Simple DIY Tent

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Simple DIY Tent

I did not grow up in a camping family.

We were more of the hotel sort.

When we went on vacation…we liked to play hard all day…enjoy a good dinner at night…and cuddle up in a soft bed with fresh linens each night.

{Not to mention warm showers and flushing toilets.}

I know that camping is an amazing family activity…but my parents did not pass those skills on to me.

So to make up for our lack of camping; I decided to make my girls a super cute tent that they could hang out in during the day.

{And still enjoy all of the comforts of home! 🙂 }

How to Make a Simple Tent

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Shower Curtain Made From a Bedspread

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Shower Curtain Made From a Bedspread

Do you have one of those items that you just can’t pass up at a yard sale?

Even if you already have 10 of them that you don’t know what to do with?

You see it…and it tugs at your heart…and the next thing you know you have purchased another one.

For me…it’s vintage linens.

I currently have 5 beautiful old bedspreads that I had no idea what to do with…

…until today. 🙂

So here is how to make a shower curtain from a bedspread.

Make a Shower Curtain from Vintage Linens

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Embellished Towels

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Embellished Towels

My grandmother made most of my clothes growing up.

She’d get in the mood to sew and call my mom and we’d meet up at the fabric store.

We’d flip through the pattern books…pick out a couple…and start looking for fabric.

We’d stack the bolts of fabric in the cart and head towards the trim.

My grandmother loved trim.

She’d add lace and ribbon and rick rack.

I loved the rick rack the most.

And when I was picking out these trims to embellish these towels…

…I couldn’t help but remember those visits to the fabric store.

And I couldn’t resist the rick rack.

Sweet memories. 🙂

Embellished Towels @ DaisyMaeBelle

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DIY Turkey Placemats

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I had been thinking about making these placemats ever since I made the carrot ones for Easter.  I had been thinking about just how cute they would look at the children’s table.  I had been gathering the supplies and had even cut all of the pieces needed. But, I had not sat down at the sewing machine and actually made them until this morning.  I was not going to let Thanksgiving come and go and not make these placemats!  My closet is full of half finished projects. Really great ideas just lying (laying?) there is bags needing to be finished.  I refused to let this be the fate of these turkeys!

They are super simple and so cute!

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“Beachy” Bathroom

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My family’s favorite place to be in all of the world is the beach.

The ocean rolling in as I sit in my beach chair,

beside my sweet hubby,

reading the latest decorating magazine,

 while my girls play. . .

Ok, back to reality!

We are lucky enough to be able to make it to the Gulf of Mexico every October!

I would love to decorate my entire house in “beach” attire.

(My dream is to actually have a beach house one day, so I should save all of my ideas for that one!)

So, the one place that I could get by with the “beach” theme was the girl’s bathroom.

Here it is!

(This was practically impossible for me to take pictures of – there is no natural light at all!)

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“Welcome” Banner and Another Yard Sale Find

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This year, we have talked a little more with our girls about what Memorial Day is.  It is truly an overwhelming thought.  Men and women who choose to protect our nation.  Knowing the danger, knowing the risks, but loving our great country enough to put their lives on the line.  We can NEVER forget the cost of our freedom!

We did what a lot of families did.  We invited some friends for dinner and cooked out.

It was very hot here in Murfreesboro, but we had a great time!

I wanted to create a “cute” entrance to our backyard.

Here is what I came up with.

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