How to Apply Gold Leaf

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If you follow me on Instagram

…then you know that I’ve been filling my days with gold leafing.

Like my entire queen size bed.

The bed is finished and I totally plan on showing you pictures because I’m THRILLED with the way that it turned out.

But last week I was inspired by my friend Laura to clean out my linen closet…

…so my entire linen closet is neatly stacked all over my bedroom floor…

…so I can’t take pictures of my bed.

Those will come in just a couple of days!

{Along with a super-fantastic give-away!}

So for today I will show you how to apply gold leaf to a simple object.

{Which I totally recommend that you start with before you tackle an entire bed…

…yes, I speak from experience. 🙂 }

Using Gold Leaf

How to Gold Leaf


Paper Mache Number

Gold Leaf Sheets

Gilding Size

Foam Brush

{My gold leafing supplies are by Amy Howard. I bought mine at a store in Murfreesboro called Simply Vintage.}

How to Apply Gold Leaf

Apply a thin coat of gilding size to the front and sides of the number.

Gold Leafing an Object

Wait for it to become “tacky.”

It seems that when the white fades, the “tack” begins.

Apply the gold leaf sheets in small sections.

Rub it with your fingers to get it to stick tight.

Warning: The gold leaf is VERY THIN! Like don’t breathe or it will blow away thin. And don’t even think of sneezing…you’d never see that gold leaf sheet again!

How to Apply Gold Leaf

Continue to add the sheets of gold leaf until the entire piece is covered.

There is no need to add a top coat.

It sticks tight and has a nice finish.

Using Gold Leaf

Add it to a nice stack of books on your husband’s desk…

…because he totally gets why you would gold leaf a number. 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this ~ I love it!


  2. I love the gold leaf — I really like the silver too. I am thinking about doing some on a frame. The way my idea projects are stacking up I’m going to be busy until 2016. Thanks for the tips!!

  3. i love this!!!!

  4. Melissa- That looks really, really great. Would you believe I had a friend that did a whole little sun room in GOLD LEAF? It was small- about 10×10 but still—WHAT a LOT of work-and working overhead the whole time. Crazy- but it LOOKED gorgeous . Can’t wait to see your bed! xo Diana

  5. Love the leafing and my husband and I got a kick out of your description of the thinness of the leafing.

  6. Love the number and I love gold leaf too. Great tutorial. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  7. Love this Melissa! You go girl with the linen closet!

    Happy day to you friend!

  8. Your letter looks great, love the gold!!

  9. Unsere Allzweckwaffe für redaktionelle Tätigkeiten.


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