How to Hang a Heavy Mirror

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When I was a little girl,

I always wanted a full length mirror in my room.

The oval one, on a stand, that pivoted up and down.

It would have looked perfect with my pink canopy bed

and green gingham wallpaper.

But, I never had one of those mirrors.

So, as I was decorating Anna Belle’s room,

I thought a giant mirror would be perfect.

I found this one at a yard sale.

And, it was not on a stand.

And, it weighed a tremendous amount.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

I knew it would be perfect for her room.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

So, I headed to the hardware store

and found this kit.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

I measured down 10 inches on each side

and marked it with a Sharpie.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

I added the hangers at an angle.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

On both sides.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

I ran the piece of wire through one of the hangers.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, tied off both ends on the other side.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

I measured where I wanted the mirror to hang,

and added the wall anchors.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

The directions said to use 2,

so I did.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

I added the screws,

and left them exposed about 1/4″.

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

Then, using all of my weight lifting skills I could muster,

I hung 1 wire on each screw.

{Yes, I should have waited on some help.}

But, I did get it hung…

How to Hang a Heavy Mirror @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, it is absolutely as perfect as I imagined it to be 🙂

(I used the color Sonora Rose from Valspar on the mirror.)

Life to the full!


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  1. I love it, how fun and she will definitley enjoy it. Great tutorial too. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  2. I absolutely love the colors in this room!

  3. Great mirror. I always wanted one of those oval ones on the stand, too! xo Diana

  4. Anna Belle’s room is just adorable! The mirror looks perfect there, love the color.

  5. Big heavy things like that are tough to hang. That’s how we like to do it too. The mirror looks wonderful and I love the color that y’all painted the frame.

  6. What timing!! I was just looking at my large mirror in my dining room and was wondering how I was going to hang it. Off to the hardware store I go!! I love the color of the mirror. Looks great in the room. Thanks again!

  7. The mirror looks great!

  8. Good for you going ahead to do it yourself, even the hanging part. Once I start something like that I want to see it finished, completed in all steps. It looks fantastic, imagine she loves it. Can check herself out before leaving the house now. That’s a very necessary thing to do.
    I found a really big very heavy window in KY. It was 3 feet square tho with 12 panes so it needed a very beefy way to hang it. I suggested building a frame on the wall to hang it from and that’s what hubs did. I sure wish I still had that window but harder to hang it in this place since it’s mobil home walls, not as sturdy as normal walls.
    Awesome mirror for Annabelle’s room, pink was great choice with the pompom’s over her window and other colors in room. Happy week

  9. Love the room and especially the mirror. It really bounces light around that room….Great job on getting it hung


  10. What a great mirror and I love the color that you used! It is such a cute room with all of the colorful accents. I still have that oval mirror on the stand that you are referring to and I’m finally ready to let it go. If you were near by I would love to pass it on to a new home!

  11. Melissa, the mirror looks perfect for the room in every way.
    The tutorial is excellent! I’m sure your daughter will love her room more than ever.


  12. Very lovely room!

  13. What a perfect colour and size. So pretty.

  14. Oh, so glad I found this tutorial! I have two heavy mirrors to hang and I’ll be referring to this 🙂 Thanks so much!

  15. I love this room!! Thanks for the tutorial also :)XO

  16. Hello,

    Thank you for the tutorial! I found the ideal mirror for my leaving room and it just happens that it weighs a ton! I was wondering… was the wall you managed to hung yours from a plaster wall or a normal one? I am thinking of creating a fireplace sort of ledge for it cause my wall is plaster and i m afraid it will collapse together with the mirror!!

  17. I have found your website and am loving it. When I saw this post I had to read it. My son has a big black mirror that he wants hung,for a while now. I didn’t know how I was going to get it on his wall but I do now. Thank you for sharing this post. Your site is great and I am now following along and can’t wait to see more.

  18. I would like to own this because my grandson LOVES eating out of bowls now, and he would enjoy using this and feel so special!


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