The Fake Picnic that Changed Everything

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So today…I almost quite blogging.  I was all set to write my farewell post and call it a day.

It all started with a typical afternoon. My girls were jumping on the trampoline after rushing home from school and I had about 15 minutes before we had to be to the next event of the day and I was setting up a picnic…that no one was ever going to sit down to. It was a fake picnic with no food and no people. I didn’t have time for a real picnic. It was just for the blog. And as I decided which candlesticks looked the best and whether I should include the white owl or run around to the front porch to borrow the mums…I couldn’t help but wonder if this was really how I should be spending my time.

I’m right in the middle of raising 3 girls. Girls that I am humbly trying to raise to love the Lord and love people.

This is not an easy task. It doesn’t just happen. It takes time and training and prayer. But I know that it’s my greatest mission in life currently.

I’m getting ahead of myself…I need to back up…

{And yes, you are going to have to look at these fake picnic pictures…I couldn’t waste them…They took too much time! }

Fall Picnic Ideas

…I started this blog 2 and one-half years ago just on a whim. There were other blogs that I really enjoyed. I loved to see what they were making or take a peek inside their home to see how they had just rearranged their furniture. Blog world looked like a fun world to be a part of so I jumped in.

Setting a Fall Picnic Table

I had ZERO computer skills, so my very patient brother-in-law {thank you Paul}  got me set up and walked me through the basics. Like how to get my pictures from my camera to my computer and how to copy and paste text. I mean the super BASIC skills.

In the beginning I could have posted 2 or 3 times a day. I had so much I wanted to share and I was so inspired by everyone else and I couldn’t wait to take more pictures and hook up my little cables and pull out my cheat sheet on how to download pictures and hop over to my blog dashboard and write the post.

Setting a Fall Picnic Table

I couldn’t believe that I had learned how to do all of these complicated and sophisticated things!

And blog times were fun! I’d go to link parties and copy and paste some text and add my link. And sometimes that blog would feature me in their highlights the next week and I couldn’t even believe that someone would pick my project!?

And time went on in my happy little blog world…and I shared the things I was making or how I had just added new throw pillows to the couch or I shared my latest yard sale finds…and then I started to learn a bit more about the technical side of blog world.

Fall Picnic Ideas

Like how you could make it a business and SEO and scheduling to social media and google analytics and how many pageviews you should be having in a day and how you could get featured in a magazine…

…and my happy little blog world started to make me feel like a tiny fish in a huge ocean with much shinier and funnier and hipper fish that all knew so much more than I did.

I began to wonder if the other fish even liked me…if I was good enough for them…or if a magazine would ever come knocking on my door…

…no one said anything or did anything to make me feel this way. {Actually most of the bloggers I have met are super encouraging and sweet!}

Setting a Fall Picnic Table

I started to think about my house more…a lot more. And not in fun “I think I’d like to paint that table blue” ways. But more like “I wonder what color would be popular on the blog” ways.

And I began to look at everything in my house through the lens of “what would be best for the blog.” Rather than “what would be best for my family.”

And this discontent started growing inside me. My home that I loved dearly was becoming something that I was analyzing daily.

And the next thing I knew I was setting a picnic for no one…Just for the sake of taking pictures for the blog because I needed a post.

What the what!?

Setting a Fall Picnic Table

So that is when I made the decision to just stop. Write a final farewell and be done.

But the truth is ~ I enjoy making things. I enjoy changing little things in my house. I love every aspect of home and am thankful beyond words to have the job as homemaker {and blogger.}  So thrilled to pieces to be able to have people into our home and have them feel welcomed and special.

And I enjoy sharing that with you.

My pageviews are not what the “should” be. I don’t have near the Facebook likes and Pinterest followers that I “should” have. My email subscribers aren’t in the thousands like some blogs.

But that’s ok. This blog is taking a turn.

Setting a Fall Picnic Table

I’m heading back to happy blog world times. With no pressure on myself to post at least 3 times a week. No pressure to schedule all of my social media and spend time reviewing google analytics to try to figure out how to get more pageviews.

I’m going to share when I have something to share. If I’ve made something new that I think you might like to know how to make ~ I’ll share it. If I’ve set a table for real people who are coming over to eat real food ~ I’ll share it. If I paint a new piece of furniture that I think you might like ~ I’ll share it.

