Decorating A Drop Leaf Table for Summer

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I am not a musical person.

I did not come from a musical family.

I will never forget the first time my family sang Happy Birthday to my new sister-in-law.

She played the piano.

She did come from a musical family.

And, there she stood. . .

wide-eyed. . .

stunned. . .

not sure whether to laugh or to run,

as me, my mom, dad and brother did our best to croak the song out.

Luckily, she had already married my brother,

so there was no turning back!

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

Luckily, my youngest is a musical sort.

She forever has her Ipod in hand,

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

making sure that we have music wherever we go.

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

She doesn’t have a wide selection of music.

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

Pretty much Justin Bieber,

Taylor Swift,

Britt Nicole,

Carrie Underwood,

you get the idea. . .

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

So, today as I decorated and dusted. . .

I also hummed.

Drop Leaf Table @ DaisyMaeBelle

The latest Justin Bieber song is stuck in my head.

But, it is a catchy little tune.

And, it makes me smile thinking about my little music lovin’ girl!

Life to the full!

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  1. it looks lovely! love the mix of white an natural elements.

  2. Soooooo pretty!!

  3. So pretty! You know I just love your style! … And what a beautiful profile photo Melissa! Did you just add that or have I been totally missing it all this time?

  4. Melissa,
    What paint color is your kitchen/foyer? I was looking at some older blogs July 1 2013 and love the color.


    • Lori, It is a Porter paint called Maple Syrup!

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