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Do you know what happens if you leave a banana peel out

while you are gone for 10 days?

You come home to record numbers of fruit flies.

We have learned this lesson the hard way.

We ALWAYS take the trash out before we go out of town.

Too bad this banana peel was left in one of my daughter’s rooms. . .

not in a trash can. . .

where it would have been disposed of properly.

(Names are not being used,

to protect the innocent,

well, actually the guilty!)

My method of “clapping” them all to death with my bare hands,

is not working.

It is only making my dog nervous,

and my palms sore.

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

They seem to be multiplying at an astounding rate.

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

There is a great advantage to having scores of fruit flies swarming in your house.

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

You feel the overwhelming need to clean.

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, my theory is,

if you are going to dust everything,

you might as well rearrange.

Boxwood Wreath @ DaisyMaeBelle

So, I have spent the weekend doing just that.

My Foyer @ DaisyMaeBelle

Dusting and rearranging.

Decorating with Nests @ DaisyMaeBelle

And, does anyone know how to get rid of fruit flies?!

Life to the full!





  1. Beautiful new look! I’m sorry you came home to so many visitors!

  2. Beautiful Melissa.

    I have a question about the large chest (with drawers.) Is the top drawer a fold down with a secretary/desk area inside? We have one that looks very similar to it that has the desk area in the top space. If so, in your opinion, what would be its worth? Ours has cubbyholes in it like a roll top desk with a couple of drawers also. Just curious. It’s a bit of an awkward piece for us and I had the guys move it into basement storage several years ago and don’t think I’ll get it back upstairs unless I hire it done! I have a place to use it possibly but it needs some TLC first (hinges) and I’m not very handy!

  3. Get rid of fruit flies easily. Put some apple cider vinegar in a small bottle or cup then add a couple of drop of liquid dish washing liquid. Works ever time. Might have to chance everyday till they are gone due to the mess in the cup.I do this every time I bring home bananas now.No more fruit flies ever again.

    • I’ve tried Wanda’s method and it works like a charm.

    • I use Wanda’s method too and it is the best method ever!!! So sorry you have those pesky things. Blessings to you, Patti

      P.S. I almost forgot, your foyer arrangement is lovely. I’m using an old fence gate this year as a trellis for my green beans. Aren’t they fun?

  4. Yikes! That’s not fun to come home to! On the plus side, your foyer looks great! 🙂

  5. Oh this sounds so annoying. Hope they go away soon. I love your vignettes, you always do such lovely things and it just makes me drool. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. Love the “new” look! Why is it that bananas seem to be the only fruit in my home also that gives off fruit flies? What i do that always amazes my kids in the end is I put in a small jar or cup some apple cider vinegar about half way and place plastic wrap r tightly over that and poke many holes in it with a skewer and place where flies are. Those little pests go in and can’t come out. You might want to place in several areas of room to catch more. I’m sure you and your girls will be amazed at the number floating around. Good luck!

  7. Fruit Flies: put apple cider vinegar in a small, shallow container. Stir in a drop of dish soap. Put dish near fruit flies — duh! LOL! This worked overnight for me 🙂

  8. Happy Sunday Melissa,
    Hope by now all your fruit flies are gone, oh what a nuisance any kind of flies can be……… hope some of these suggestions work for you.
    Yea, I agree with you, if we are gonna dust we might as well rearrange as well……
    Your foyer looks very nice. Like how you hung the picture on the garden
    gate, very nice, the whole vignette looks great. Like your hall tree
    and how you decorated that as well. Also loved the lil round and square
    wreaths, such a nice addition to the lamp and the hall tree. very cute.
    Sorry you had to come home to that…………
    not a lot of fun I’m sure!
    Have a good week ahead hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  9. Oh how I love your style! Such pretty touches…especially love the boxwood wreaths. I have no idea about the fruit flies, but man, do I hate ’em!

  10. Just came over from Uncommon Design’s Link Party!! Love your style. Such cute dresser with the metal gate behind it! Clever and cool. I have the same little round wreath 🙂 Sorry about the banana!

  11. Oh- I HATE those fruit flies. What a great idea to get rid of them. I am going to try it next time. Your foyer looks great and I don’t see a fruit fly in sight! xo Diana

  12. I totally can sympathize…. son who did something similar…plus I came close…I placed a huge fern in my bedroom about 3 feet from my bed…and watered it too much…and uhhh I got knats, hundreds of them! Needless to say I don’t do real plants close to my head anymore! and I too cleaned until the weeeee hours of the morning… so sorry you had to go thru that! Love your vignette by the way…it’s gorgeous.

  13. Melissa, how funny and ironic! I, too, this weekend was overcome with fruit flies due to something of unknown origin in my son’s bedroom trash can! ha ha!! I cleaned like a crazy woman and re-organized and re-decorated the house! We must be kin in another life! ha ha! I read the comments above and saw a great idea to get rid of them! Guess we’ll both benefit from this shared experience! – Karen

  14. Oh my goodness Melissa that totally is something my kids would do too! Blech. But at least you are looking at the silver lining and giving us some great eye candy with your gorgeous foyer! 🙂

  15. I love your use of the rusty gate behind the dresser…what a unique idea and you arranged it so well. Love it!

  16. I thought I had read something about vinegar getting rid of those pest. I believe sometimes we bring them in from the grocery. We were shopping recently in our local supermarket and they had a serious problem with fruit flies in the onion/potato bins. The produce manager advised us that they “don’t charge extra for the little gnats.”

  17. Sorry about the fruit flies…but your foyer looks great 🙂

  18. I hate cleaning, but I love rearranging.

    Your foyer looks great and I hope your flys are gone.

  19. The vinegar and dish soap method is the easy way. Here’s the FUN way. Go to Harbor Freight and buy this gadget that is $3.99 (usually, $1.99 on sale) and it is an insect annihilator. It is yellow and black with batteries in it and looks like a tennis racket. You press the button and swing away. The kids (guilty parties) vie for the job. It zaps tens of them with a single swing and no vinegar smell. Good luck. [It works on mosquitoes, moths, yellow jackets…any flying insect.]

  20. Super beautiful! I covet that GATE!!! Fruit flies? What fruit flies? There’s a rusty gate in front of me! 🙂

    You’ll be featured on I Love That Junk and various other places this week cuz I LOVE THAT GATE!

  21. Rearranging can make dusting a whole lot more fun! Just beautiful, as always! Fruit flies … not so much fun!

  22. Love your vignette, so charming! Fruit flies…wish I knew how to get rid of them.
    Would love for you come share at Amaze Me Monday!

  23. can you hear me pinning Melissa??? lol

  24. Love, love your entry! It looks great! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

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