Decorating a Family Room

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Can I be honest with you?

Sometimes I struggle with contentment.

I lead a life that is blessed beyond measure.  I have every reason to be the most contented person on planet Earth.

But sometimes I get caught up in things like…not liking the fabric on my sofa…and not being able to find just the right buffet  for my kitchen…and how I don’t like my 25 year old bathroom with faucet handles that look like giant diamonds.

And when I come out of my tailspin of self pity…I’m nauseated with myself.

But then I tell myself that I write a blog about home decorating…I’ve got to have the right fabric on my sofa and I’ve got to find the perfect piece of furniture for the kitchen and I can never photograph my bathroom until it has been totally gutted and transformed…and the blog world so desperately needs to see my bathroom for crying out loud! 🙂

And I’m right back to where I started…vicious cycle.

So today I’m just going to share a small change that I’ve made.

This isn’t a great DIY project for you to try…it’s simply how I looked around my house and found a small change that could be made that didn’t require any shopping.

Decorating a Family Room

Decorating a Family Room

Here is what was making me crazy.

This dark brown sofa that seems like a black hole.

I mean, have you seen those amazing creamy slipcovered sofas?! They are so light and beautiful and amazing and would be so perfect here in my family room.

Decorating a Family Room

But the problem is…I don’t have the money that it would take to slipcover this sofa right now.

And I’m not even sure if I had the money if I should?

This sofa isn’t very old and really is in great shape.

Decorating a Family Room

It seems like sort of a waste.

So I began to look around my house and I found these 4 pillows.

They aren’t creamy white but they are a beautiful light blue.

They sat on a bench in the family room.

A bench that we rarely sit on.

Decorating a Family Room

So I took off those dark brown pillows and added these.

And I really like the look.

So for today I will count my blessings of a beautiful comfortable couch that my family and friends can enjoy!

Do I still want a new piece of furniture for the kitchen? -Yes.

Does my bathroom need a makeover? – Yes.

But those things will happen when they happen.

And don’t get me wrong…I will be excited when they do.

And to be sure I will be sharing them on the blog!

But today my mind needs a rest.

Today I just need a simple change.

Today I plan on counting my blessings and not nit picking my house!

Life to the full!


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  1. Changing the pillows to lighter ones was the perfect solution Melissa…they brightened that space right up! I love it when a simple no cost change makes a big impact!

  2. Look at the sofa as a neutral blank canvas!!! Just think about how much of a difference the pillows made!! Throw a quilt over it or some other throw to cut down on the neutrality of it. You are very talented., I am sure you will figure it out. When you get inside your vicious circle, think… Is everyone I love safe?? Are they healthy?? Those are really the only things that really matter. The rest is just fluff!!! I love your blog. Thank you for spending your time entertaining and educating us!!!!

  3. Oh my! I was moved by your post. I feel the same way most of the time and I drive myself crazy. Your pillows on you incredibly comfortable looking sofa are fabulous!! Thanks for setting me straight, my friend!

  4. Melissa, I LOVE your honesty! If your readers are perfectly honest with themselves, they’d agree, that most of us have the same wants & desires you describe. Seems as women, we are just never satisfied with our homes, as status quo. Thank you for sharing this great blog!!! Love reading your thoughts, ideas and wise messages. xoxo

  5. love this post…..beautiful gallery wall too Melissa…..Christine from Little Brags

  6. Great post today, Melissa. In the home décor blog world, it can sometimes seem like every project or every room featured needs to be spectacular and a total showpiece. I really thought your thoughts today were spot on. AND, I love that you made one simple change and it had such a huge impact. I recently did the same thing with my dark plum sofa. Previously, I had darker pillows on it and changed them out with much lighter colored pillows I had on a bench in the same room. Voila! An entirely different look and feel to the sofa that was getting so old to look at. Keep up the great work. I enjoy your blog so much. One of the best! Jill

  7. This post hit the spot for me today!! I just finished decorating for Fall & moving things around. The kitchen as always went just as I planned along with the dining room , but the DANG living room was ‘off’..I swear this always happens to me…I cant get that space correct& not sure why that is..enough rambling..I loved reading this post! Your living room is GORGEOUS!


