wreath on it is the spot!

  64. Fabulous tutorial and wreath! I entered your giveaway at Stone Gable. Best of luck on your shop! I sell aprons and pillow forms on Etsy and it is still exciting every time I make a sale! I know you will do well with such beautiful wreaths.


  65. Hi from Stone Gable! What a beautiful boxwood wreath! My granddaughter and I are making one now. Your tutorial was wonderful. Thank you! Add my name to the contest for a wreath.

  66. Love the boxwood wreath! Can’t wait to get to Hobby Lobby. Also, here from Stonegate.

  67. Found you thru Stonegable and just bookmarked your blog! Will be visiting often for more lovely wreath ideas! The boxwood wreath is my fav!

  68. Thank you for sharing how to make a boxwood wreath! Your wreaths are beautiful, I’ll pick the boxwood if I win the Stone Gable giveaway.

  69. Your boxwood wreath is lovely and just erfect to welcome Spring!

  70. A beautiful wreath. Love it. Thanks for the tutorial.

  71. I would love the boxwood wreath for my home!

  72. From your Etsy shop I love both the boxwood and the wreath with white flowers.

  73. I have your blog in my favorites. Enjoy reading your posts.

  74. So very pretty! Love boxwood!

  75. So delighted to have found your blog and Etsy Shop. Stone Gable featured your beautiful wreaths and give away, and of course I jumped at the chance to win one.

  76. Ready for Spring! Love your wreaths….

  77. I’m also here from stonegable. Good luck with your new shop!

  78. Very nice work…I saw your wreath on Yvonne’s site, Stone Gable. It is just beautiful and then I saw that you live near me. I’m in Thompson’s Station TN. So “Hi” neighbor and love your blog!

  79. Gorgeous wreath!! 🙂 thanks for the tutorial!!

  80. I’ve been wanting a cute bright green boxwood wreath for quite sometime now!! I’m picky & haven’t found THE one yet…but I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOURS!! Have a great weekend ,Melissa !

  81. I think it is just the coolest thing that you are willing to share your knowledge with anyone who may be interested in trying their hand at wreath-making (or are looking to save a few bucks).

  82. Thank you for the great tutorial. I have fallen in love with all things boxwood…so this is perfect. I think a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order very soon. Love, love, love!

  83. How do you get started on Etsy?
    Thanks and beautiful wreath!

  84. I love how you are selling your wreath on Etsy but also sharing how you made it. Not all people on that site are as generous. Thank you. It’s lovely.

  85. Good for you Boss Babe!!! Beautiful…

  86. Excellent post. I’m experiencing some of these issues as well..

  87. thanks for this information


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