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I started decorating Daisy’s room this summer.  We painted, rearranged furniture, hung pictures and crafted away. After working on it for several weeks, we both got burned out.  We didn’t really know what to do next, but the room just didn’t seem “right.”

So, we took a break. . .

Daisy came to me rather sheepishly last week with a request.  “Is there any way that we could rearrange my furniture so that my bed could be back where it was before?”

I thought about it and agreed to give it a try.

I am so glad that she made the request.  The “Feng-Shui” has been restored!  It just feels “right” now.

Another great thing that it did, was to inspire us to finish her room!

And today I will show you how we made this colorful paper wall art…for cheap!

paper headboard9

There is a headboard on this bed, but you cannot see it because of the Euro pillows.  We needed something big to hang over the bed.  This is when Daisy’s pinning gave us just the inspiration we needed.  Daisy pinned this idea that inspired our wall art.

Melissa over at Honeybee Vintage has a great tutorial on how she made this!

Our version is a no-sew variety. 


scrapbook paper in your choice of colors

die cut machine or circle patterns

{I used the die cut machine at my girls school – I cut out about 150 circles in 2″ and 3″ size}

yard stick

washi tape


hot glue


{I know. Terrible picture. This is what happens when you try to craft for your blog at night.}

I found an old yardstick in the garage. Not the cute, vintage kind. Just an old one that says, “Lowes Delivers.” I am guessing that Lowes has not existed long enough for this to be vintage? So, I covered that part with washi tape.

Next, I laid the circles out on the floor.  Really no rhyme or reason at all. Very random.

Then, I turned them all over and cut lengths of white yarn.

I simply taped the circles onto the yarn, and hot glued the yarn to the yardstick.

I nailed right through the yardstick to secure it to the wall.

I also taped the ends of the yarn to the wall behind her headboard.

I hope to share another completed project tomorrow!

Life to the full,


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  1. SUPER cute Melissa and Daisy!!! love it!

  2. I love my room! Thank you so much for agreeing to change it…heheh. I love you.

  3. Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!! Beautiful colors 🙂

  4. The wall art is so versatile and cheerful. Could use any motif and colors to make this fit an occasion or holiday. Love, love it. What a great daughter to thank her Mom publicly. That would be really cute over a window also. Gonna have to think on that to see what I can make for the holidays. Love projects like that as they’re easy, fairly quick and so affordable. I also have gobs of paper, been buying holiday papers at Michaels and Hobby Lobby on sale and with coupons.
    Happy Week family

  5. Melissa,

    I just love this idea! So clever and colorful and fun! Oh, and loving the price tag too!

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  6. This is so pretty and cheerful!

  7. Wow! It’s so gorgeous. Colorful yet elegant. Fantastic job!

    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!
    Come {link} party with the Wildly Original Crowd.

  8. Ph my! I adore the hearts over the bed. I want to make something like that for my baby.
    Thanks for posting!

  9. The. Best.
    I completely love it. You have inspired me to invest in some bigger die cast cutters. And the colours you have chosen for the bed and hanging are sublime!!!

  10. This is sooooo adorable! I love it with all of the colors in the bedding. What a great idea!

  11. How pretty! I’d love to do this for my baby’s room. We’re moving today and her room is really boring and white. Love that it’s no sew too!

  12. So fun, I love working with paper! You may like some of what we have at Maddalee, thank you so much for sharing.


  13. That turned out amazing! I love the color scheme – so fresh and bright. I am excited to follow you and see what else you post!

  14. this is lovely. please consider sharing at Repurposed Ideas Weekly.

  15. Sooooooo cute! We’ve worked on my daughter’s room for several months and it never feels quite complete either. We’re about to give in to the teal blue paint she wants and a few more things for her bday. This idea may have to be incorporated too 🙂 Tks for sharing.

  16. WOW! I absolutely love this. Such an inexpensive idea! I’d love to have you join my Pin Me Linky Party because this is an awesome idea! I’m going to pin it now!

  17. Oh my goodness! LOVE!

  18. Visiting from Flamingo Toes. This looks so effective and great colour scheme to match the room

  19. Visiting from Flamingo Toes. This looks so effective and great colour scheme to match the room

  20. It looks perfect in your space. 🙂 Megan

  21. Love this! We would love for you to share this at our Kitchen Fun and Crafty link party..

  22. I absolutely love it! Daisy has great taste! You are so sweet to help her!

    hugs x

  23. totally smitten! Love it! thanks for linking up to Make it mOnday! I’ve featured it on my FB page 🙂

    happy thanksgiving!

  24. That is really cute – makes a lovely splash of colour.

  25. SUPER DARLING! I love the colors and the whole look. I think yours is even cuter. Great job. jen

  26. So adorable! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks for joining me at HSH!

  27. Wow! This is gorgeous. It inspires so many different project ideas for me, including a Christmas tree garland. Thanks for sharing.


  29. I love this, it’s so cute! Where did you get the color pillow shams? I love them!

  30. Hi Melissa! I just sent you an email about being featured on Remodelaholic. Sometimes my emails get caught up in the email vortex and lost, so I wanted to leave a comment too! Please email me at because we would love to feature you!

    Have a great day! -Lorene


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