  8. Amen Melissa! I know exactly what you’re talking about. I look around my house and say ugh!!! I know what I want to do — gut the whole thing but that’s not possible. I feel like the house is filled with old impossible furniture and it’s not what I want. We have a couch that I’ve been making fun of for years — it is 35 years old and there isn’t a worn spot on it. I’ve even considered painting the cushions. Today my attitude WILL be one of gratitude. Oh! and let’s not talk about the bathroom. Think dusty rose tile everywhere 🙁

  9. Yes, I think most of us struggle with contentment; we just don’t want to admit it! Thank you for sharing. I like your solution-the lighter pillows look fresh and bright. How about a throw or quilt over the back of the sofa? I actually do not think it looks like a black hole. To me, it is very cozy land inviting. Wouldn’t it be nice to see our houses through others eyes? I love your style and enjoy your blog very much. I need to practice gratitude also!

  10. It’s okay to feel that one from time to time. Just keep moving forward. I have heard that others write down each day what they are thankful for. I have thought of doing that.
    Sometimes reading others blogs make me feel a little inadequate as far as my house goes. But your home is cozy and beautiful. Those changes will come. I have lived in my home for 29 years and still need to change things.

  11. Beautiful post Melissa. I have always said blogging and following blogs can be a blessing and a curse. Blogs can serve as so much inspiration yet they can also make you feel less content with what you have. I think everyone struggles with this. However, what inspires me more is sharing your heart about your struggles and encouraging words for those of us who may be experiencing the same thing. That means more to me than a pretty room. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I think you have a great blank canvas here. I do think that you need a little pattern/color in your pillows since both the couch and the pillows read as solids. A little pattern can go a long way. You could stencil/paint something on the pillows to save money. Your picture wall, which is beautiful, is all in sepia tones so I think what you are fighting is just using brown and white. I think a little touch of color would be amazing. Just a thought.

  13. I was just looking at all the beautiful family photos! Couch looks comfy n cozy! Love your pillows too! I think we just sometimes need a “change” so your photo wall was a great idea!

    • You are so refreshing. Makes me take another look at myself and instead of moaning about “wish I had a new carpet and wish I had a new vanity in my small little bathroom” I too shall look elsewhere in the house and thank God for the Blessings I do have. Lots of people don’t have a house at all. Thanks again.

  14. Bravo Melissa. Great solution and not a dime spent. Pillows are an easy accessory to make a room look better let alone a couch. Your couch looks like new. The dark color hides any dirt if there is any, none knowing you. Your home always looks comfy, clean and welcoming. Think we all suffer discontent with our things at times. Know how I felt about my old couch. Somebody bought it at thrift store where we donated it and I found one I was so much happier with for pretty good price. We got old couch and loveseat for free.
    You are a great lady. Glad I know you. Happy week

  15. Hello, I always enjoy your ideas and thoughts. Since we moved back to Idaho and I have way to much stuff….my girls have taught me to “shop in my house” as they call it, when I think about redecorating. Also my 14 grandchildren like to shop in our house! Blessings, Fern

  16. I hear ya’! I think we all hang out in that place of discontent from time to time. I have an office that is driving me crazy but I hold on to that dream of completion, when everything is in order and matching. You did a great job putting this room together. It looks very comfortable and stylish. I love the collection of frames on the wall and I am amazed at how they all work together so well. Thanks so much for sharing today.

  17. i love crafts. i also love making wreathes.

  18. i did!

  19. I think the pillows were just the ticket….if you do decide to make slip covers…here’s an inexpenisive fabric to use…Canvas drop clothes from Home Depot or Lowes. Great color and a great price


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