Basket of Sunflowers

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Basket of Sunflowers

One day I’m going to own an old pick-up truck.

I’m still trying to decide the color…

…but I have time to think.

It’s waiting its turn in line behind braces for 3 mouths of teeth…family beach trips…college tuitions…

…you get the idea. πŸ™‚

And one day I’m going to plant a field of sunflowers and cut them by the buckets full and load them into my pick-up truck and take them down to my town square and sell them at the farmer’s market.

I think I’ll wear a straw hat with a red and white gingham bow…

…and help people fill their own basket of sunflowers for their front doors! πŸ™‚

Sunflower Door Arrangement

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How to Make A Daisy Wreath

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How to Make A Daisy Wreath

It’s that time again…

…time for us to get together with my other Southern friends to share a project…

…and step back and say…


And with Mother’s Day right around the corner…we thought we’d share some flower projects…because what mama wouldn’t love some flowers?!

And if you have a mama that loves flowers, but doesn’t have a green thumb…

…then this wreath would be perfect for her! πŸ™‚

So here is how to make a daisy wreath.

How to make a Daisy Wreath

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Garden Hose Wreath

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Garden Hose Wreath

Have you ever had a yard sale…and had a car drive by slowly…trying to decide if your junk was worthy of stopping for…

…only to have the car keep driving.


I mean, you don’t want the stuff any more…but it hurts somehow to have someone else not even think your stuff worthy of stopping for.

I typically try to stop at every yard sale…or at least not make eye contact with the host as I drive by.

I must admit that me and my crew did several “drive-bys” this weekend.

But when I saw this garden hose rolled up…I knew we had to stop!

I knew it would make the perfect summer wreath for my garden shed!

How to Make a Wreath out of a Garden Hose

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Make A Monogram

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Make A Monogram

We Southern ladies love our monograms.

Our mama’s are monogramming our sheets and hair bows from the day we’re born.

It’s just a Southern thing!

So when some of my fellow Southern bloggers decided to start getting together once a month for a series…

…{the “Oh My Word Would You Look At That!” series}…

…well it was just natural for us to start with MONOGRAMS!

So let me show you how to Make a Monogram.

but don’t forget to check out the 4 more that are listed at the end of this post!

Make a Monogram | DaisyMaeBelle | www.DaisyMaeBelle.com

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Metallic Egg Wreath

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Metallic Egg Wreath

I want to meet the person who invented the glue gun…

…and I want to give them a hug.

A Great Big Thank You hug!

I think they’re a genius.

A crafting genius.

And thanks to the glue gun inventor…

…this metallic egg wreath was ready in no time.

How to Make an Easter Egg Wreath

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How to Make a Wreath for Spring

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How to Make a Wreath for Spring

For those who’ve said a prayer for my MomTHANK YOU!

She’s healing up quite nicely…PRAISE THE LORD!

My family just spent the past several days at my folks house.

We cooked and cleaned and…

…made a wreath.

It was only natural.

I learned my wreath making skills from my Mom…

…who ALWAYS has a wreath on her front door.

But this time as we topped the hill on their driveway…an EMPTY door awaited.

It just didn’t seem right.

So I had to make her a spring wreath!

How to Decorate a Grapevine Wreath for Spring

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