DIY Pipe Cleaner Eggs

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My youngest is 9…but when she was 3…she had birds.

Her birds did not live at our house in a cage…they were birds we would see outside.

She would see “her birds” at the park or sometimes the grocery store.

They even followed us to Disney World and Mexico.

Whenever I would see birds, I would ask them if they were hers.

Sometimes they were and sometimes they weren’t.

But she knew immediately if they were hers or not.

She would talk to them and laugh at them and clap at them to get them to fly.

It amused our entire family. 🙂

And on one occasion we were at a store that was selling boxes of these precious little pom pom chicks.

She had a little money of her own and bought that little box of chicks.

They said that they reminded her of her birds.

She played with those chicks for months, until she had lost most of them.

So when I saw these little chicks at the store this year, I was taken back to Lila Mae and her birds.

I couldn’t resist.

They’re going to be perfect for the children’s table that I’m setting for Easter.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Eggs

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Eggs


White Pipe Cleaners

Pom Pom Chicks

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Eggs

Twist the pipe cleaners together.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Eggs

Form a base by coiling the pipe cleaner.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Eggs

Continue to coil the pipe cleaner forming it in the shape of an egg as you go.

How to Make Pipe Cleaner Eggs

Wrap the end at the top.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Eggs

How cute is that?

It is going to be perfect on my kiddo Easter table.

And I’ll think about my Lila Mae and her birds. 🙂

I miss those days…

Life to the full!


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  1. cute!! i just made a small wreath using these chicks all the way around the edge!

  2. Now that is ADORABLE. Thanks so much for sharing I have a little crafting queen that is going to LOVE this!

  3. What a beautiful touching little story ! I adored it . Thanksfor sharing this wonderful account of your little girls birds . It made my day its been a tough one , I am sorry to say. God bless you and your family .

  4. Cute tutorial! Always love new ideas for the pipe cleaners I have in my craft supplies!

  5. That really is so simple and so darn cute!

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