Frugal Fall Art

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I’m sure this has never happened to you.

You get all excited that it’s time to decorate for the fall…

…and you start getting the boxes of beautiful fall decorations from years past out of the attic.

Only to realize that the giant wicker acorn that you thought was just perfect when you bought it…now looks ridiculous…and you wonder what you were ever thinking to have bought the tin can mummies!?

And then you pull out a wheat wreath that you still love and your faith is restored.

But that is followed by a berry wreath that most of the berries have fallen off of and you don’t even like the color of the berries any more.

So after you sort through your collection you realize that you have enough to decorate your downstairs powder room…that measure 6×9…

…and maybe something to hang on the front door.

That’s when the fun begins and your frugal, creative self kicks in! 🙂

Here is one way to make some frugal fall art:

Fall Banner

Frugal Fall Art


One frame with the backing

fabric to cover the backing

4 tags

letter stickers




Frugal Fall Art

Remove the back of the frame and cut the fabric about 1 inch bigger all the way around.

Frugal Fall Art

Tape the fabric to the backing.

Fall Banner

Tape the yarn to the back of the frame about 4 inches from the top.

Fall Banner

Return the backing to the frame and secure back down.

Fall Banner

Add the letter stickers to the tags.

Fall Banner

Tie each letter onto the yarn with a bow.

Frugal Fall Art

Evenly space the letters.

Fall Banner Art @ DaisyMaeBelle

Fall Banner

And hope that in years to come when you pull this one out of the box of fall decorations…

…that you still like it!

I know I love mine and have the perfect spot for it in my foyer!

One frugal fall decoration down…a house full more to go! 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. Melissa, you made me laugh out loud! I just did this–pulled from my garage 5 boxes of Fall and Thanksgiving that had not been unpacked yet. Yeah, change of life and now we are in a new house and half the size. Nothing much fit my new emerging style for this house. Sigh…but I adore this sweet fun art. Perfect for the area the kid tromps through after school. Why can they not put there bags on the hook and the shoes in the box next to the door….

  2. Remember when you had the post about appreciation?? Appreciate you have an attic!! I don’t have an attic or a basement — no storage for decorations. I love what you did with the art. When I was first married ( very poor) I would cover the pictures on the wall with aluminum foil and ribbon. So I had Christmas packages on the wall. It didn’t look bad at all.

  3. A girl after my own heart! Stickers and tape make me smile!

  4. Very nice! Classic

  5. SUPER CUTE Melissa!!

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