In the mean time, my girls are growing too fast. I have so much that I want to share with them and teach them. I have an amazing husband that I want to spend time with. I don’t want to be too busy to go have lunch. The Lord puts people in my life every day that He wants me to love and encourage. I MUST take the time to do those things. They are the things that really count.

So I will end with letting you know how thankful I am for you. You my dear sweet readers who leave kind comments and encoureage me and come back to my blog day after day to read what I have written. Without you there would be no blog at all! I am forever grateful to you.

So the next time I have something to share…you’ll be the first to know!

And for now…I have some packing to do. My family is headed to the beach for fall break! So instead of stressing myself out today to get all of my pictures taken and my posts written and scheduled before we leave…I’m going to simply pack our bags. And leave in peace. I’ll be back. I don’t have to quit blogging. I just need to take a new direction. So it’s going to be a bit before you hear from me again…

…and if that magazine comes knocking…I’ll let you know! Ha! 🙂

Life to the full!


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  1. I say “Amen” to that, Melissa!

  2. Melissa, it takes real soul-searching to write what you did…to ltake the big-picture perspective. God is gently reminding you that these crazy, jam-packed, no-time-to-spare minutes are truly that…minutes. You are a wonderfully talented mother, hostess, wife, and friend…take this time to soak up treasured moments with “your people”~your blog family understands and will patiently wait for you! Love you, friend~

  3. good for you! i am feeling much the same way and almost left, too- it’s going around. but then i remember why i started and all the people i love. 🙂

  4. I am so happy that we have became “virtual” friends and I hope one day to hug your neck in real life. God was whispering very similar things to us this week. Have a great trip my sweet friend and enjoy your family. ~Sonya

  5. thanks for being so open and real…I followed your post because of who you are a Christian…and I knew we are a lot alike in ways,God works in so many different ways. Glad to know you can hear that still small voice,now get to the beach with that family of yours!!!

  6. Enjoy! I love the beach in the Fall. The cool breeze and the sky is so different. My one and only turns 7 in a week and I too heard the whisper last year. So here we are and at times, I am wistful to be doing my art again but its just not the right time for it. I will have plenty of time when she runs out the door with her friends in a few years leaving Mom to wonder where did those sweet child years go. Time to bring out the Halloween fun. Black cat—yeah, love those marabou fur at Michaels! We will see ya when we see ya. No worries…enjoy your time.

  7. Melissa, I don’t often comment on blogs, but I have to say that this post was so refreshing. Many of the blogs I follow have started to ring hollow with me lately. It seems like they are really stretching to find something to post. I would rather read about something that is meaningful to you that you’d like to share than see another craft that I don’t have time to do, anyway. So keep being real, and enjoy your family as much as you possibly can. Good for you for having your priorities straight!

  8. Great post and you don’t know just how many of us probably have done and think the same way. Yes, blogging takes a lot of time and if I had children at home I probably would not have started one or would blog way less, but since mine are grown I have more time. I still sometimes get stressed out and think I should stop or slow down. I probably will eventually because maybe I will have all my projects done that I pay for my income from blogging. Have a wonderful relaxed vacay!

  9. You expressed what alot of us feel! Good for you, enjoy your time with the family!

  10. Good for you, Melissa. That’s how it should be. I’ve come to that realization myself this year. It is that little negative voice inside us all that tells us we are “not as good as (fill in the blank)”. I’ve decided to post when I want to post, not when I think I should according to some “blogging rule”. Who says you have to have certain numbers? Maybe if you are trying to get in a magazine or make a living with your blog, but I’m not. I started blogging for my business but that stopped after the first year. I blogged for me and am going to get back to that because I felt good then.

  11. This is exactly why I love your blog so much! Anyone following your blog feels they know and like you in a real way. I love the things you do for your home, but most of all I love your values. You are a real blessing to so many. An authentic breath of fresh air. Enjoy your family. Until next time…

  12. “Do everything you do to the glory of the Lord who made you”. I have enjoyed your postings from the beginning. Do step back, take a breath and follow the Spirit. May God bless you and your family.

  13. Good for you! It’s sometimes hard not to do the popular thing but you have chosen the best thing! And we, your readers, totally applauded your decision. Welcome to happy blogland! See you around.

