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Craft Room Tour

Posted by on Apr 11, 2014 in crafts, playhouse | 30 comments

When I was a little girl…

…and I wanted to have a friend over to play…

the rule was always the same.

I had to clean my room first!

It was a really sneaky way that my Mom had for making me clean my room quickly without complaining.

I’d run up the stairs and have the place spotless in no time.

Even to this day, sometimes I invite people over just to make myself clean my house!

So when Angie from The Country Chic Cottage asked me to be a part of her craft room series…

…I kind of felt like my Mom had just told me that I could have a friend over…

…but I’d have to clean my room first! :)

So here is my craft room tour.

Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Organization

So thank you friend for stopping by and taking this tour.

Craft Room Organization

You were just the motivation that I needed to…

Organizing Craft Supplies

…corale all of my wreath making supplies to one shelf…

Organizing Craft Supplies

…and hang a little bird house on my wall just for holding my wire snips.

Organized Craft Supplies

Since I knew you were coming I worked quickly…

Craft Room Tour

…without complaining :)

Organizing Craft Supplies

I gathered picket fence stakes in baskets.

Organizing Craft Supplies

And American flags in canisters.

Organizing Craft Supplies

And random old yard sale finds.

Organizing Craft Supplies

And countless tiny flower pots.

Craft Room Tour

I finally put this old ladder to good use.

Craft Room Tour

Stacking all of my ribbon on the rungs.

Craft Room Tour

I’m probably going to need to have you come over again next week…

Organized Craft Supplies

…if I plan on things staying this organized!

Organized Craft Supplies

Or maybe the sheer joy that I feel walking into this little craft shed…

Organizing Craft Supplies

…will be motivation enough to keep it this way!

Organizing Craft Supplies

Because an organized space is one that really makes me want to CREATE!

I hope this little tour has spurred some creativity of your own!

There are some AMAZING tours that you should totally check out!

Just click **HERE** to see the tours that are available.

Life to the full!


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  1. How nice to have a whole shed to play in. Cute!

  2. Thanks for the tour. I was wondering what to do with the old ladder I picked up at our churches craft and flea. I also have a couple of bushel baskets waiting for liners in the distant future. So much inspiration!

  3. What an awesome space to play! I especially love the ladder filled with ribbon. Oh what fun!

  4. Haha, want to come organize my space? ( or maybe I just need to ask you over! ) Yours looks great. I love how you used things like the ladder or a bird cage to hold stuff.

  5. Great space, Melissa! I love how you’ve stored/organized your greenery in baskets. Such a great idea and they become part décor, too.

  6. Love it!

  7. I LOVE this space!! Thanks for inviting me over. Have a great weekend! ~Sonya

  8. HOw lucky you are to have that awesome shed for your craft/storage room. You did great job cleaning/organizing it. Enjoy it. Do you have any cooling/heating in your shed? I’d so love to have a room out of the house I could work in and actually have a guest room. You win a star for great job.

  9. Would you want to part with that awesome apple green frame behind the baby scale? Love it, also love round embossed frame on wall with other empty frames. And what were all those canvases with pics on them in that big container on floor? They look quite interesting. Let me know ok? Pretty please?

  10. Beautiful! Your space would inspire me to create or just want to hide out in :) Great job!!

    I have a question, being a local (Lascassas) girl, how do you keep spiders and other things out? My husband built me a studio in our walk in basement/garage. I have a hard time with keeping out spiders and other little bugs, mainly crickets, ugh.

  11. Love that you have a shed and a bird cage for your wire cutters ;) Love your craft space!

  12. It’s looking very, very, very good! I am kind of the same way- I set a deadline and then DO it and then can relax and enjoy someone popping in-xo Diana

  13. I love your space and how you have displayed everything so beautifully!

  14. Simply love it!!!! Just makes me want to craft or decorate…not sure which yet!

  15. I love it how visits motivate me as well. what a fantastic space for you to store and create it. Is it kid free zone just for mom…if so, i want one too!

  16. What a perfect room to be creative in! Love it!!

  17. So beautiful! I want to come over and craft with you! Love the glass vessels on the window sill.

  18. So many great ideas for organization! You rock girl!

    Thanks for linking up to the party!

    Happy day!

  19. What a wonderful craft room. I’m trying to add a gift wrap section to my laundry room, and your post has been an inspiration. Have a wonderful Easter.

  20. I love your studio! I like the way you use the ladder and baskets for storage. Thank you for sharing,

  21. Your room where you create is a wonderful creation in itself! I loved looking at everything! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Lovely! I’m jealous of how bright and sunny the space is. Plus I’m jealous of your cool vintage finds…
    Love the space!

    I’m hosting a series right now all about yarn projects. I’d love for you to come link up anything you’ve made using yarn or twine or the like to the link party!
    Yarn it All! Link Party on Bugaboo Blog

  23. I love your craft room re-do…I especially love the ladder for ribbon. FUN :) I shared this on fb and pinned it to the Junkers United board. Thanks for linking up! Laurel

  24. So many inspiring creative ideas… I just adore your blog…


  25. That is so true, Melissa! I just did the same thing, except my excuse was dealing with some stress at the time. You’ve got a nice roomy space, and mine is very tiny — but they both work!

  26. I love your presentation! It’s like reading a wonderful children’s book.


  27. I’ve been looking for inspiration for my craft room, I run a creative business so it’s hard to organize all that stuff. I love what you did!!

  28. I just found this via your backyard post on Hometalk — absolutely adore it! I’d love for you to share this one on Hometalk as well!

  29. This is sooo cute! I am envious:) I am also coveting that green picture frame next to the scales. Thanks so much for sharing your sweet space.

  30. R u living out ur childhood ? That would be awsome! I wish I had one !!!


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