Vintage Bathroom

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8th grade formal was Friday night.

Daisy is my oldest…so this was my first formal to send a daughter to.

{Such mixed emotions for me and her daddy.}

I watched her get ready…and I couldn’t believe how much she has grown up.

She joined a group of friends for pictures…and then she was off to the dance.

After the dance was over, 12 little girls came over to our house to spend the night!

They laughed…and shared pictures…and pulled bobby pins out of their hair…and ate popcorn…and Skittles…and lined up to brush their teeth in the girl’s “new” vintage bathroom…

…and finally dozed off about 3:00.

Vintage Style Bathroom

Vintage Style Bathroom

I made sure that the girl’s tiny bathroom was ready for the flurry of activity.

Vintage Style Bathroom

Complete with the $5 yard sale mirror.

Vintage Style Bathroom

And antique medicine cabinet that started this whole makeover.

Vintage Style Bathroom

The wash clothes were stacked in the newly spray painted basket.

Vintage Style Bathroom

And for those who didn’t want to wash their fabulous “formal” hair…

…this shower cap awaited.

Vintage Style Bathroom

The embellished towel was ready for drying hands.

Vintage Style Bathroom

And the Luckett’s Green hall tree was the perfect place to stack plenty of extra towels!

Vintage Style Bathroom

And even though this bathroom is tiny…

…she served her purpose well!

And I couldn’t resist sharing a sweet picture of my girls.

Life to the full!


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  1. You made a special day for your daughter even more special by your small acts of love.

  2. They are just as pretty as their mother. Never was given the opportunity to have children, but “mothered” several teenage nieces and nephews. Those are rough years or can be. Enjoy your girls through anger, tears, and special treats. Linda

  3. Beautiful girls and beautiful bath!


  4. Your girls are so pretty Melissa! My oldest is graduating 8th grade also and her semi-formal is on June 12th but the parents go also. We’re going shopping this week for her dress. Such happy times!

  5. Oh so sweet! Your daughter looks radiant – a true beauty! Enjoy these special times! A lucky Mommy (and daughter)!

  6. What a lovely story and great pictures. I can see the love in your family in the girls so clearly

  7. What a lovely story and great pictures. I can see the love in your family in the girls so clearly

  8. Love! Where did you get the towel holder?

  9. Thanks for linking up this awesome bathroom at #InspirationMonday! I know the girls love it 🙂

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