Chalk Painted Antique Dresser

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I seriously need to clean out my garage.

We’ve lived in this house for 13 years…

…and, we’ve NEVER parked a car in it.

We moved from a house with a single garage,

that we had NEVER parked in.

But, I just knew that with a double garage, we’d have plenty of room for at least one car!?

And, my husband being the kind and chivalrous man that he is,

would let my car be the one.
I wasn’t crazy enough to think that we’d actually park 2 in there!?

but, one!?

Surely, one car!?!?!

I could envision myself pulling right into that garage on rainy days,

and the girls never having to get wet.

On cold days, I wouldn’t even have to scrape the frost off the windshield.

   It hasn’t happened…

       …I still get wet when it rains,

and the windshield still needs to be scraped on cold mornings.

So, I’ve given myself some new rules.

No more yard sale finds or great hand-me-downs or road side treasures…

           …and, heaven forbid I enter the Goodwill…

       …until my car is parked in that garage!

Chalk Painted Dresser

So, I’ve been painting furniture and moving it out…

Chalk Painted Dresser

But, luckily my father-in-law {A.K.A. Pop} didn’t know my new “rules.”

Chalk Painted Dresser

So, the last time he was in town he said that he had bought something for me.

Chalk Painted Dresser

He had been to a yard sale and seen something that he thought I might like.

{I didn’t even know that Pop ever went to yard sales!?}

Brass Vintage Owls

And he was right. 🙂

I actually love them!

And, these yard sale treasures will never spend a single minute in my garage.

They are already on display in my bookcases.

So, I’m still on track to having that clean garage!

Thanks, Pop!

Life to the full!


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  1. Melissa, I always enjoy how you write….very funny and cute!!!!

  2. My car sits in the weather but we do not have garage. But we are building and I have asked for a 1 car carport, I know that if I have a garage it will be filled with stuff but a carport will be just for my car…..hopefully!

  3. Your dresser looks beautiful Melissa…and those little brass owls are too cute!

  4. Very nicely done! I can see the love.

  5. Gorgeous!!!! Melissa you have a great eye, this is a lovely piece 🙂 xo

  6. Your dresser looks great and what a considerate father-in-law. I had one of those too – he and his wife would buy me things just because that is who they were. Unfortunately they have passed away and I miss them very much.

  7. The same here about the garage. We have a 2 1/2 car full of junk. To go into our house from the garage is a pain. We have to go down four steps into the family room then go up a flight of steps to the kitchen. So that’s my excuse. Good excuse but still it is bad.
    Love those owls. Oh my.

  8. Oh I love your pretty owls, they are wonderful. I know what you mean about the garage. I can finally get one car in and it is mine. I love that. Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love your owls and the high boy. What a sweetheart for a fil. I never had one of those.
    In So. California a garage is to put “stuff” in. Very seldom would you see a car in one. At least when we lived there. I realize it’s been a few years so things could have changed. We left Ca in 92. Believe me we put both cars in our pole shed in Mt. Had to plug in engine heaters on both vehicles in Winter, temps of at least 30 below many times or lower. Then I’d have to shovel snow from in front of pole shed. The door slid to one side and the snow would build up as high as my waist about a foot depth. You didn’t decide to just hop in car to go in Winter. It took a few minutes just to get dressed. We always kept a jug of water, some food, extra sweaters/warm socks and couple warm blankets (in cars) in case we got stuck somewhere. Quite a different way of living from San Diego, lol. And yes I’d go back to MT in heart beat.
    Hope all well with you and yours Melissa.

  10. Oh, I feel your pain Melissa. I have a major garage hoarding problem as well. Need to tackle that one of these days!! Love your dresser revamp, and the owls are darling!!

  11. Really love that dresser. And those owls are the sweetest!

  12. Just saw this via Pinterest, it’s beautiful!

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