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How to Make a Cloche

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in crafts, spray paint, thrift store | 12 comments

How to Make a Cloche

When we got married 19 years ago, “theme” showers were all the rage.

We had a book shower, ornament shower (December wedding), basket shower, kitchen shower

and while I had my lingerie shower…my husband had his tool shower.

Now my David is probably the greatest husband and father on the planet,

and if you need encouragement or laughter or a speaker for teens or a dishwasher…he’s your guy.

If you need a hammer or socket wrench…you’ll need to come to me.

I’m still using “his” tools from that shower.

And I was so grateful for that wrench set when I was making this project.

Here is how to make a cloche from a cheap thrift store clock.

How to Make a Cloche from a Clock

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Thrift Store Finds for My Foyer

Posted by on Apr 9, 2013 in brass, foyer, thrift store, yard sale | 30 comments

My house never gets a break.

I am constantly changing things around.

I just can’t help it.

{Seems to be a common problem among bloggers ~ That’s why I like you guys so much!}

I find great “new” things at my thrift stores. . .

and, the rearranging begins!

Spring Tablescape @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Adding Some Red to the Decor

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in dining room, family room, kitchen, thrift store | 14 comments

I see all of these beautiful, neutral rooms that I LOVE.

So, I begin to remove all bright colors from my rooms.

Then, I see a great lamp at the thrift store.

It is beautiful.

I cannot resist.

I fully intend on selling it,

or using it in a client’s house.

Red Lamp @ DaisyMaeBelle

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DIY Vintage Light Cover Terrariums

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in moss, thrift store | 25 comments

DIY Vintage Light Cover Terrariums

I have a fairly green thumb when it comes to outdoor plants.

But, I am the Grim Reaper of indoor plants.

Most greenery that makes it into my house comes by way of

fake moss,

fake grasses,

and anything else of the fake variety.

I have seen terrariums.

And, admired them.

How to make a Terrarium @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Easter Decorations for the Dining Room

Posted by on Mar 12, 2013 in brass, dining room, easter, thrift store | 30 comments

Today was a beautiful Spring day!

I painted furniture most of the afternoon.

I will be sharing some of those painting projects in the days to come.

Yesterday I gave you a look at the Easter decorations in the foyer.

Today I am going to invite you in to look around my dining room.

Easter Decorations @ DaisyMaeBelle

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Bathroom Reveal

Posted by on Mar 7, 2013 in bathroom, crafts, painted furniture, thrift store | 49 comments

Bathroom Reveal

My impromptu bathroom makeover is complete.

And, for those who have been following this little makeover, you will be glad to know that I figured out the photo editing a little better just this morning.

There is no natural light in this little bathroom, therefore the pictures have been a bit (a lot) yellow (or pink?).

Today, you can actually see the true colors.

Or, if you know me, you can see the new color of my walls in my hair.

I got some paint in my hair and I can’t seem to get it out!

The color is Toasted Almond by Porter.

Bathroom Makeover18

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