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DIY Ribbon Lampshade

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in art, crafts, Daisy's room | 12 comments

I cannot believe it, but we are almost finished decorating Daisy’s room.

I will show the full reveal in a few days.  It might be after Thanksgiving.  The cooking is about to begin at this house, so the decorating will have to wait.

I also plan on getting the rest of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.  I have a lot to do!

Here is the latest project that we completed.  I have seen versions of these all over Pinterest, but never pinned one to know who to give the credit to!  I just “pinned” it in my mind!  So, here is how I made this one.

DIY Ribbon Lampshade

This is a super simple project.

We started by stripping all of the fabric off of the shades.

Then, we gathered a variety of ribbons.  All widths, patterns and colors.

These are not all of them.  Just a sample of the ones we used.

Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby 1/2 price ribbons!

(If we had paid full price, this would have been a very expensive lampshade.)

I tied a knot over the top of the lampshade frame.

Then, I cut the ribbon about 6 inches past the bottom of the frame.

And, tied a knot over the top of the bottom of the frame.

I proceeded to tie knots and cut ribbons.  No pattern.  Just whatever ribbon I felt like using next.  I found that it did work best to use the smaller ribbons to fill in between the larger ones.  I kept this in the car with me and I worked on it in the school pick-up line for a couple of days.  It was so easy to do in the car!  I spend a lot of my day waiting on children, so I love to have a little project to work on.

And there are all of those cute little ribbons lined up like so many soldiers.

Life to the full,



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  1. They look ADORABLE! Thank you so much!

  2. Cute!!

  3. What an adorable idea. So colorful also, just love it. What a lucky girl you are Daisy.
    I have an old lamp from KY that the lampshade just fell apart so this would be great to make a shade for it. I’ll be rummaging in all my ribbons tomorrow to see what I can use in my studio.
    I used to do alot of letter writing and reading when I’d wait for my hubs to get in from the road. Kept me busy for long time and got all my letter writing out of the way. Always kept a book in the car also.

  4. I have to make one of those! It is adorable.


  6. this is gorgeous. love the colors you chose for your ribbons

  7. It looks so cheerful! I love it!

  8. Sooo sweet…my little girl would LOVE this for her room 🙂

  9. That is SO fun! Love it!

  10. I keep finding all your amazing projects that you’ve shared at the Brassy Apple this evening. This is so pretty. Megan

  11. I love this! What a creative and easy project!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this creative project on Simple & Sweet Fridays. It turned out so cute!


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