  14. I discovered a couple of years ago that my blog wasn’t going to stop the world and it was fun to just be me. Good for you for keeping the right perspective about this world of blogging. I enjoy our posts and look forward to seeing more. God Bless and enjoy.

  15. This is the BEST post ever. I was actually going to unsubscribe to multiple blogs today since they take up too much of my time. I don’t need someone to blog 3 times a week, I do understand it’s their business…but I just can’t keep up with all the posts every single day, it has become a part time job :-). I have to admit that your blog was one of those I was going to ditch until I read your post today and I’m thrilled to be able to keep you and only receive a few emails a month or whenever. Enjoy your children, they are way more important than us 🙂

  16. Enjoy! I feel that you hit the nail right on the head. WE all need to slow down and enjoy our lives. Thank you for the reminder! Have a wonderful and safe vacation.

  17. Way to go, Melissa! Back to the basics. Love your projects and home and especially your OUTLOOK on life and keeping perspective. I will continue to look forward to your posts. As a non-blogger, I did not realize all of the pressures to produce content and build readership. Hope you have a blast at the beach and can relax with your family. Take care. Jill

  18. Melissa, this is so refreshing to me. I commented on another blog earlier this week who echoed your same thoughts about their blog taking a different direction. Our blog started as a way to promote our business. Over time, it is transformed into a place where I share stories of encouragement and most of all share God. Sometime last year, I determined that our blog voice would be determined by listening to “HIS”. In comparison to other, I don’t have the page views or the followers as other blogs do. I asked myself this question, what is more important: Sharing the word of God or teaching them how to paint furniture. Fortunately, God reveals himself to me in many of our projects and I share these stories on our blog. I understand that this may not be for everyone. However, those who do read it, I pray that it is an encouragement for them. I may never make a magazine or write a book. However, I want to be driven by what is important and that is sharing God through inspiring and encouraging posts and not just another project. Enjoy your time away and thank you for sharing.

  19. Melissa, I do believe all bloggers go through this funk. And, yeah, I call it a funk. I had noticed how you had “upped the anty” on how many times you posted in a week. I was impressed and sorta thought, “how does she do it all?” I had a blog a couple of years ago. It’s still there. But I gave it up. It was just too overwhelming to work full time and try to blog on a weekly basis. I think I had like 4 followers. LOL It was sad. But you are right… you are not on a time schedule or up to anyone’s expectations but your own. I love anytime you post…if it is weekly or just once every couple of months. Do what your heart feels is right. No expectations – at least not from me. I will always love your humble blog and think you are an amazing woman and friend, whom I feel very lucky to know – first hand! Enjoy that beach vacation! You earned it! _ Karen

  20. Melissa, You are always interesting and creative and inspiring to all of us. I love that your family comes before the blog. Be true to yourself. Success is being happy in your endeavors.

  21. Thank you so much for your honesty! I applaud and support your dedication to guiding your girls. We need more parents to follow your lead. I follow several home decor/crafts type blogs and sometimes they can seem so hollow and trivial – like the correctly “styled” coffee table or repainting the entryway is THE most important thing in the world! I get it that lots of women have made a business out of blogging and perhaps it allows them to stay home with their family…..but are they really “being” with their family, or is the blog creating a “staged” family and consuming the real family? Thank you for being obedient to what God has called you to do. May God bless you and your husband as you guide your daughters. I look forward to whatever you may post in the future…..but no pressure!

  22. I enjoy your blog! I only follow about 20 or so,and look forward to your posts, and I certainly don’t expect to find “3 a week or whatever”! We are all busy, I don’t always have time to read the posts each day. You are setting a wonderful example for your girls, finding time for them, and your family, and yourself, being creative and productive, enhancing your own life and the world you live in.

  23. Good for you! God bless you and your family.

  24. So well said Melissa!! I feel the same way…having two teenagers and a 8 year old I’m kept very busy and enjoy every minute of it! I sometimes only post once a week now and I’m fine with that. I used to get so stressed if I didn’t have at least three posts ready for the week NOT anymore!! LOVE LOVE your table setting!

  25. Melissa, I can relate to everything you just posted. I started my blog in June and am enjoying it but I feel the stress of trying to think of a clever idea to post each week. I have come to realize that I can’t keep up with the other bloggers but I can still continue to post at my own pace. That’s what us bloggers need to do. Our instincts tell us what is the right balance for us and we need to follow out instincts. Your blogs are wonderful no matter how often you post them. Keep up the wonderful work and enjoy your family too!

