Decorating a Front Entrance

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I should be awarded Mother of the Year.

I just fed my children dessert for dinner.

It did involve apples and ice cream {there is calcium in ice cream}…so maybe that makes it better? 🙂

These are the kind of things that happen when I’m exhausted.

The girls just finished their first week of school…we had a soccer tournament Friday night and Saturday morning…we had 32 teens for a cookout Saturday night…

…and I’m back to my 5:30 wake-up.

The BEST of times, but exhausting!

I did have some time to work on decorating my front entrance this week.

Just a new look to hold me over until it’s time for the mums and pumpkins…

Decorating a Front Entry

Dried Hydrangea Arrangement

I filled a basket with some of my dried hydrangeas.

I’ve made a few wreaths with them and added them to my porch.

Decorating a Front Entry

And I couldn’t resist adding a bloom to this bench.

Along with some random grapevine and drift wood balls.

Decorating a Front Entry

My trip to the Nashville flea market turned up some nice finds.

Like this tall galvanized container.

I don’t even know what it is, but my boxwood fit perfectly in it. 🙂

Decorating a Front Entry

But my favorite finds were these vintage olive baskets.

The man had stacks and stacks of them!

I limited myself to two even though I could think of at least 5 more places I would love to have one.

Decorating a Front Entry

So even though I fed my children dessert for dinner…

…they get to come home to a very welcoming front entrance.

Surely that should count for something?!

Decorating a Front Entry

But now I think my golden has the right idea…

Decorating a Front Entry

I’ll be keeping my eyes open for those pumpkins and mums.

But until then, welcome to my home!

Life to the full!


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  1. Your porch looks wonderful Melissa! I love the freshness of the greens and the layers add depth and texture. And your olive buckets were a great find!

  2. I love it! Very clean cut and welcoming! The olive buckets are great fun….I have never seen any before. They make for a vey eye catching arrangement! Beautiful!

  3. Your front porch and entry are stunning Melissa, so welcoming and all your goodies are perfect and gorgeous. I want to find a basket like that. The burlap bow you made is stunning also. Let’s face it, you’re just good. All your breath taking hydrangeas really set the scene.
    Wonder how much it would cost to ship 2 or 3 of those olive buckets to CO? Do you mind telling me how much they were?
    Are you still collecting brass pieces? Not as many at our local thrift store, somebody bought the ones I had earmarked for you. Maybe somebody else found them and decided to collect also. Wanted to surprise you.
    I heard about Nashville Flea Mkt. from Kathy at Funktion Junktion, I am so green with envy. Why did we move away from KY? Kicking myself.
    I never did check online at Walmart as somebody few months ago (probably more like a year ago) said had them. I kept forgetting. Maybe will take a peak anyway, they must be so handy for some many decorating jobs.
    I took my beach stuff down last week and am in process of getting bee things framed and ready to put up. Just have to repaint few frames. Printed out several awesome images from Graphics Fairy, used up all my ink practically but worth it. Still had a few I’d printed/framed from couple years ago. Just got tired of beach stuff. Don’t know that bee stuff is that appropriate an in between from late summer to Fall but all I could think of for now. Kinda ready for Fall but not quite yet.
    Daughter and her youngest came over today to see how chickens are doing, she couldn’t believe how big they’ve gotten since we got them. Of course we spoil them to distraction but it seems to be agreeing with them, we’re getting eggs every day without bossy rooster. They’re happy as they are.
    Sounds like your girls are into the school rhythm already, keeping Mom busy. Think kids adjust better than parents do. Hope you have great week.

  4. Your entrance looks lovely. You always do such a marvelous job of adding a decorating element to your door. I have hydrangeas and you’ve inspired me to do more. Get your rest 🙂

  5. looks beautiful!!! how does Skid feel about that big orange trim? 😉

    M and M had SUCH a good time at your house for the cookout– thank you for including them!!

  6. You always come up with the prettiest displays Melissa…inside and out!!

  7. How luvly Melissa. Luv the containers. Score!
    Hahaha, I have been guilty of feeding my boys dessert for dinner many a nights. We enjoyed it to the full! Life is short… enjoy.
    Hugs, Gee

  8. Melissa, you’re porch is gorgeous!!
    But my favorite was your beautiful golden retriever!!!! We’ve always had goldens …. just love this breed! What’s his/her name?

    • Her name is Zuzu and she follows me everywhere I go! 🙂

  9. This porch is gorgeous! I love your understated style and muted colors…so natural 🙂 I will definitely check back to see how it looks when you add those pumpkins and mums!

  10. Your front porch is just lovely!!! My favorite things on it are the olive baskets. I could not limit myself to just two (I got five…don’t know where to use them yet) when I saw them for $10 at Wal-Mart. They are new and need some “roughing up”. I can use the pictures of your olive baskets as a “go by” to add some instant age to mine. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  11. Love everything Melissa! It looks fabulous!

  12. Love your blog! I also just started following you on PINTREST –

  13. So pretty!! I just love the color of your door! Do you know the name of the paint color by chance?

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