Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

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We have a “No Shake” policy at our house for Christmas presents. 🙂

I think it stems back to my childhood.

My dad is THE BEST gift guesser on the planet.

Two shakes, and he knows exactly what you’ve gotten him…down to the color.

As a child, I found this maddening!

So one year I decided to outsmart him…and I wrapped a brick…along with the actual pair of socks that I had bought for him.

I proudly took the freshly wrapped gift to him and dared him to guess what it might be.

Two shakes later.

“Well, it’s a pair of socks, but it feels like you’ve wrapped a brick in here with them.”

{I still think he was in cahoots with my mom.}

That’s the year that I gave up…and refused to place his gift under the tree any more!

But if you are looking for some creative gift wrap ideas…here are a few ideas!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

Luckily my girls don’t like to guess their gifts…they just like to admire the pretty packages until Christmas. 🙂

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

So if you’re tired of the same old bows, why not try 3 little knots?

Burlap Ribbon Gift Wrap

Or maybe a piece of burlap ribbon wrapped around the gift…taped on the back…topped with a gingham bow and round craft tag.

Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift

Or if you found the same tiny ornaments in your Target dollar section…you can randomly tie them to baker’s twine.

Creative Gift Wrap Ideas

Or you could just dress up the standard bow with a dollar store glitter star.

Monogram Gift Wrap

Or my personal favorite…add some pearl trim…tie on a bow… add a pearl initial sticker {I got mine at Hobby Lobby} to a craft ornament for a monogrammed package!

Now these presents are ready to be admired…

…not shaken!

Life to the full!



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  1. Ooooh, this makes me want to unwrap all the gifts and re-wrap them. But that is not going to happen. Maybe next year, sigh.

  2. One year I was able to get 10 rolls of paper for $1. Each roll was enough to wrap 2 shirt boxes. The paper was a lot like yours….polka dots and stripes in all colors. I used leftover stickers to spell out the kids names on their packages. It was fun and it really looked cute. Love your ideas.

  3. Wow, love all great ways you wrapped gifts, what fun to receive a gift wrapped like that, I’d hate to open it. So many ingenious ways to use embellishments. Think I’ll have to pin all of those so I don’t forget. As always so well done and beautiful. Are you girls having fun yet?
    I’m still busy making things (trying to ignore mess from crafting between kitchen and l/r.eeeeekkkkk. Started to clean it up today but never got to it.
    Be so glad you still have your Dad. My Dad died before he was 60 and I was in early 20’s. Still wish he was around, I’d love him to see what wonderful grand children he had.
    I’m alot more like him personality wise than I was my Mom. She was too afraid to try things on her own and disliked me because no matter how many times she told me I couldn’t do things I tried anyway. That little bit of rebel in me I guess. She was just doing what she thought best for me. Being a parent is not always easy, we can only do our best, even if our kids don’t think it is best for them.
    Happy days

  4. How very, very funny. You are so lucky to have a wonderful dad- xo Diana

  5. What a cute story about your dad. I love the way you’ve wrapped the presents. Every year, when the kids were young, I would take a lot of time wrapping the presents so that they looked beautiful under the tree. Those were the presents that mommy and daddy bought and then the presents that Santa brought were different.

  6. What a precious and sweet story and your wrapping is Adorable. Thank you so much for sharing it with us at our Christmas Extravaganza Party!! Pinning 🙂 xoxo


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