  26. Well, thank goodness someone has come to their senses. I hate fake. I ranted about it on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog earlier this week. I want authentic. I don’t want staged. I want to know that when a blogger puts together a vignette that she loves the elements and wants them to stay together for a little while because they make her happy and they compliment the room. I am tired of show-offs. It’s like someone talking just to hear themselves talk. After awhile, they aren’t interesting any more. Also, I’m tired of those bloggers who are more worried about contriving a project based on their sponsor of the day than showing us a pretty flower arrangement they put in their sun room. I am tired of bloggers apologizing because their photos aren’t pretty enough because they have been forced to take their pictures on a not-so-sunny day because there are time constraints. Heck, show me a dog’s butt or a ratty old rug, because, like life, nothing is perfect. I’m tired of picturing bloggers running all over their houses or purchasing new stuff just to put together stunning vignettes to make up stories to blog about. How many pumpkins does one house need to set a mood for fall? Heck, on the first of September (when fall actually begins around the 22 or so), there was a frantic scramble to remove all traces of summer and decorate for fall. These people looked like lunatics. Some apologized because they live so far south that it was still over 90 degrees and pumpkins would turn to mush in a matter of days if they decided to use them. It’s amazing that “Fall” must look exactly the same whether the blogger lives in Michigan or Florida. Bloggers decorating has become predictable. On October 1st, they drag out the ghosts and witches. On November 1st, Thanksgiving decor – predictable stuff, like (more) pumpkins, turkeys and wheat sheaves. Immediately after Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the crap that entails, and on January 2nd, it will dry up as if it never existed, and those who haven’t put it all back into storage will apologize. Choppy, not fluid like the real seasons for “your” part of the country. I suppose without a blog and sponsors and time constraints, some people would feel they have no purpose. To them I would say, go volunteer somewhere or get another kind of job, and stress that people matter, not things. I promise myself that I will unsubscribe to most (I can’t promise all) blogs that seem to be more about commercials and ads than genuine people who unselfishly share their projects, homes and lives with all of blog land. So, Melissa, enjoy the family, and I’ll see you when you want to share a little something with us. If I become disinterested in what you do, that’s on me. You keep doing that which is you!

  27. I love you so very much! And I loved reading this. Your girls are so blessed to have you as there mom. I remember spending many afternoons in your beautiful house when I was going through hard times and I will treasure those moments and the wisdom you shared with me always. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  28. Melissa,
    I started bogging for many of the same reason you did. However, being older, (but not necessarily wiser) I quickly saw what I was up against and after a few months decided (for all the wrong reasons) that I no longer wanted to blog. So my blog has sat gathering dust for the last year. For a while, I was having a great time, but then I began comparing my blog to other, highly successful blogs and suddenly realized that there was no way that I could compete, so I quit!

    You have made me realize that instead of quitting, I should have just continued doing what I enjoy, which is crafting, creating, and sharing. I think that I am going to resurrect my infant “Lilacs and Lemonade” blog and just enjoy sharing when I have something I deem worth sharing and not be concerned about trying to meet unrealistic expectations (mine or others)! Thank you for opening my eyes and may God continue to bless you, your family and your wise decision!

  29. Good for you! I love seeing your Facebook posts& your beautiful pictures and it doesn’t matter to me if it’s once a week or once a day;so don’t stress that your followers will lose interest in your page!
    I am happy that you said how hard & time consuming blogging is because it makes me feel better about myself!! I was determined to start my own blog and share my decorating and furniture projects but I got as far as a name and maybe one post.

    Have a relaxing vacation!
    Jennifer in NH

  30. I really enjoyed reading the above posting on your blog with tears in my eyes, not sad but heartwarming thoughts! Iit is wonderful that you are putting your family first! May God bless you and your family!

  31. I am happy for you!! You chose to follow your heart! Those, like me, who appreciate your blog will be ready for you whenever you choose to post. Enjoy your blessed life and we’ll meet again soon!

  32. Whew! I was feeling soooo bad about not blogging and being so less organized than (apparently)everybody else. It’s nice to know that maybe I’m not so unusual in my own ordinary way. That sounds awful, but I have been feeling a bit less than, as in less creative, less able to juggle my time with projects, housekeeping, cooking fantastic meals, planning perfect parties, etc. etc. Pinterest started out as being so inspiring, but now I feel deflated there too. Blog Land has become like Martha Stewart, terribly smug and “oh my, you haven’t even started your Fall decorating?” looking down it’s collective nose and tsking. Geez, do I sound intimidated, LOL! I am so glad that you’ve decided to concentrate on your family and children. After all, they are what we SHOULD be most concerned with. Everything else can wait. When you have the time and inspiration, do your thing, girl. Time goes by so fast, and you can never get back these years. I know, my two sons are 37 and 35.

  33. Melissa… You make creating and decorating and blogging look so easy but today’s post was ‘real’ and sheds light on how tough it must be to find the balance…something that those of us who don’t blog probably rarely consider. Thanks for sharing from your heart…you will never regret choosing to make time for your girls and family first and God will honor that. I will look forward to receiving your blog posts whenever you have something to share…you are wise to choose family over the blogging pressure any day and with that in mind, it’s likely that when you do have opportunity to post, you will enjoy it so much more! God Bless!!

  34. I already follow you. I’m sorry you were so stressed today. Maybe you will take the weekend, rest and enjoy those precious babies God has blessed you with. I really enjoyed the picnic–thanks for inviting me to the party.

  35. Thank you for being so honest! And yes, do spend time with your husband, your girls and your friends. Your followers will enjoy hearing from you when you have time to share. Please don’t go away – you’re my ‘go to’ for wreath inspiration. Yours are simply the prettiest!

    • I agree with all of the replies! You are a very special person, and so talented! I do enjoy following blogs, and often wondered, how does anyone do it? The staging, photos, and more importantly to come up with ideas many times a week, that are interesting and fresh! I know I couldn’t do it, and wouldn’t want to attempt such a task. Please continue posts about wreaths, your ideas are wonderful, and so pretty!

      You are the real deal, beautiful, sincere, and a wonderful person who at the end of the day, is at peace with who you are, not who the world wants or expects you to be. God bless, and I look forward to reading your next blog whenever that might happen!

  36. Enjoy your girls, your hubby and that vacation. Everything will be here when you get back. It’s so easy to get caught up, but try not to put those numbers pressures on yourself. If you enjoy it, do what you want, when you want. That is what I do. I’ve never had a schedule I follow, it helps me keep the love alive. LOL!! You have many talents and lots to share 🙂 You make a killer wreath girl!! Blessings and hugs xo Shannon

  37. Loved your post today. How blessed your family is to have you. You know what’s most important. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  38. I’m SO glad you aren’t giving up your blog! Your “voice” is so fun and kind, and your decorating reflects your voice so well. I completely support you in your decision to make blogging fun for you again! As you say, “life to the full!” Go Melissa!!!

  39. Our family is what matters. Blogging is a fun outlet and can be a money maker which is amazing but it can’t compare to the most important things. I am past the days of decorating a Valentine mantel (I would never do that in real life) and onto things that I actually do and enjoy. Happy blogging!

  40. Well said. Family does come first. I think we have all felt the pressures of blogging and trying to come up with????Didnt know there was a law of when or how many posts …. Have fun girl and go with your gut!

  41. Your post was sent to me by my friend Jenna over at The Painted Apron and I am thrilled that she did! I recently wrote something similar and believe there are lots of bloggers who feel the same way we do. What is it that is so addictive about blogging? Why do we obsess over Analytics or page views? Thanks for writing from your heart. You aren’t alone in the blog world!

  42. I know exactly how you feel!!!! I blog now when there is something important to blog about! I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate how honest you have been with us, your followers. I am a mom, grand mother, wife, pre-k teacher, and we now have a booth at the Knitting Mill Antique Mall in Chattanooga. Sometimes I have just don’t have time to blog. Share your life when you can. We are going to the beach, too! I am so excited and will take photos that probably won’t get posted until I get home!
    Have a great fall break!

  43. Wow I enjoyed that truth this morning, We are REAL peop[le living in a REAL world, are we not??? I loved the “fake” picnic, as I could see, really see the Lord God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus sitting there smiling as you bustled all around them, thinking your thoughts. and and I heard them say” this girl really uses that creative spirit, doesn’t she? Oh yes for sure, the Lord said, then Jesus, said “it is her ministry, to make things awesome for others to see and share.” Yes, I relly love her and all she does.”” Uh huh, even when she mumbles.”

    Keep on “GIVING”…

  44. Melissa, I feel like I get to know you through these posts, getting a peek at your creativity. It even sometimes sparks me to do something creative, which is huge since that is not my thing. You have been blessed with a wonderful family and they with you, take time to enjoy, nurture, and love and I bet you somehow will still find time to do what works for you creatively. Enjoy the beach!

  45. I appreciated your post Melissa! I’ve often felt the same way myself and have to stop. take a deep breath. and put it all back into perspective. While I am trying to make money with my blog, I don’t want it to be an obsession. I want it to be a place that blesses others, helps them and brings a smile to their face. None of us are perfect, and it’s striving to be that ‘perfect blog’ that takes the fun right out of it! So I’m with you! A few months back I stopped posting 3x/week for the same reasons. I do post twice, because it’s do-able for me.

  46. Melissa,

    Kudos to you for recognizing what is truly important in life. As a mother of a 30 year old son, I would give anything to go back in time sometimes and have him at home, doting on him and running the errands, and just relishing in being a Mom. Embrace motherhood and focus on that, as they are grown and gone before we know it. Cherish the time being a wife also, as that, too, is important.

    I am a little blogger – actually I blog every six months or so. I tried my hand at it, but I just don’t possess the “gotta one up you” personality or the “look at me, look at me” and I certainly never made the tribe thing that goes on. I decided early on that I had a a full-time career that I love, a husband, whom I adore, an elderly Mom that needed my time, and those things were far superior to trying to keep up with the Jones’, as they say. I’m not one to bash anyone or pass judgement, but someone above commented on how she has come to dislike all the “fake” that goes on, and that is what it is. I remember starting to blog and thinking and even saying to my hubby, those people don’t have toasters in their kitchens and I never see a cord on anything – do they make all that stuff wireless – yes, I really asked that? Quickly, I learned it was all “for show”. Life isn’t a show, it’s real, it’s genuine, it needs to be lived and enjoyed for it can come to a halt all too soon sometimes. I’m particularly not interested in whether you moved a chair from one side of the room to the other and decided to blog about it. I love my genuine antiques and am not going to paint everything in sight just to post about it.

    Again, kudos to you. I like your blog and check it often. Best wishes with your decision – it’s a wise one!

  47. Yay!!! This is wonderful. I stopped reading so many of my favorite blogs because they became too commercial and lost all of their original personality. Yes, the photos were beautiful and I loved seeing all of the new trends, but they started to feel forced and contrived and lacked the warmth and sincerity which attracted me to them in the first place. Thank you for wanting to keep it real and honest.

  48. Melissa, I couldn’t agree with your thoughts on this post more. I started blogging 6 years ago when there were no rules – just a bunch of women sharing their homes. Over time blogging has changed so much and has become a little less fun for me and yet, I don’t want to give it up. I have to talk to myself often about how important it really ISN’T and that it’s just for fun. Also, I find my style being influenced by what I see being popular on blogs. Have to reign myself in there too because we all have a comfort zone and know what makes us feel good. I will forever love color in my home and don’t wish to go all white but there are days that I feel inadequate because of that. It’s just silliness!! I think as far as blogging goes, we almost need to find our people and don’t worry about the rest. Does that make sense? I’m glad you shared your feelings on this because many of us feel the same way.

  49. Great post Melissa! The life of a blogger is a constant struggle. You feel like you have to be on top of things 24/7 to stay competitive in the blogging world but then your family life suffers. I haven’t quite figured out how to balance it all. I will swear I’m going to spend more time with my hubby and daughter and I do for a while and then I get sucked back into it. Blogging is like any person struggling to start a business, the first few years are chaos. I have to remind myself that my daughter is 16 and will only be here for another 2 years. Anytime she asks me to stop painting and come and watch a movie, I force myself to break away and do it. Two years from now when she graduates, I want to look back and remember all of the times I spent with her, not remember all of the times that I didn’t.

  50. You are a wise woman

  51. Melissa,
    It’s taken me forever to read this post and comment. Blogging just takes a lot of time, no one told us that! I’ve wanted to pack it in so many times too but I it is addictive and I just love creating projects. I’m planning on cutting back a bit and do it because I love it. This was great inspiration, thanks girl.
    Hugs, Jamie


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